Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Fashion Inspiration - 5

Thursday, October 30, 2014

My Twins - Super Quilters

Meredith and Kaitlyn were busy over the summer making quilts, doing an amazing job.  My job?  First to space them out heading to the long arm quilter so the budget didn't get hit  hard with multiple quits getting finished at the same time!

Then my official job - The Binder - description - cut, machine sew one side of the binding and then hand sew the other side of the binding.  I am getting quite good at this with all the quilts they have done.  I also have learned to have a quilt to bind in the car, a good use of time!

The first quilt is Kaitlyn's and it is a big one, just over queen size.  Her favorite color is red, so she went with the red and added some yellowy-golds.  This is such a pretty quilt

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cut Out + Keep

Have you heard of this site?  

Cut Out + Keep is the online community to make and share step-by-step craft tutorials. Be inspired, start new projects, learn how-to, discover crafts, make friends and share your creations.

I received an email to participate in the Technique Tuesday for sewing tutorials.  The idea is to teach us one basic craft technique and then show us a tutorial to make a project 

using that technique to try out our new skills.

My first technique over at Cut Out+ Keep is rotary cutting  and using this knowledge to expand on the cutting and some basic patchwork to make a potholder

You can check out over the 14000 projects in the sewing category

and look at the sub-category of sewing that is clothing

Another great resource that is available to us on the internet.  What did we do before all these wonderful online resources?

I will be posting these Technique Tuesdays about once a month.  Any sugguestions?

I hope you enjoy the potholder tutorial, I plan on making more of these for gifts and some for myself.  My potholders are in terrible shape!

Oh and by the way only 57 days until Christmas.  I better get busy on potholders!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Itch To Stitch - Marbella Dress

Another wonderful opportunity has come my way, an opportunity to sew a dress from
 Itch to Stitch.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Winners - Vintage Notecards and Notepads

Remember 2 winners so read the entire post to see if you are one of the TWO winners

and that is

So stinkin' cute! I actually sell vintage patterns on Etsy (sewbettyanddot--shameless promotion, sorry!), and I'd love these...just because!

I'd actually use the notebook to keep a list of all of the patterns I'm looking for for my own use/collection. Thanks so much!

and 6 is
My current sewing journal is nearly full; meaning a new one is needed. These would be so timely and so cute to boot!

Email me with your mailing address and these will be on the way to you.

If you were not the winner you can find these over at Chronicle Books

Thank you Chronicle Books for the generous giveaway.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Fashion Inspiration - 4

That time again, I hope everyone still is enjoying this.  I am trying my best to vary the garment types and the pattern companies.  If you know of a pattern company that needs to be featured, let me know.

A trench style dress on your sewing horizon?  Then let this Ann Taylor version be a fabulous inspiration
source - see above the photo

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kwik Sew 3026 - Popover Style Blouse

Lately I have been drawn to these popover shirts at JCrew and JCrew factory
but I have to be careful with this style that they are not too full.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Vintage McCall's Patterns Notebooks and Notecards - A Giveaway

Thanks to Chronicle Books, I have another giveaway.

What is this giveaway?  The cutest vintage note cards and notebooks, which by the way would be perfect for gift giving.

Here are the
Vintage McCall's Patterns notecards

The description
Crafty correspondents and gift givers will delight in these all-occasion notecards that celebrate an iconic era of fashion. Four unique designs showcase authentic patterns from the McCall's archive, while custom envelopes resembling deconstructed pattern pieces lend playful, DIY flair.

Isn't that just the most fun?  Want to see the set?

No worries, I took a picture of a set

See the bottom right?  That is the envelope - a pattern piece.  Oh, I just love these and won't you or your sewing friends?  All of your sewing friends.  We should buy these and start writing our sewing friends, the vintage way, with a stamp.

Now that isn't all of the vintage goodness from Chronicle Books, they have 

Here is the description:
Batched with twine like a stack of sewing patterns, these three notebooks feature the original McCall's packaging of the 1960s and 1970s, with cute-as-a-button graphics and slogans. Blank and lined interior pages are sepia-toned and adorned with sewing motifs, inviting journalers to record project details or everyday musings.

I put one in my purse to write sewing supply lists and patterns I need to purchase.

The good news..... I have 2 sets to give away.  Two lucky people will get a set of notecards and a set of notebooks each.

To enter, leave a comment of who you would write with these cute notecards or what type of sketches or lists you would do the in the notebooks.  Or leave a comment if you are going to purchase these cute Vintage McCall's Notebooks and Notecards for a gift.

I will draw on Saturday, October 25th.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Fashion Inspiration - 3

A new top with a touch of lace like this one from Anthropologie
source - Anthropologie link above picture

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Chambray Pullover Shirtdress

This post is all about new, a new way I decided what to sew and a new style for me. I saw McCall’s 6885 featured on social media along with a famous designer
in a very similar dress. Right when I saw that photo, I knew I had to make this dress.

Now this is the first new  for me, usually I have the fabric and I look through my patterns to see what to make. This time I was in search of fabric and of course, Mood had just the right fabric, a  Mood Fabrics’ chambray year-round cotton flannel.  I should clarify this, I use to always have the pattern first and then find the fabric to make the garment.  Over the last few years, I find it easier to acquire fabric and then find a suitable pattern.  Thanks to Mood Fabrics’ great selection, I always find fabulous fabric.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pumpkin Spice Dolman Shirt- Patterns for Pirates

Time for the second shirt I made from the Patterns for Pirates line.
Girls in the Garden - Pumpkin Spice Dolman Shirt - Patterns for Pirates

Monday, October 13, 2014

Women's Raglan- Patterns for Pirates

Back in August, I was asked to test the
 Spirit Jacket
 for my little guy (aka grandson) and the jacket is great and his mom loves it.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Winner of Famous Frocks The Little Black Dress

On my blog post it says 70 comments, one was a duplicate so 69 comments for the results

and #25 is

So MaryAnn email me your mailing address and the book will be on the way to you.

Once again thanks Chronicle Books for the opportunity for a book for me and one for my readers.

Friday Fashion Inspiration - Two

Fashion inspiration time again

Want to start with a skirt - Pierre Balmain pencil skirt available at Net-a-Porter - head to the link and zoom in on the skirt to see the lines of the garment
Source - Net-a-porter - link above

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Projects in Sacks and Boxes - Progress

On August 27th, I posted about projects, projects, projects

Well, I looked back and all 7 of the projects and here is a report on a couple
  1. Two t-shirt quilts for my nieces, one has all the t-shirts cut.
One is at the quilter and the second just needs me to buy fabric tonight for borders - Hurray!!!!

2. I have been binding a couple of quilts, one was Kaitlyn's first quilt and it is on her college apartment bed, I need her to send me a picture
Done and a pic on her apartment bed,  Kaitly made this one and it got her hooked.  Her second quilt is at the quilter.

The other items have been blogged about and finished for the most part.

I have been doing quite a bit of other sewing, finishing projects and smaller other projects.

One was making the little guy's Halloween Costume
here is some of what was used to create it?

Any guesses?  I will show a picture after Halloween and his mom has taken pictures.

My quilt club started a UFO project in August.  We listed 10 items in progress or needed to be started.  Each month we draw a number, that is the project you work on for the month.  My list is a mix of garments, quilts and bags.  In September we drew #4 and that is my pinwheel quilt.  I took a class in August at my local quilt shop.  The rules at club are finish the project or make progress and your name is in the hat for a drawing.
Well, I finished this quilt.

Here is is draped on my cutting table and concrete sewing room floor

Also, at quilt club we have swaps - this month is an apron swap.  If you want to participate bring the completed item in a brown sack.  Everyone gets a number and you draw a sack in the order of your number.  Meredith comes to quilt club but this month she didn't have time to make an apron, so I made her one

Here is a not so good phone picture, I finished it Tuesday night, quilt club is Wednesday!

the tutorial is here

and a close-up of the pocket, the fabric is very appropriate for quilt club, right?

Here is my apron - from the first One Yard Wonder book.

Now I am feeling so much better about projects, my list is going down.

I am back to garment sewing, just need to decide which one I am starting first!

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

More from Famous Frocks - The Little Black Dress

Many of you asked if I could provide images  from the inside of
Famous Frocks - The Little Black Dress

So I sent an email to Chronicle Books and they said yes you may!  I was all set to take pictures of the inside but Sarah at Chronicle Books said, I will send you some jpegs.

Wow, even better, so here they are (click on them for a full-size picture)

Ava Gardner inspired

Mary Quant inspired

And then Grace Kelly

All three of these are beautiful, do you have a favorite?

I would go with the Grace Kelly for my favorite of these three.

If you haven't done it, enter for the book

at this blog post

I will be drawing the winner from the comments on that post only.

I hope you enjoyed the images and thank you Sarah for providing these images.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Famous Frocks - The Little Black Dress - Review and Giveaway

The nice people over at Chronicle Books sent me a copy of their new release sewing book
Famous Frocks - The Little Black Dress
by Dolin Bliss O'Shea

cover photo from Chronicle Site - link above

from the Chronicle website:
Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly. . . . Each of these women had an influential take on the most classic wardrobe staple of all: the Little Black Dress. In this chic sewing book, patternmaker Dolin Bliss O'Shea pulls inspiration from famous LBDs throughout history—including Mary Quant's mod mini, a classic wrap dress worn by Liza Minelli, Princess Diana's smart A-line, and more—and offers patterns for reinterpreted versions that are perfectly stylish. Including 10 full dress patterns with sewing variations to make 20 garments in all, a primer on sewing techniques, vintage photographs of style icons, and full-color shots of the finished pieces, this book has everything fashionistas need to bring timeless style right into their closets.

This is a lovely, lovely book.   What makes it so lovely you ask?  Well, the substantial cover, the full-size patterns for 10 garments, the layout and photography.  40 pages of general sewing instructions

Here is the inside cover with the patterns in the envelope

Let's talk about the patterns - the black dress patterns are inspired by famous women through the years from Coco Chanel to Kate Moss with a variety of dress choices to suit many tastes.

I plan on making one of the dresses in the future (or it could be a skirt or top - these patterns are included also)

Now the fun part, I was sent a book and Chronicle Books kindly sent me a second book to giveaway on my blog.  So leave a comment  and I will draw a winner on 
Friday, October 10th!

Friday, October 03, 2014

Friday Fashion Inspiration

Thanks everyone for the positive feedback.  I will try to do a post every Friday with around 5 inspirations.  Like my catchy title "Friday Fashion Inspiration"?

Let's get to it  From Modcloth this blazer
source - Modcloth link above

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Boy Quilt and Travels and Projects

On Sunday, Hubby (Mike)  and I traveled to Washington, DC, it was for work but we were able to enjoy a Monuments by Moonlight bus tour.  This marks my fourth trip to DC, the first when I was 18.  It was Mike's first trip to DC and the bus tour was a fantastic way for him to see the monuments.
I just got a new phone and I am amazed at the quality and clarity of these pictures.

Here is the Korean

The Lincoln

And Jefferson

Then Vogue 1407 in front of the Capitol

I have started a big house project that involves tape, sandpaper, primer and paint.

Painting the woodwork in our house.  It is a big job but one I can work on a bit most days and hopefully by spring it will be complete.

Before - this room we call the mudroom - the side to the right has cubbies, hooks for coats, places for shoes, etc.  This room and one bathroom are completely done.

We just hung the door back tonight and I had to take an after picture in the dark.  I love how this looks, like a different house.

I do think we are going to hire a painter for a couple of rooms, particularly the ones with carpet.  I have one coming to give me a bid, we will see his bid and my budget!

A bit of sewing for the post, I have had this quilt completed for a couple of months   Finally, I have made one for a baby boy gift.

It was inspired a bit from this one  but the direction of the puppy fabric and the quantity of 1 yard necessitated the change in direction.

Lastly, thanks for the comments on the Fashion Inspiration post.  I am going to continue that one a weekly or bi-weekly basis on Fridays, the title Friday Fashion Inspiration.  I am so clever!  HA!

I am finishing up a big quilting project that will be completed tonight, then back to fashion sewing.  I have such a list I want to do for fall and winter