Thursday, September 30, 2021

Sisters Magazine - 52-1 Box Cut Linen Blouse

I have been following Sister Magazine on Instagram for a bit and have admired their fashion forward styles. 

Well, Sister Magazine reached out on Instagram and offered a pattern to me.  I took a look and after much debating I went with 52-1 Box-Cut Linen Blouse with Pointy Collar   it was the pointy collar that got me.  I loved that detail and the hidden button placket.

I didn't have any fabric that would work for this but admired a linen, Karen @intostitches used for a recent project.  Karen shared it came from Fabrics-Store so I headed there to check out the colors.  I am loving the plum shades for fall so I went with Wildcherry in a softened linen and I am so impressed it is such a nice linen and a perfect weight for my blouse.

The Sister Magazine instructions have you start with the sleeve and the button tab closure, that took a bit of time but it was great to get one of the harder steps out of the way first.
There is a video at the site on this particular blouse page that does help with a visual aid.

I worked my way through the steps until the front hidden button placket.  I am a visual person and this step was not coming easy, so I went to the pattern piece.  With the front piece I just started folding and that helped so much.  I was able to master the folds and the how-to!  Hope this photo helps....

The pattern calls for snaps for the hidden button placket but I went ahead and did buttons and buttonholes.   You can see a glimpse of the buttons here, I do need to sew on snap at the my bust.  Next time I will just do another button-buttonhole and space accordingly

I made a size 40, my measurements were between a 38 and 40 but I wanted to have it be a bit more oversized.  I am so happy with that decision, I love the fit of this top.  My only other change was to add 2 inches to the length.

For the pointy collar, I shortened my stitches and made one short one at the point.  Lots of trimming and grading later, I was very happy with my points.

I had purchased buttons to match the linen at Joann's but when I got them in natural light, they were not a good match.  I went with the natural color from my stash, which is a nice contrast.

This pattern has a dress version which would be so cute too.  

Disclosure - this pattern was gifted to me for sewing the garment and a post.  Opinions are all mine.


  1. What a yummy blouse! I went right over to & ordered some for a similar top, the difference being I don't want dropped shoulders. I always admire your meticulous workmanship.

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