Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Style Maker Fall Tour 2021 - Maker Jacket and Coram Top

I am so thrilled and honored to be part of the Style Maker Fall Style Tour and always look forward to this time of year so much.

Style Maker Fabrics' Fall fabrics are so beautiful and the colors right on trend, which means I had a very hard decision.  I had a pattern in mind, Closet Core Sienna Maker Jacket which I purchased at the Style Maker Booth at Sew Expo February 2020.  It had been sitting there waiting to be made and I thought what a perfect time.  As I was sewing it, my thought was, Lori, why haven't you made this sooner?  It was so fun to make and went together perfectly   The fabric I went with is 
All Weather Hemp Cotton Twill Coating in Plum and gorgeous!  Plum not your color, it comes in 4 other colors.  I steamed my fabric for pretreating but the Style Maker Fabrics says you can machine wash cold and dry low and line dry.  The color is amazing for fall and the details on the Maker jacket are so on point

I went with a size 8 and asked Karen - Intostitches what her alterations were, I have met Karen and we are of similar size and height. She did 1-1/2" to the body, so I added that and an inch to the sleeves.  I will do another inch to the sleeves next.  

Style Maker Fabrics offers thread matching for their fabric, such a great service.  In addition to the fabric, I ordered bias binding to finish the seams.  Flower Dot Bias Tape was my choice and I ordered 5 yards, this was just a bit short, I could not bind the armholes.  I would order 6 yards to be safe.  I used chambray bias tape to finish the armholes.  As per the pattern instructions, I did a flat fell seam on the side seam.  You could do the bias tape if you preferred.

I wanted to add a pop to the under collar and used a denim from Style Maker, it was from the selvage yard section and I had ordered it last winter.  

The snaps are the Metal Snap Set in Gunmetal, the set has 8 snaps, which is what you need for the jacket.  I ordered another set, I just like to have extra and be able to practice a time or two.  I did press the jacket, we just drove a bit to this location and I should have taken my jacket off.  Oops!

The fabric was so wonderful to cut and sew, it has some body to it, feels like jacket weight but not too heavy or stiff.  It did soften up as I was handling it and I love wearing it.  On all the pressing, I did use a press cloth to prevent any shine on the fabric.  

This tractor has been abandoned on the side of the field for as long as I can remember, it is a few miles from our house and Mike thought the tractor and cornfield would be a good spot for photos.  Fall here in Missouri means harvest and the corn in this field won't be there for long.

Now to the top, it is the Allie Olson Coram Top which I added a peplum.  I have used the Grainline Studio Scout tee for this but went with the Coram for the bust darts.  I was bouncing back and forth from a plaid to a floral, Michelle and I were visiting and decided the floral would be great with my flower farm business.  Artistic Garden Floral Rayon Crepe  matches perfectly with the coating and this is a fun pairing for fall.  In Missouri we are cool in the morning and mid-70's in the afternoon.  So off goes the jacket and my peplum top looks great and very fall appropriate.  This fabric has such beautiful fall colors and the drape is perfect for a flowy top or dress.  It launders well and so fun to sew. 

Here are the changes for my Coram to add a peplum

Shorten the body to 9 inches from the bottom of the armscye 
This is one that will be different for each person, just baste on the peplum and see how you like it.

The peplum is 1-1/2 times the width of the top and 8" wide.

I did omit the sleeve bands on the Coram and just hemmed the sleeves.

Fall is my favorite time to sew garments, the colors are amazing and layers are the best.

Thanks Style Maker Fabrics for the invite to participate in the tour.  Here is the landing page for all the details on each tour date. 

Check out the entire tour and Jessica is up next, find her on Instagram

Disclaimer - The fabrics were given to my by Style Maker Fabrics in exchange for a posting, the opinions are all mine.


  1. Oh this is GOOD, I've made the jacket, actually the other version of the Sienna jacket and love it...but what makes this outfit sing is the top, perfect fabric and peblum adds to the overall look...it's PERFECT.....Thanks, Lori....

    1. Thanks, Laura, I love my peplum top so much, the fabric and the style are so fun. I love the jacket, too, but agree with what you said.

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