Wednesday, October 08, 2014

More from Famous Frocks - The Little Black Dress

Many of you asked if I could provide images  from the inside of
Famous Frocks - The Little Black Dress

So I sent an email to Chronicle Books and they said yes you may!  I was all set to take pictures of the inside but Sarah at Chronicle Books said, I will send you some jpegs.

Wow, even better, so here they are (click on them for a full-size picture)

Ava Gardner inspired

Mary Quant inspired

And then Grace Kelly

All three of these are beautiful, do you have a favorite?

I would go with the Grace Kelly for my favorite of these three.

If you haven't done it, enter for the book

at this blog post

I will be drawing the winner from the comments on that post only.

I hope you enjoyed the images and thank you Sarah for providing these images.


  1. I agree the Grace Kelly would be fabulous! Although I could see the Mary Quant version with leggings and boots that would be great to holiday parties!

  2. The Mary Quant is straight from my young adulthood and I love it.

  3. I love the Grace Kelly dress, but the others are lovely too!

  4. I just received my book and love the dresses in this book.

  5. I love both the Grace Kelly and the MAry Quant...However if sewing the MAry for myself I would have to lower the hem :)

  6. All of them look lovely. I would love to make the Mary Quant.

  7. I would love to have this book...please enter me!

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