Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Video Tutorial part 2 - mySewnet Flower Power


Here is part two for my video tutorial for Flower Power created in mySewnet

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

mySewnet Video Tutorial for Flower power

Today is part one of the video tutorial for the Flower Power Design

Monday, June 20, 2022

mySewnet - Flower Power

This year is my second year of flower farming, what does that mean?   Well, I grow many stems of beautiful flowers for bouquets and sell them at Farmer's Markets and other events.

I load up early Saturday mornings and needed a bag to put several of my items in.  Well, if I am going to make a bag, then I am am going to make it specific for flowers. 

I knew in mySewnet I could design just what I wanted.  Here is the design I made using so many amazing features in this software

I started with an applique design and selected on that is just a running stitch.  Now above it shows pink but that is just showing fabric.  When I stitched out the design, I just did not place the fabric so my bag fabric shows.  My next step was to take the letter "O" out of flower and substitute this petal design for the letter "O".  I added a small daisy flower for the middle of the "O"

Next I went through all the flower Super Designs and used trial and error for the correct size to fit inside the letter.  When I could I used the straight line feature in Encore to fill in the letter.  This kept the designs nice and straight.

To finish it off I added the word power in script.

This bag is my own design, measuring out 5 inches on each side of the design, 3 inches to the top and 5 inches to the bottom (allowing for the bottom).  I cut 2.5" squares out of the corners to make the box bottom.

Here is a tutorial for a pieced bag but I used the same idea.  I used Soft and Stable to make a more sturdy bag, placing it behind the denim fabric and basting around all the edges.  I also interfaced the quilting cotton lining and the handles with SF-101.

I am ready for the next market!

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Green Landers

Another Lander pants.... YES!  You know when you have a good thing, just keep it going.  I am doing just that with this pattern

I just counted and this is my tenth pair, thank goodness for my blog to keep track.  I don't have two pair, wore my green ones out and the leopard pair I gave away, I am not a big fan of animal prints.

Thursday, June 02, 2022

June and Lu Linen Fabric - Love Notions Aria Button Down

Beautiful Linen and a great shirt pattern make an amazing garment perfect for summer.

June and Lu Fabrics has some incredible linens.  As a June and Lu Ambassador, I was gifted this fabric, which is Mykonos Blue Viscose Linen Slub, 70% Viscose Rayon and 30% Linen.  This blend makes one amazing piece of fabric with the best drape.  Love Notions recently came out with the Aria Button Down and I used that pattern for this fabric.  I love the vivid blue of the fabric and knew with the fabric drape, I would be able to wear this shirt so many different ways.

I made a Medium in the shirt, added one inch to the sleeves, but really didn't need to do that, they were plenty long.  One thing to note the collar and band is one piece for the Aria pattern.  In the future I will make this a two piece, I just like the band and collar separate. 

One change I did make was to just use bias to finish off the sleeve vent and not the placket piece included with the pattern.  Two reasons, the fabric has so much drape, I thought it might be an issue getting a great looking placket and the main reason, I was pressed for time, knew I would probably wear this shirt with the sleeves rolled up, so I went for easy.

I love the color of this shirt so much, I need more brights in my wardrobe.  I really see it as I am getting older and my skin is changing, the bright colors just help so much.  

I wanted this  linen and button down shirt for a specific outfit I saw on a You Tube Video, all white with the bright shirt over, after taking the pictures in different styling options, this one is my least favorite!  LOL

So if you need some amazing linen, check out June and Lu Fabrics for some great selection.

Disclosure - I am a June and Lu Ambassador and received this fabric free for a blog post and IG posts.  The opinions in this blog post are mine.