Monday, July 27, 2020

Before and After - Skirt to Misty Cami

New rule for me..... If I make something and after a year it hasn't been worn, then transform or donate. This skirt had been worn once since created in  March 2019 so time for a change

The skirt was made from McCall's 7906 (original post here) and is super cute and if my lifestyle was different it would have been worn so much.  During this unusual time, I have been reevaluating my clothes, my style and what I wear.  The skirt was a bit big when I made it and is now even bigger  and with all the pleats altering is more challenging.  Yes, I am listing several strikes against it but one plus is the fabric, which is fabulous and I didn't want to donate it.  I took it apart and made something new.  At first I thought Landers but I didn't have enough fabric.   I decided a Misty Top, which I made in June and love the style

I wanted to preserve the front buttons and used that as center front and changed the neckline.  I raised it with a curved.  The lining is muslin but the rest came from the skirt.  I did slim the Misty a bit, one for fabric limits and one for preference.  

The sewing is simple and the results are fun top which I will wear and enjoy wearing.

Do you have a garment you have remade?  

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Marcel Top

Marcel Top from Chalk and Notch sewn by Lori of Girls in the Garden with three fabrics for fun print mixing.

Temperatures are hot, head index of close to 100, so I decided this year to make some cute sleeveless tops.  

Recently released Marcel Top by Chalk and Notch was too cute not to make, so I went to my fabrics and pulled out these for some print mixing.  I had purchased them from Mood Fabrics' at least a year ago with the plans of an Archer, inspired by an Anthropologie print mixed shirt.  I have several Archers and wanted something new and different.

Marcel Top from Chalk and Notch sewn by Lori of Girls in the Garden with three fabrics for fun print mixing.

I made a size 12 but when I tried on the yoke front and back it was too big, so did some unsewing and went down to probably a 10 maybe more.  It was just too big under my arms.  I thought I had it fixed but when I completed the top and tried it on again, nope still too big.   I don't know about you but I do not like redoing an almost completed garment.  My go-to method is find something that will make it work.  I added a casing and put in some elastic from just in front of the under arm to the other side.  I inserted 3/8" elastic and all is good now.

Back view of Marcel Top sewn by Lori Of Girls in the Garden.

My good friend Karen, Into Stiches on Instagram, made a beautiful Marcel Dress, we are close in size and she made a size 6.  I am probably an 8, so next time I will try that and then no need for the elastic.

I am probably going to raise the back up a bit by making the straps shorter.  The top is such a good one for print mixing, just check out the line drawing

Loft was having a big sale and this cute hat was $15, I thought I would try it and I like it.  My longer hair makes it better for the look, so expect to see this look more and maybe more hat styles!  I

If you want a cute summer top, go get this pattern, you won't regret it.

Marcel Top from Chalk and Notch sewn by Lori of Girls in the Garden with three fabrics for fun print mixing.

Friday, July 17, 2020

Hadley Top in Linen and Kochi in Art Deco Medallion

Sew Expo was the end of February, not quite five months ago, yet seems so long ago.  So many things have changes but this outfit is still as good now as in February. 

Monday, July 13, 2020

Katy Dress - Wissew

A new pattern company is always fun and when Wissew reached out to me.  This is a French Company with some patterns in English, they offered one of the English patterns.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Vogue 1643 - Cardigan Side

In September I was the Takeover Host of Sew Your View and had the best time.  I had high hopes of making two of Vogue 1643 and had all the fabric purchased for two.  Well, the best laid plans....and I did just get one done.  Fast forward to June and I finished the second one.