Monday, November 30, 2020

Nikko top and Jacket

Just call an angel..... Charlie's Angels!   1970's television show and that is how I am feeling this outfit, is it a Jaclyn Smith (Kelly) or Kate Jackson (Sabrina)?  I am feeling Jaclyn but not sure, so what do you all think?

Friday, November 20, 2020

Hey June Union St Tee With Gathered Sleeve

I have found the t-shirt pattern I really like, now to have fun with that shirt

I took the Hey June Union St Tee which I have made several times and made some changes to the sleeve.

Before I get to the sleeve I have made a couple changes to the pattern the last couple of makes.  I have shortened it by 2 inches and graded it down a size at the waist and hips.  

Okay, the sleeve change which came from the Hey June blog.  Adrianna had posted about a Puff Sleeve Tutorial and that was my initial plan.  I went to the tutorial and Adrianna had linked a gathered sleeve tutorial .  This was more the look I wanted so I made the new sleeve pattern and a long slim cuff.  My cuff is 12 inches long, folded in have 6 inches and this helps  (in my opinion) to the fullness of the sleeve.

My fabric is recent purchase from Style Maker Fabrics' Modal Jersey Knit - Cinnamon  this is great t-shirt fabric.

My new quest is finding basics to go with some of my jackets, well this continued on with this pattern and sleeve hack.  I purchased the blue fabric also

and made another t-shirt - YEA!!!

And it goes with this vest I made in 2016, the Dropje Vest which I love but have never been able to find just the right shirt for it.  Now I have and the blue is perfect for the plaid lining.  My quest accomplished, this makes me so happy!

Two new t-shirts with fun statement sleeves and a vest which even though four years old is still like new.  This Friday is looking good!  Happy sewing!

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Mustard Sweater Knit Coordinates

Coordinates are things I need at times and the past couple of weeks, I have focused on some basics that will go with existing pieces in my wardrobe. 

I purchased this Style Maker Fabrics' Sweater Knit in Honey and my idea was a cardigan.  So I went with my usual cardigan pattern, McCall's 6996. and it was a quick sew.  I looked at Pinterest and saw a golden cardigan with red jeans and white tee.  These are garments I have made in the past, so I went with the look.

Red Ginger jeans and white Union St Tee

I did use View A for the front and View C for the back and it is a quick garment to sew. I know this one will go with so many more things in my closet.

I did have extra fabric and went with the True Bias Rio Ringer T-shirt which doesn't take much fabric and I love the fit.

The sweater knit is perfect for this pattern and the honey color goes perfectly with my Simplicity 8700 jacket which I did not have a good top for it.  Now I do!

So next two posts will be some Hurrah!! These garments help complete my wardrobe!

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

New Look 6678 - Minerva Fabrics

Find all the details about my New Look 6678 blouse from a beautiful Minerva Viscose Challis over at the Minerva blog

Thursday, November 05, 2020

Yates Coat in Southwest Inspired Wool Coating

Do you have a make that just makes you smile?  One that makes you so proud?  One that might be the best you have done?  Well, this Yates coat just might be all three for me.  I am so very happy with out it turned out, so be forewarned picture overload on this post