Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Camas Blouse

Indiesew Camas Blouse by Thread Theory using a rayon knit from Style Maker Fabrics

A beautiful blouse and beautiful flowers what a lovely combination.  My blouse is from Indiesew and it is the Camas Blouse by Thread Theory. and this has been on my list since it was released.   The design of the blouse brought me right in then when I read more about the blouse, particularly the fabric suggested..... knit.  After that I really wanted this pattern now, it is made from my favorite type of fabric.   You all know I love my knits!

Friday, May 01, 2015

Friday Fashion Inspiration - 23

I read an advertisement which stated these are the top 10 must haves for Spring.  Well, that gave me an idea for Friday Fashion Inspiration.  I am going to do 1 to 5 today and 6 to 10 next week, using a several sites for ideas.  For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere and heading to fall, some of these will work great for you, too.  

1.  White Jeans  like these from Nordstrom
for source see above photo

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Spring and Summer Sewing Plans

The time of year has arrived for beautiful weather and green grass, which means I need to start some spring and summer sewing plans.  I shared my fall plans on the blog and it really made me accountable and focused, so I will continue for this season.

First up, McCall's 7094

I have a RTW top like this and wear it so much.  I am going to use this silk from Mood

Monday, April 27, 2015

Butterick 6175 - Boxy top in Cotton Print

Bocy top for Spring 2015 using Butterick 6175 and a fun bird poplin print
Sometimes I am just ready for something different, especially with the change of the season.  One thing I have noticed  you get older, is to stay trendy but keep it age-appropriate.  It is a delicate line to walk, I don't want to dress like a 20-something but I don't want to dress too old. I thought I would try the trend of the boxy top, notice I said boxy not crop!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Kwik Sew 2895 - Confetti Tweed

I have been eyeing this gorgeous Mood Fabrics' Confetti Cotton-Blend Tweed for about three months and in March I just knew I really needed it for spring.  My accumulation of fabric is going better than my making of garments lately but that is okay, I need some for a rainy day, right?  After this fabric arrived at my doorstep, I had time to touch, feel and admire it.  With such admiration, I needed to find a pattern.  I used to always have the patterns first and then had trouble finding the right fabric.  It is much easier to find the pattern after the fabric, at least for me.  I say that but with this instance, I changed my mind at least twice.