Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Taos Top

Taos top by Thread Bear Garments made with Mood Fabrics

I love it when I can get a couple of garments out of yardage, this is my second garment from this fabulous knit stripe

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Valentine Leggings with Pfaff Applique Creator

Simplicity 8706 Valentine leggings created with Pfaff Creative Icon Applique Creator

Valentine's Day is coming up and I had this idea for my two granddaughters.  I love how these turned out and be forewarn, this blog post is photo overload!

Monday, February 04, 2019

Fulton Sweater Blazer and Meeting Sewing Friends in Real Life

Fulton Sweater Blazer made with Mood Fabrics' stripe jersey

This is a blog post about this cardigan but it is more about meeting sewing friends in real life.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Burda 6458 Top and Simplicity 8701 pants

Simplicity 8701 from Mood Fabrics' twill and Burda 6458 from Style Maker Fabrics' rayon crepe

I finished just in time for #sewfancypants with my Simplicity 8701

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Butterick 5997 - Faux Suede

Butterick 5997 in Style Maker Fabrics' faux suede shirting

A faux suede shirt for me, it has been planned in my head for a year now and finally complete!

I had planned on an Archer Shirt for this fabric for a year now, I just had not gotten to it and the first of January knew I had time to get this fabric sewn into a garment.  I kept thinking about the Archer and decided I just didn't want to go that route.  I am not sure why, I just wanted to sew something different.  Then I remembered my Butterick 5997 pattern, made twice before .  I am so happy I used this pattern, mostly I like the style but it was a good pattern- fabric combination. 

See my stack of patterns on the left in this photo!  My delivery of BMV patterns from the sale came.  My sewing room is up those stairs, I usually stack my things to go up those stairs and take them on my way to sew!
Butterick 5997 in Style Maker Fabrics' faux suede shirting

The fabric takes a bit more care in sewing, press cloth, cutting (use the nap layout) and just a bit more care with pinning and sewing.  It doesn't have any give and I really worked on getting the sleeves lined up just right.   In the end my garment is beautiful and I love it but I am happy I selected a simpler style for the fabric.

I went with a wood tone button, just need two, one for each cuff.  This isn't the clearest photo but gives you an idea of the contrast.

I don't have much green in my wardrobe, so this is nice to have something a bit different color.  The fabric came from Style Maker Fabrics and the green is not longer available but Michelle does have some other choices

Butterick 5997 in Style Maker Fabrics' faux suede shirting

There is not much more to say about sewing this one up.  I really like the style and the look but I do need to make one change.  I have narrowed it a bit too much and need to flare it out at the bottom.  It is a bit narrow to pull on and off, the off being the hardest!  LOL

I just had my hair colored/styled  on this day and thought, I good I will use the great look for photos.  It was too dark when I got home, so went for inside.
Butterick 5997 in Style Maker Fabrics' faux suede shirting