Friday, June 23, 2017

Lodo Dress - Mood Fabrics' Jersey Knit

Lodo Dress from IndieSew made from Mood Fabrics' Stripe Jersey Knit

Summer is a busy time for me and I still want to sew or should I say I need to sew.  Sewing is a passion and when I cannot get to my sewing room, I get a little grumpy!

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Two Knit Shirts - Briar T-Shirt and McCall's 6964

McCall's 6964 from Mood Fabric's jersey knit

After Me Made May, I realized I needed more knit shirts.  In need, I mean desperately need.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Butterick 6378 and McCall's 7543

Butterick 6378 and sleeves from McCall's 7543 using IndieSew gingham

Combining two patterns to make one great look is how my top came to be.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

McCall's 7562

McCall's 7562 used for a top from Mood Fabrics' tencel denim

Beautiful tencel denim from Mood Fabrics and I knew it would be perfect for a dress.  Now are you saying, Lori, this isn't a dress?

I would say, yes, you are right!  I tend to sew with a jump, I just jump into a project and this is the case with this pattern.  I went with McCall's 7562 for a dress, mainly for the great sleeves.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

h Wardrobe Book

About a month ago I received an email from Valeria Speck, asking if I would review her new ebook, h Wardrobe

I took a look at the information on line and found it interesting.

Valeria's book is based on our body, she states "The central piece of your wardrobe
must be your body."   After reading the book, I take that as  know your body and its curves to get the best wardrobe for you.

Let's face it body image is so much and the person in the mirror we see might not be in reality what is our real body shape and type.    I read through h Wardrobe and then got out the tape measure and went to work step-by-step through Valeria's book.  I did print out the e-book, it was easier for me to follow with the measuring.

After all the measuring, you sketch out your body per all the measurements
Valeria's image

All you need is a tape measure in centimeters, which is used in this book.  I found the metric system very easy to work with, especially as Valeria has you divide your numbers a couple of times.  Let's face it dividing 173 cm is much easier than dividing 5' 8"!  In addition to the tape measure, paper, pencil, ruler and a pen.

Let me tell you, stick people are hard for me to draw but with the Valeria's complete and thorough instructions, I have a croquis which looks very much like me.  I have always known I have both long legs and a long torso. Now seeing this on paper, really shows me I have a long torso but much of the length is waist to hips.

After you have your initial sketch, make copies and Valeria has you sketch on these possible garment combinations - think length, etc.  My plan is to take my croquis every time before I make a garment and sketch the line drawing on my croquis.  I think this will be very eye opening and help me visualize if a garment will really look good on me and my body type

For more information, go this post on hWardrobe and take a look at this post with sewing plans and some of Valeria's great sketches.

If interested in purchasing this ebook, head over to hWardrobe  - Designing your Handmade Wardrobe

Disclosure - I was given this ebook by Valeria to review on my blog, the opinions are all mine

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