Thursday, June 18, 2009


Questions about a post?  Fabric?  Pattern?  Purse/bag construction?  Suggestion for a podcast?

Please email me and I will get back to you very soon. 


  1. Ariel6:03 PM

    Hi Lori,
    I stumbled across your blog from another site and love it! I love your recent project for your daughter (the white fitted jacket) and all the purses I've been seeing in your archives. I'm in grad school now and have decided to give sewing a try as a creative and relaxation outlet from my bookwork. Also, it's to expand my wardrobe, but that's not til much later, I think. I just got my sewing machine back from a tune-up session and am ready to try some super simple things (but your ideas are exciting to think about when I get some experience under my belt).

    I also have a question, too- I read your blog on Sept 9, 2007 and there were photos from a magazine, Fall Fusion. Did you ever tackle the jacket on the left of the third picture down? It's gray and there's probably a pattern to it...I adore it.:)


  2. Hi Lori,
    I am doing a wardrobe planning segment on my blog and was wondering if i can link to this post of yours?

    I would like to do it today if you don't mind as I will be starting my 30 styles for 30 days hair edition on the 15th or 16th depending how the weekend turns out :)

    Thanks I thought this was a wonderful post, love the blog I followed links here from another blog. I have a blog about style and sewing and some of my other odds thoughts, just getting started if you want to link me too :)

    Thanks, Ruthie.

  3. Hey Lori,

    I cannot find the code for the Wardrobe Basics Sew Along. Would love to add the button to my blog.

  4. Hi Lori,
    I am new to your site but, have wanted to do a sew-along for some time now. I haven't sewn in years and I am TOTALLY using you to get myself moving. It looks like wonderful fun and I really appreciate all the work you are doing.

    I have a long will you take for each project? I may be too late for the first one so, I need to prep for the next.

    Thanks and happy sewing....Mari

  5. Anonymous3:07 AM

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    Thanks so much for your help. I have finally finished my maternity coat! Lots and lots of hand-sewing. I added the sleeve head like you recommended. Your photos were very valuable and seeing the coat completed gave me the encouragement I needed to finish.

    Thanks again!!

    1. Your coat is beautiful. Great job and I am so happy the post and pictures helped.

  7. Hi Lori,
    Thank you for your most helpful tutorial. Your bags are gorgeous!
    I have a question for you about the Peltex, fusible interfacing, and exterior fabric. Your tutorial indicates that you fuse the interfacing to the exterior fabric... while the pattern instructions somehow have you fusing the interfacing to both the Peltex and the fabric... almost as though the interfacing has adhesive on two sides? I'm so confused... :(
    So, I followed your instructions which I understood. However, when I finished the large pocket panel, it was almost as though it had an air pocket inside it; the finished piece is not flat. Did I miss a required fusing somewhere?
    Thank you for your help -- I love everything you do, both here on your blog and on the Mood Sewing Network.

    1. I always use quilting cotton, so I use 2 layers of the SF-101 interfacing, to make the outside of the bag stiffer. I think they have you fuse to the Peltex so just in case the fusing to the outer fabric isn't the best, you won't have ripples on the outside of the bag. Does that make sense?

      Could your outside pocket be too big for the bag? Sometimes with all that fusing and layering the Peltex, it shrinks the outside piece a bit. Can you lay the outside pocket flat and then see if you need to trim it a bit.

      I hope that helps and makes sense. Let me know if you need more information.

      Also, thanks so much for the compliments on my sewing and my posts on MSN, I really appreciate it.

  8. I also came upon your site quite by accident. Your blog is inspiring and has so much to offer. I am beginning to try my hand at sewing once again. Sizing is always my challenge....but "sewing hope" springs eternal!

  9. Hi Lori, I'm a longtime follower and I've purchased many fabrics and patterns on your recommendations.. The last 2 days, when I click on a link in your blog posts, my laptop brings up two windows. One window is the correct fabric or pattern website. The second window is infnz dot com with a list of related searches. I don't know if my laptop has a virus or if your website has been hacked. I am not having this issue with other websites. I wanted to alert you of a potential issue.

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