Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cut Out + Keep

Have you heard of this site?  

Cut Out + Keep is the online community to make and share step-by-step craft tutorials. Be inspired, start new projects, learn how-to, discover crafts, make friends and share your creations.

I received an email to participate in the Technique Tuesday for sewing tutorials.  The idea is to teach us one basic craft technique and then show us a tutorial to make a project 

using that technique to try out our new skills.

My first technique over at Cut Out+ Keep is rotary cutting  and using this knowledge to expand on the cutting and some basic patchwork to make a potholder

You can check out over the 14000 projects in the sewing category

and look at the sub-category of sewing that is clothing

Another great resource that is available to us on the internet.  What did we do before all these wonderful online resources?

I will be posting these Technique Tuesdays about once a month.  Any sugguestions?

I hope you enjoy the potholder tutorial, I plan on making more of these for gifts and some for myself.  My potholders are in terrible shape!

Oh and by the way only 57 days until Christmas.  I better get busy on potholders!


  1. Thanks for the links! Always nice to know of another site with great ideas.

  2. Cute design - will have to check the web site out.

  3. Yes, thanks for the link, and the potholder project! I'm always looking for easy projects for working with kids, and this looks like a great one.