Thursday, October 02, 2014

Boy Quilt and Travels and Projects

On Sunday, Hubby (Mike)  and I traveled to Washington, DC, it was for work but we were able to enjoy a Monuments by Moonlight bus tour.  This marks my fourth trip to DC, the first when I was 18.  It was Mike's first trip to DC and the bus tour was a fantastic way for him to see the monuments.
I just got a new phone and I am amazed at the quality and clarity of these pictures.

Here is the Korean

The Lincoln

And Jefferson

Then Vogue 1407 in front of the Capitol

I have started a big house project that involves tape, sandpaper, primer and paint.

Painting the woodwork in our house.  It is a big job but one I can work on a bit most days and hopefully by spring it will be complete.

Before - this room we call the mudroom - the side to the right has cubbies, hooks for coats, places for shoes, etc.  This room and one bathroom are completely done.

We just hung the door back tonight and I had to take an after picture in the dark.  I love how this looks, like a different house.

I do think we are going to hire a painter for a couple of rooms, particularly the ones with carpet.  I have one coming to give me a bid, we will see his bid and my budget!

A bit of sewing for the post, I have had this quilt completed for a couple of months   Finally, I have made one for a baby boy gift.

It was inspired a bit from this one  but the direction of the puppy fabric and the quantity of 1 yard necessitated the change in direction.

Lastly, thanks for the comments on the Fashion Inspiration post.  I am going to continue that one a weekly or bi-weekly basis on Fridays, the title Friday Fashion Inspiration.  I am so clever!  HA!

I am finishing up a big quilting project that will be completed tonight, then back to fashion sewing.  I have such a list I want to do for fall and winter


  1. Lori , you are always such an inspiration . I love the idea on the boy quilt of just piecing some sections not the whole quilt . The color combo is also not one I would have thought of but looks great. Your new dress also was stunning . :)

  2. You are such a busy lady and such an inspiration for us all!

  3. There is always a house project, isn't there? The problem in my house is how many are incomplete:) I love your DC photos and glad you had a fun place to wear your new dress.

  4. Oh the painting looks great! I need to bite the bullet and paint my kitchen cabinets like you did, but I'm too scared. I'm just tired of them (maple with clear varnish), but am worried I will regret painting them and wish they were wood again.

  5. It's amazing how much it updates the room when you paint the woodwork and doors white. I like the quilt, such a good way to show really cute fabrics without cutting them up into such small pieces. Cute.

  6. You look gorgeous in your Vogue dress!

  7. I remember when you talked about going to DC in SewForth Now (a field trip for one of the girls I think) - you talking about it made it real to me. Then not too long after I got to go there myself for the first time. I'm so glad you got to go back. I'm hoping to go again and find the Rails-To-Trails trail I chatted with a fellow camper about this summer, where you can stop off on your bike and see Civil War battle sights. Wouldn't that be a great way to see them?