Friday, October 03, 2014

Friday Fashion Inspiration

Thanks everyone for the positive feedback.  I will try to do a post every Friday with around 5 inspirations.  Like my catchy title "Friday Fashion Inspiration"?

Let's get to it  From Modcloth this blazer
source - Modcloth link above

How about this pattern,  Simplicity 1421.  I love the pattern more than the  inspiration.  Just look at the sleeves.  I really need to make this!
Source - SImpicity patterns link above

This vest from JCrew last year and not on their website this year
image from Pinterest

This Simplicity  pattern is pretty exact
Source Simplicity patterns link above

How about this Lagerfeld dress?
Source net-a-porter link above

Leave off the peplum of this Vogue 9024
source Vogue Patterns link above
and some changes with the colorblocking and you have the same dress.  I personally like the colorblocking and have some fabric for this dress.  After seeing the Lagerfeld dress, the peplum is going off the pattern.

Another dress?  This MK dress as seen on Net-a-Porter
Source from Net-a-porter link above

Source from Style Are link above

Last one up for this Friday's Fashion Inspiration

Source from Ann Taylor link above

Style Arc Tiffany Blouse is a good pattern for this look
Source from Style Arc link above

I hope you like these inspirations, which one is your favorite?


  1. I love this kind of post! Keep Friday Fashion Inspiration going forever! I really like the vest, but you picked perfect patterns for all of them!

  2. Thanks for doing the research for us - this is great. I like the blouse :)

  3. I'd tell you my favorite, but I'm off to look at that Simplicity jacket...

  4. I love this! I have coveted that JCrew vest, thank you so much for the pattern reference - you rock!

  5. Thanks for the inspirations - love this idea for Friday's. I did make the Ina skirt from pattern review last week and it turned out great!

  6. Love that you are doing inspiration posts. I love these that you picked today.

  7. Great Inspirations, thank you and keep them coming

  8. I love Simplicity 1421 and the Tiffany blouse!