Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Big Project

I mentioned back in October or November that my son-in-law, Chris and I were flipping a house.  Well, it is DONE and officially on the market today.
The realtor said kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, I hope they like our kitchen.  Here is the before:

I have a friend who is a cabinet maker and he was kind enough to design the layout of the kitchen and we used stock cabinets from a big box store.
Take a look
kitchen after full view
we added a bar area for stools and made it more of a galley style.
kitchen after
We did all the demo work, I did all the painting, Chris took care of installing the  lights and light construction.  We did have a contractor for most of the remodel work.   Will I do it again?  That is too  be determined but I know for sure, I am so proud of what we did.  The house looks amazing.
One thing I do know….. I have lots more time for sewing!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Winner of Quilt pattern

I had a giveaway, on January 24th's post, and it is time to announce the winner

which is:
Congrats, sewing momma, please email me your mailing address and the pattern will be on the way.

Thanks all of you who leave comments on my posts, it is so nice and I enjoy each and everyone of them.

*************note about comments - recently the number of spam comments has increased greatly, so I added word verification again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Burda 7447

Here is the first pair and this blog post is my second pair.  I used my Burda 7447 for most of the pattern and Sewaholic Thurlow Trouser for the wide leg look.  I compared the Thurlow to Burda 7447 and decided the Burda was better for my body shape.   With this in mind and the fact I wanted a wide leg trouser, I used the wider leg of the Thurlow from the knee down.  This worked quite well.
burda 7447 dark denim2
Once again I am super-pleased with my pants and the fit.
Here is another picture, you can see the front better but I must be standing funny, as there is more wrinkles. 
burda 7447 dark denim
Here is the back, not the greatest of pictures but you get a general idea
I did notice from the picture, the pants are not as long as I had hoped.  So heading down to let out the hem before I wash them.
Comparing the Thurlow and the Burda pattern.  Much of the design details are the same – welt pockets, front pockets, wide wasitband. The major difference is the shape.  The Burda seems to be for more of a slim cut, the Thurlow has curves.  My only suggestion on either one is pick which is best for your body shape.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kwik Sew 3811

Description: Jacket has double hood (lined), kangaroo pockets, front zipper, full length sleeves with cuffs and waistband.  Cuffs and waistband are from contrast fabric.  Romper has envelope shoulders, short sleeves, snap closure at crotch and outer edges finished with contrast fabric binding.  Pants with feet are made from contrast fabric and have elastic in casing at waist

Sizing: XS (Newborn) to XL (12-18 months)

Likes:  The overall cuteness of the pattern.  My only dislike is the feet in the pants to the 12-18 month size.  I can just lengthen them a bit and add elastic at the bottom.

Instructions:  Wonderful, it is Kwik Sew.

Fabric:  The pants and jacket are from navy french terry purchased from Fabric Fairy and the onsie is a knit from the same store.  The ribbing is from stash, I just lucked out having the right shade of blue.

Conclusion:  Another winner from Kwik Sew and this one even has a good pattern envelope.  I made the Small (0-3 months) for you-know-who.

One thing – it is hard to photograph baby clothes!  Here is the onsie
KS 3811 onsie
Onsie and pants
KS onsie and pants 3811
and the whole outfit
kwik sew 3811

Now back to “me” sewing!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Quilt Two from Cotton Way's Jack and Jill

Here is the second quilt from the pattern posted yesterday.

I did use the circles from the pattern on this quilt, just not so many

Take a look at the back, the fabric is ombre from V and Co.

Now back to garment sewing.  A baby outfit and also working on an outfit for me.  I have a pair of trouser jeans completed from Burda 7447, hopefully pictures tomorrow.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Baby Boy Quilt

boy quilt

No, not for grandson, just to have when we need a gift.  I had purchased a kit with the fabric and this pattern:

I thought the kit had too many “girl” fabrics and wanted a true boy quilt.  I had some great chevrons and just mixed those in with the cute animal print.  Then I had to eliminate the circles and added the yellow.  The yellow only has a few blocks, that was all the fabric I had.  So it somewhat resembles the pattern!
I finished this quilt back in September- October and it took a bit to get it to the quilter.  One thing on these little baby quilts, it doesn’t take long to bind them.

Meredith takes care of selecting a quilting motif – this time monkeys, aren’t they cute?
monkey quilting
I have another quilt from this pattern and it does follow the pattern. I have to hand sew the binding, then will get pictures up.

In the meantime, a giveaway.  What you ask?  The pattern, two quilts from one pattern is enough for me.
Leave a comment about whatever you want and I will draw on Sunday night.
Thanks – off to hang out with a daughter who doesn’t feel so good.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Burda 7447

When I saw A Fashionable Stitch's  first pair of Burda 7447 pants and then she made a second pair , I knew I needed to make a pair of these.  I had the pattern, just needed some fabric to try them out.
Here are my pants
burda 7447
Here is the envelope

Pattern Description:  Semi-fitted Pants, probably more fitted than semi-fitted.
Pattern Sizing: Size 8 - 20. I made the 12 (38) which is what I make in most Burda patterns.
Instructions:  They were good, especially for Burda.  I even followed their welt pocket instructions, took a couple of read-throughs but I grasped the concept.  Plus, this is the first ever pant welt pockets, I have sewn.
Look they are even!
welt pockets
The instructions went in a nice order, easy to understand and follow.
Changes:  I made none this first time.  I think for the next time, I might make them shorter, like to wear with flats.  I did not add length and I need to wear heels with this pair.  I was getting funny wrinkles in the front, around bottom of the zipper.  I pulled out my fitting book, one thing they said was the hem was too long.  I folded up the hem and no more wrinkles.  Easiest fit  fix ever.
Also, I might use a size 10 for the back of the pants, they are a bit loose.  See if that helps the problem.
Fabric:  A stretch denim from Hobby Lobby, not crazy at all about the fabric or the look but it worked for a muslin, which turned out wearable.
Conclusion:  A classic style of pants. 

With a sweater, which looks okay.
burda 7447 with sweater
But I like them best with a blouse
burda 7447 with white shirt
Two things after this picture taking session, I need to make more blouses and I am heading to cut out another pair.  This time crossing this pattern with Sewaholic's Thurlow Trouser and use real denim this time.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Quilt is Ready

The quilt is complete, nursery done, baby shower in a couple weeks and grandson in 8 weeks or so.
Here is the baby quilt back from the long arm quilter and the binding finished.  Erin was out for dinner, so the quilt went home with her tonight.
quilt finished
There is an allover tractor for the quilting, toy-type tractor, it shows up nicely on the back
back of quilt
The long arm quilter did a different pattern for the “S” (the first letter of his name)

I just finished a pair of trouser jeans for myself, hoping to get pictures tomorrow afternoon.  First thing, work for a bit then an appointment with the oral surgeon.  A fun day for me!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kwik Sew 2433

I think I will do a one for me, one for baby sewing over the next few weeks. 
Here is my latest pattern:

Here is the first one I made
Pattern front:
KS 2433
Then I used my new KAM Snap press for all my snaps.
front snaps
then here is the cute little legs
I made another one but only took a picture via Instagram
instagram sleeper

The fabric came Needle Nook.
Pattern was very easy to put together but I did think it ran a bit big.  Or at least it looked big, in 8 weeks, I will see how it looks on my grandson.
Next something for me!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Vogue 2873

First a funny story, on New Year’s Day, I read Erica's post on her fabulous pea coat.  I thought, “wow, I love this coat, I need to find the OOP pattern.”  So I googled that pattern number and saw the picture and said to myself, “I have that pattern, in fact, I have it cut out on my sewing table!”  You see I am an accountant, I am good with numbers, just not pattern numbers.  I see the picture on the envelope and not the number each and every time.
So for those of you, like me and need a visual, here is the picture of this OOP Vogue pattern:

Pattern Description: The pattern includes both a pant and jacket pattern. The jacket is double breasted, with 2 piece sleeves and cuffs. Front flaps and a back belt complete the jacket.
Pattern Sizing: The size range for this jacket is 8 to 24. I made a 12.
Likes/dislikes:  I love the style, the collar, the 2-piece sleeve, the cuff the back belt and on and on.  There were no dislikes, well, except for the fact it took me forever to make it.
Changes: I added 1” to the body and 1” to the sleeves.  I could have eliminated the sleeve length but it is fine.  I would rather have my sleeves a bit too long than too short.
I also used Fashion Sewing Supply interfacing to underline the entire jacket and to interface the required pieces. I followed some of the tailoring suggestions found online to make my jacket better.
Fabric:  A wool purchased from Fabric Mart with a project in mind but I did not get to that project.  This wool blend was laundered by mistake after purchasing this fabric.  It didn’t hurt it much, just made it beefier and a bit spongy.  Erica’s review was perfect timing, I desperately needed buttons for my jacket and she had purchased her button’s from Mood Fabrics.  I ordered these buttons for my coat and they were the perfect ones for my coat.  What do you think?

Conclusion:  I really love my coat, it might be bit big but I am wearing it with a very lightweight blouse, so with a sweater it might be just right.  I do like the longer sleeves and the color is wonderful for mid-winter.
I would love to make another one in a classic darker color, maybe next year!

I got out to take pictures just before dark and a bit before the freezing rain came.

Vogue 2873 -1
a different view:
Vogue 2873-2
and the back
back Vogue 2873
After looking at these pictures, I have moved the button so the pucker/pull of the middle button is gone.
If you are looking for a classic style, give this pattern a try.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mood Sewing Network

I am sure you have heard about the Mood Sewing Network?  It started in September and here is the information
“Welcome to the Mood Sewing Network, a collective of fashion sewing bloggers from across the U.S. The nine women we've chosen to help us launch the Mood Sewing Network represent a cross-section of home sewers: some still consider themselves beginners, while others are at the more experienced end of the sewing spectrum. No matter where they fall, we admire their enthusiasm for sewing and their love of fabric. Follow their adventures here in sewing and creating with Mood fabrics and use them for inspiration with your own sewing projects.”
Mood Fabrics is expanding the Network and guess who has been invited to be part of this sewing network?  Yes ME!!!!

 I am so thrilled and honored to have been asked by Mood to participate.  To join this group of  fabulous Mood Sewing Bloggers is a dream come true.  I have been following Amanda, Carolyn, Erica, Marina, GingerMakes, Goodbye Valentino, Miss Celie, Oonaballoona, and Sew Well since the Mood Sewing Network was announced (and some of them way before that). 

Here are the details on how it works for me:
Each month Mood Fabrics provides the Mood Sewing Network bloggers with an allowance for fabric that they can spend online at or in our NYC or LA stores. The bloggers, in turn, will sew a garment with Mood fabrics each month and then blog about it on their own blogs and here.
My first box of Mood fabric goodness is on the way and I can’t wait to open it and see my goodies.  My mind is racing with all the garments I want to sew over the next few months.
I have started posting more on Instagram, so if you want to follow my Mood Sewing Network search for girlsinthegarden.

Thursday, January 03, 2013


Here are so better pictures of the nursery, 
First off the cute rocker, from Target, pillow by me from Baby Times 24 Handmade Treasures for Baby & Mom.  The pillow is on the front cover.  The table was painted by the daddy-to-be, carrying out the cute green, yellow and brown theme
Next the crib with the shortened crib skirt, the crib is also from TArget
Here is the book slings and a bit of the artwork above the crib.  We saw this idea in a book and decided to do our version.  Erin purchased art canvases, we covered them in extra fabric.  Next I painted the letters in alternating yellows and greens.  After the paint was dry Erin used Gorilla Glue to attach to canvas.  I don’t feel right showing you the entire name, keeping that a bit private
book slings wall art
Finally, the baby quilt made by soon-to-be Aunt Meredith and it went to the longarm quilter today.  That gives you a good idea of all the fabrics we used and the small bit of John Deere fabric that was included.
s quilt

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

My Little Apron by Whimsicals

My first post of 2013, but this project was completed December 31, 2012.

Picture of pattern from Whimsical Quilts
This apron has been on display in a quilt shop and Kaitlyn has always wanted an apron from this pattern, the problem is the pattern has been out-of-stock and I never ordered one online.  The problem was solved on my last trip to the shop a few days ago. 
Kaitlyn’s favorite color is red and since she wasn’t with me, I had to pick out fabric myself.  She said I did good.
whimsical apron
pockets, love the rick-rack
pocket detail
Side view
side view

A question – anyone have a snap press?  I am thinking about investing in one with the first grandbaby coming.  I think I would use it frequently but I don’t know anything about them.  Please give me any advice you might have.  Thanks

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Best of 2012–Quilts, bags and more

You might be sick of these “Best Of” posts but I need to do one more with the quilting type projects.  A selfish reason really, I like looking back and reminiscing.
1.  Chris and Erin's quilt

2.  Pillow for a swap – I designed the layout and just love how the colors and pattern turned out.  It was hard to part with this one.

3.  String Quilt – love this after it was completed, it took for-e-ver to make

4. My all time favorite large bag Amy Butler's Weekender Bag – made it twice this year

5.   The Alice Book bag – Easy purse to sew, put very popular with the 16 to 20-somethings I know.  It is quick and easy – here is pictures of 5 of the 7 I have made

6.  Kimi Rose Purse – talk about visual effect.  My girls use this almost everyday, it can pack some stuff!

7.  Red and aqua quilt for Kaitlyn – it just screams “fun”

8.  Sunspot quilt – I love the white background setting off the bright colors even more.

9.  Christmas quilt – like it but most importantly it is DONE!

10,Evelyn Bag – the most detailed oriented bag I have made.  It does make it look so RTW.

Then I finish off the list with two bags from my own pattern line
11. Rose -A Messenger bag

12.  Daisy- my second pattern

So that is it, my three “Best of” posts, now I better head to my sewing room and start working on the 2013 projects!

Happy New Year!