Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kwik Sew 2433

I think I will do a one for me, one for baby sewing over the next few weeks. 
Here is my latest pattern:

Here is the first one I made
Pattern front:
KS 2433
Then I used my new KAM Snap press for all my snaps.
front snaps
then here is the cute little legs
I made another one but only took a picture via Instagram
instagram sleeper

The fabric came Needle Nook.
Pattern was very easy to put together but I did think it ran a bit big.  Or at least it looked big, in 8 weeks, I will see how it looks on my grandson.
Next something for me!


  1. Adorable! I have a friend who will have a baby soon - I think I'll take a look at this pattern :)

  2. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Very cute!! How do you like the KAM snap press?

    1. I really like the press. Took a bit to figure it all out but KAM has nice how-to videos at their site. I just labeled everything with the female and male.

  3. Too cute! I bet you can't wait to put your grandson in them and snuggle!

  4. Charming! It's hard to remember how tiny a baby is when you are so far away from them. g

  5. Sarah S12:57 PM

    What did you think of the binding instructions? I think I have this pattern and didn't like the way the binding came out.

    1. It left a bit to be desired for the binding part. I cut mine a bit longer, so I would have a bit more to tuck under.

  6. This was a go to pattern for the girls' babies. It does run big but Meghan liked that sice she cloth diapers. There's lots of butt room!

  7. I wondered when you were going to start with the baby clothes! Babies grow into their clothes so fast. It's an exciting time for your family.

  8. Anonymous4:53 PM

    How cute! This is so sweet!

  9. So sweet! Brings back memories of sewing for my little guy.

  10. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Very nice little suits you made! I have used this pattern when my sister was having babies, and now that I am having babies. I made view C with the feet in it instead of ribbing on the bottom a couple of times. It wasn't the favorite of either of us, as it seems the type of sleeper that opens all the way down the front is handier. I also made view A a couple times, the basic onesie, and it is good except if I made it again would add some length in the body. As with so many rtw onesies, they always grow out of the length with plenty of room left width-wise. I have one right now made with this pattern, that needs to get packed away because it doesn't fit my little guy, unless I make one of those little rectangles with snaps at each end to snap onto it as an extension that I have only recently learned about. I look forward to see what else you make! Shauna (Sorry such a long comment!)