Wednesday, January 02, 2013

My Little Apron by Whimsicals

My first post of 2013, but this project was completed December 31, 2012.

Picture of pattern from Whimsical Quilts
This apron has been on display in a quilt shop and Kaitlyn has always wanted an apron from this pattern, the problem is the pattern has been out-of-stock and I never ordered one online.  The problem was solved on my last trip to the shop a few days ago. 
Kaitlyn’s favorite color is red and since she wasn’t with me, I had to pick out fabric myself.  She said I did good.
whimsical apron
pockets, love the rick-rack
pocket detail
Side view
side view

A question – anyone have a snap press?  I am thinking about investing in one with the first grandbaby coming.  I think I would use it frequently but I don’t know anything about them.  Please give me any advice you might have.  Thanks


  1. Anonymous8:42 PM

    I have used several different snap setters over the years and like The SnapSetter tool the best - you can order different adapters for the main tool to set different sizes of snaps. Leslie

  2. I bought this product:

    Babyville plastic snaps and pliers. They are wonderful for grandbaby clothes! The plastic snaps are very sturdy and I think they are easier on a baby than metal.

    I've made my granddaughter rompers with snaps in the crotch - so much easier to change a diaper. Or on the backs of little dresses. Of course if you are making your grandson some cute shirts - these snaps are much easier than buttons.

  3. I think (pretty sure) that Dawn from Two On, Two Off has a snap press and has blogged a few times about it. Might want to do a search on her blog. Hope that helps.

    I, personally, just have the snapsetter tool, with adapters. I also like to just use the snap tape for the inside of the legs.

  4. you must not use the snap press to keep new grandson in place, okay?
    sounds like a good idea for his clothes tho, but I have no experience beyond a hammer...
    thanks for sharing on your blog, I'm looking forward to keeping up with you in 2013

  5. I used these when I was sewing for my daughter, who is now 15 (how did that happen?!?). I recommend them highly.

  6. I have a Kam snap press and wouldn't be without it. I originally bought it for making cloth nappies (diapers) for sale but use it for clothing for both babies and even myself, for making duvet covers, bra strap holders on pesky fall off the shoulder tops, pillow name it.

  7. I have a snap pliers for Kam Snaps and like it a lot. It might be the same as the Babyville one, although I got it before that line came out. It works with the Babyville snaps also.

  8. Dawn bought one ( a couple of years ago, it's a monster. I remember being scared to death of it, haha! But she loved it. I'll bet she has advice!

  9. You could try the one listed at Ann's Sewing Studio:

  10. Oh, she'll be beautiful while doing all that fancy baking and decorating cakes. The only experience I have with snaps is the snap setter by SnapSource. I use that often, and it's been a good tool. I'm sure whatever you decide on will be used a lot because there are bound to be a lot of grandchildren in your life.

  11. I too have the snapsource one and have LOVED it over the years. I don't have any babies or toddlers left so I use it less now but when I did it was used heavily!! I love it!

    I actually met the gal when she was just starting out from her basement 20 some years ago. Great business built with determination from an inventive person!

  12. I am late to this party - but I have the Snap Source snap setter. It's fabulous. Will work through fleece, won't pull through lighter weight fabric. I think you'll enjoy it. g

  13. Elizabeth5:15 PM

    I have used both the snap source setter and snap tape. I do find the tape quicker to apply and more reliable, especially for the inside legs of pants and onesies. The cost works out best if you can buy it in large quantity.

  14. Don't have any snap advice, but I love the apron!

  15. Lori,
    I have the Kam snap press and love it. I used it for diapers for my own kids and for my grandbabies, but I also use it for more than just, bibs, pacifier clips....for children's clothing, I often use it instead of buttons. I bought mine through a co-op ( but she now also has a website: . I also bought snaps through the same place and from Snapsource.

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