Thursday, January 24, 2013

Baby Boy Quilt

boy quilt

No, not for grandson, just to have when we need a gift.  I had purchased a kit with the fabric and this pattern:

I thought the kit had too many “girl” fabrics and wanted a true boy quilt.  I had some great chevrons and just mixed those in with the cute animal print.  Then I had to eliminate the circles and added the yellow.  The yellow only has a few blocks, that was all the fabric I had.  So it somewhat resembles the pattern!
I finished this quilt back in September- October and it took a bit to get it to the quilter.  One thing on these little baby quilts, it doesn’t take long to bind them.

Meredith takes care of selecting a quilting motif – this time monkeys, aren’t they cute?
monkey quilting
I have another quilt from this pattern and it does follow the pattern. I have to hand sew the binding, then will get pictures up.

In the meantime, a giveaway.  What you ask?  The pattern, two quilts from one pattern is enough for me.
Leave a comment about whatever you want and I will draw on Sunday night.
Thanks – off to hang out with a daughter who doesn’t feel so good.


  1. I like the changes you made, especially adding the chevrons. Your projects are always so nice; I look forward to seeing each of them!

  2. you've really taken to this grandma thing! Just wait until he far away does your daughter live? lol

  3. The back is very cute :)

  4. The quilts are great. Thanks for sharing.

  5. The monkey quilting is AWESOME! Did you free motion quilt it yourself?

  6. I totally missed it when I saw the first photo and then the patterns - those don't match! Your quilt is charming. Any baby boy would love to sleep under it. The monkeys? Super cute! g

  7. Oh such a gorgeous quilt! I love the monkey quilting so much!

  8. That is adorable. Your version is so cute.

  9. The quilts turned out so cute! I love the monkey design quilting. Very fun! Thanks for sharing the pattern!