Saturday, October 29, 2011

McCall's 6282 again

I am really into those draped necklines right now and made McCall's 6282 again.  Click these links for the first blogpost and first pattern review

I used some fabric from Fabric Mart and cut out the dress length.  I had it all constructed and was trying it on for hemming, looked in the mirror and it was just too overwhelming with all that print.  Easy fix, cut it off for tunic length.

Here is the shorter (and better) version

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Simplicity 2150

Description: from Simplicity's site Misses' faux fur, fitted & loose cut jackets sewing pattern
Sizing: 6 to 22

Instructions:  The were easy to follow.  Simplicity has added some extra "Notes" throughout the instruction  sheets to better explain some steps.

Fabric: A ponte from Fabric Mart (a special sale on this fabric about a month ago).

Likes/Dislikes:  I liked the drape of the collar on view B,  thought it made the jacket take on a sweater feel.  The look of the lines and fit of the jacket on the pattern envelope and line drawing.  Dislikes:  my fabric doesn't drape like the collar on the pattern envelope. I really have to fiddle with the collar and front to get it to look that way.

Changes:  Only added length to the sleeves.  Changes I wish I had made:  make the sleeves narrower, this is an outerwear pattern so the sleeves have more ease.  I followed the ease measurements printed on the pattern piece, but I feel the garment has more ease than indicated.  If I make this again, I will go down a size.

Conclusion:  After seeing the picture of the jacket on me, I was ready to give it away.  I was telling Meredith this and she said, "oh, Mom, it isn't that bad, keept it and it will be fine."  So I am keeping it and will try it a couple more times.  I don't think I will wear it as in my picture, just came home from work and put it on for a quick picture.

Also, looks too big in the shoulders. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

State Champs

The gilrs did it, they are state champs. Pictures later
Kaitlyn with state medal

Meredith with medal
They also got a great trophy for the school and will get state champion rings, a huge team picture for the school and a banner for the basketball gym.

On a sewing note, I bought tons of fabric.  Went to Joann's, Hancock's and a fabric outlet - there I scored about 16 yards of fashion knit for $32 total!

Now that all the excitement is over for awhile at our house, I will get back to sewing.  First  a mountain of laundry and wash up all those new knits.

Thanks for all your kind support and comments, it is so appreciated.

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State Championship Game Today


THEY DID IT, great game 8 to 1!  Game time, 4pm, playing this one in a big college stadium. 

Friday, October 21, 2011


Yesterday was a big send-off for the team to head down to the Fianl 4:

Meredith with balloons to launch

Kaitlyn eating lunch before the girls left

Special cookies

For each player

Today is the semi-final game, so exciting and a time in their life they will always remember.  Just think about the class reunions years down the road, the stories they will tell.

Me?  Thrilled beyound belief, so excited and getting to share this with family and friends.  Heading to Joann's and a quilt shop sometime today!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Numbers Table

Erin wanted a small table for her classroom, something for papers/homework.  A good friend found a child's table for $10 and had her husband go back to the antique store to buy it.  Thanks, Tricia!

Erin asked me to paint it a bright blue (it was red top with white legs) and that is all she wanted.  Well, I couldn't stop at paint only.  After seeing this sign from Tater Tots and Jello's weekend wrap up party, I had my inspiration.  Out came my Silhouette machine and Erin's favorite color, orange for the vinyl.  Here is her new table, perfect for a math teacher.

I used every bit of the orange vinyl, I was lucky to get all the numbers I needed!

Hamburger, anyone?

What do you get when you use this tutorial and combine a cupcake, icing and a brownie?

A Hamburger that's what!  Isn't it the cutest?  Meredith is using this for her demonstative speech for class.  I know her fellow students will enjoy the speech, they get to eat the cupcakes!

Without the top bun, showing the ketchup, mustard and lettuce

Yummy, hamburger

Crooked bun when Mom tries to move the creation for a better photo.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Vogue 1250

I made this again from a Missoni looking fabric from Fabric Mart and the only change was adding sleeves.  I used  Debbie's blog post on her alterations.  I love the sleeves on this dress and it makes the pattern a year-long go-to pattern.

Recently, I have been working my part-time job and substituting 2-3 days a week.  With this in mind, I added a cami under the Vogue dress, too much bending over students' desks!

The oh, my gosh, what do I do with my hands pose!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Final Four Softball

The girls won another one 11-0 last night, beautiful night and for the first time in school history we are heading to the final four.

Here are some  pictures from the evening (from the over 200 I took)
Kaitlyn before game I really like this picture of her, so happy and relaxed

Kaitlyn before first at bat

Meredith before first at bat
The semifinal game is on Friday!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Simplicity 2154

Okay, this doesn't look like my usual pattern, does it?

Well, I purchased it after seeing it in the Joann's Fashion Fusion Magazine

The cardigan is made from Ponte Roma from Joann's.

Description: Misses' & Miss petite 1960รข€™s retro style blouse, skirt, jacket and knit cardigan sewing pattern. Simplicity Vintage Pattern Collection.

Sizing: 6 to 24

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? :
Not really, I used more modern fabric and my garment does not look vintage at all.

Instructions:  They were easy to follow, the cardigan is basic construction,  Simplicity's instructions were concise and to the point with nice illustrations to provide extra guidance.

Likes/Dislikes:  As I mentioned I liked the look of the cardigan in Joann's Fashion Fusion magazine (Fall/winter 2011).  Actually, I was quite shocked when I pulled the vintage inspired pattern out of the pattern drawers.  I also liked the lines of the cardigan

Fabric:  A sweater knit from Fabric Mart, I bought the last 1-1/4 yard and was just able to squeeze this cardigan out. 

Changes: The pattern recommends 1" ribbon to finish the front edge of the cardigan.  I measured the cardigan front by the pattern piece, cut the ribbon 1" longer to allow for the foldover at the top.  Then I divided the ribbon in half and matched it to the front half mark.  I put the sweater knit down on my serger plate and adjusted the differential feed to pull in more of the sweater knit.  My sweater knit had stretched some with handling.  This allowed for the fronts to match in length and my stripes to match. 

I did not make buttonholes in my cardigan.  With the scalloped design of the fabric, I thought the buttonholes would not sew out the best.  Also, I do not plan on ever buttoning this cardigan.  I did sew on buttons for effect.

One change I will do in the future is to use wider ribbon, I could only find 7/8" ribbon and after allowing for the serger allowance, I had about 1/2" of front band.  So keep this in mind when purchasing ribbon.

Conclusion:  A bit of a sleeper of a pattern but so happy I purchased it.  The fabric really makes the cardigan really special.  I have some black ponte, so another one will probably be in the future. I will get better pictures in the morning, this is what I am wearing to work tomorrow.

Cardigan with Jalie tie top.

Better view of the scallops, stripes and color of the fabric.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another W

It is a Mom's time to brag - another win for softball, we are down to the top 8 in the state, play again on Saturday.  YEA!!  GO TEAM!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

District Champs

They did it, the twin's high school team won districts 3-0, leaving 16 teams in each class (size of school).  They play for Sectionals next.
Here is a bit of animation a friend created for me (thanks friend).  You have to click on the picture to get the animation to work.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Pillow Swap Talk 6

This will be my third swap for the quilted pillows, something I found through a blog and it is hosted on Flickr.  You are sent a partner with some information and each person in the group makes a mosiac of pillows/quilts/colors they like.  You can take a look the others I made  - Swap 5 pillow and Swap 4 pillow

 Here is my quilted creation for my partner
Front of the pillow

Back, I have added 3 fuschia snaps to hold the envelope back together.

Friday, October 07, 2011


If you have noticed my posts have been pretty infrequent, well, it is softball season.  For us that means 26 games in about 6 weeks, so it is very busy.  It has been a great season so far, the girls won the conference last week (only 2nd time in school history), set a record for most wins in a season (23-2-1) and are playing for district championship tomorrow morning.  That game will be the toughest of the season, so fingers crossed.

My girls have started all season, Kaitlyn in left field and Meredith at second.  They have this high five/low five they do when they take the field for defense each inning and finally last night I took some pictures of this:

oops, sorry Meredith cut off your head.

So here is to great bats and good defense and a win.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Vogue 8747

Description: Misses' shirt, fitted with A, B, C, D cup sizes

Sizes: 6 to 20

Instructions:  Were very good and easy to follow on this Vogue pattern.  Also, quite a bit of information on the custom fit for the cup sizes.  How to measure and achieve a good fit.

Likes/Dislikes:  I liked the look of the gathered front, something I had seen in RTW blouses.  Another like is the front neckline, how it gives a hint of a v-neck in a blouse and doesn't button up to the collar band.

A big like is the cup sizing.

Changes:  Add length to the blouse and the sleeves.

Fabric:  Cotton shirting from Wal-Mart, pretty decent and not alot of money involved for the first time making the blouse.

Conclusion:  A great blouse pattern for your sewing needs.  I made a C cup on this blouse even though I measured a B  cup per Vogue's instructions.  I just didn't want the blouse to be tight and the description is fitted.  The bust is a bit big, I should have followed the instructions!  Do be careful fitting the bottom of the blouse, it is a slimmer fit.  I let out a bit at the hips for a better fit.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Ponte Trench in Action

As most of you know I made McCall's 5525 from ponte, details found here

Friday night, big class reunion time (numbers won't be mentioned) and I was debating on the trench or motorcycle jacket with my white blouse and trouser jeans.  I asked a good friend which jacket and she said motorcycle, a bit more casual.   This was a good choice for the night, the dress was more casual.  I did grab the camera and set the timer for several consecutive shots.  Here is the ponte trench in action:

The white blouse is Butterick 5526, blogpost here.

Off to work on a Vogue blouse, not much time to sew this week.  I have managed about 20 minutes each morning, so the blouse is down to cuffs and buttonholes.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Winner of the My Memories Software

There were 7 comments but 2 comments by one person so I used 6 to generate a number at
The winner is......................

Congrats, Maxine email me so I can get you the information.