Sunday, October 16, 2011

Final Four Softball

The girls won another one 11-0 last night, beautiful night and for the first time in school history we are heading to the final four.

Here are some  pictures from the evening (from the over 200 I took)
Kaitlyn before game I really like this picture of her, so happy and relaxed

Kaitlyn before first at bat

Meredith before first at bat
The semifinal game is on Friday!


  1. Good luck in the semifinal!

  2. Good luck to the girls!!

  3. Go Lady Panthers!

  4. Good luck to the girls on Friday! My DS' team lost their final game this weekend. They were so close to taking the championship. Hope your girls triumph!

  5. Aw good luck! I have a horror story about Lu's first season in fall fast pitch in HS this year. We survived, but barely.

  6. Anonymous8:42 AM

    How fun for the girls. Good luck at the final four.
    Beth Conkwright

  7. I know that is just TOO exciting! Have fun and best wishes for the Championship win!