Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Simplicity 2150

Description: from Simplicity's site Misses' faux fur, fitted & loose cut jackets sewing pattern
Sizing: 6 to 22

Instructions:  The were easy to follow.  Simplicity has added some extra "Notes" throughout the instruction  sheets to better explain some steps.

Fabric: A ponte from Fabric Mart (a special sale on this fabric about a month ago).

Likes/Dislikes:  I liked the drape of the collar on view B,  thought it made the jacket take on a sweater feel.  The look of the lines and fit of the jacket on the pattern envelope and line drawing.  Dislikes:  my fabric doesn't drape like the collar on the pattern envelope. I really have to fiddle with the collar and front to get it to look that way.

Changes:  Only added length to the sleeves.  Changes I wish I had made:  make the sleeves narrower, this is an outerwear pattern so the sleeves have more ease.  I followed the ease measurements printed on the pattern piece, but I feel the garment has more ease than indicated.  If I make this again, I will go down a size.

Conclusion:  After seeing the picture of the jacket on me, I was ready to give it away.  I was telling Meredith this and she said, "oh, Mom, it isn't that bad, keept it and it will be fine."  So I am keeping it and will try it a couple more times.  I don't think I will wear it as in my picture, just came home from work and put it on for a quick picture.

Also, looks too big in the shoulders. 


  1. It is impeccably sewn, as usual for your garments. I, too, feel it is too big for you. Can you take up the the seams a little to bring it in and give it a little more shape? blessings- linda

  2. Your jacket looks lovely. Just a few tweaks should have it sitting as it should. It would be a real shame to let this one go.

  3. This is a cute jacket! I agree that you could make it a wee bit smaller. I've been wanting to make a ponte jacket and this looks like a good pattern with the few tweaks as you've identified.

  4. Yes, you might like it a smidge narrower in the shoulders, but it's still really cute. Do you have a heavier sweater you might wear with it instead of a blouse? Put it in the "magic closet" for a few weeks and try it on again, you'll probably like it better (at least that is what works for me when I'm not too happy with something right away).

  5. Anonymous1:33 PM

    I actually think it's flattering in the picture!

  6. I agree that it looks big on the shoulders, unless is just slipping off. It is a cute design.
    Congratulations to your girls!

  7. It is a little big, but the 'bigness' (my English teacher just turned over in her grave!) is accentuated by wearing a shirt with a collar. It may look a lot better with a white t-shirt under as per the pattern illustration.

  8. I think it's cute and while a little big, still quite wearable.

  9. Sleeves from A jacket would have worked better than the ones shown used for B. I am using jacket B with A sleeves for a formal jacket and dress. The jacket in velvet and the dress in dupioni. Lining the waterfall collar with the dupioni to make it a set. No belt thing on the back of the jacket either...