Friday, October 07, 2011


If you have noticed my posts have been pretty infrequent, well, it is softball season.  For us that means 26 games in about 6 weeks, so it is very busy.  It has been a great season so far, the girls won the conference last week (only 2nd time in school history), set a record for most wins in a season (23-2-1) and are playing for district championship tomorrow morning.  That game will be the toughest of the season, so fingers crossed.

My girls have started all season, Kaitlyn in left field and Meredith at second.  They have this high five/low five they do when they take the field for defense each inning and finally last night I took some pictures of this:

oops, sorry Meredith cut off your head.

So here is to great bats and good defense and a win.


  1. With all the garbage that goes on in this world, it is refreshing to read of a family who cares for one another, likes doing things together and stays close. You are very fortunate, as are your girls.

  2. I love softball! I coached our JV girls team for a couple of years until the needs of our own children got more demanding. Hope you guys win today! What an accomplishment! CONGRATS! Great pics BTW!

  3. Good Luck! They are so cute!