Monday, October 10, 2011

District Champs

They did it, the twin's high school team won districts 3-0, leaving 16 teams in each class (size of school).  They play for Sectionals next.
Here is a bit of animation a friend created for me (thanks friend).  You have to click on the picture to get the animation to work.


  1. Anonymous4:20 AM

    Congrats to the girls. The animation is really cute.
    Beth Conky

  2. Very cool! Loved the animation.

  3. Congrats! Isn't it exciting to have children involved in sports! Especially when they win!!! : )

  4. Well done to your girls!

  5. Connie (Grandma C)10:30 PM

    Cute video - I can't believe your girls have grown up so fast. It seems such a short time since the Sew4's list on Quiltropolis. Can you believe my oldest grandson is in his second year of university now?