Monday, September 29, 2014

Math Teacher Bag

I have made this charm pack several times, which I saw somewhere online but knew I could make something similar.

Daughter #2, the secondary math teacher, needed a new bag to tote her books, papers and laptop to school.  When I saw Sweetwater's new line - Elementary I knew that was perfect for a secondary Math teacher.  Just take a look

I will get an official tutorial for this bag but it takes one charm pack and the outside is 5 squares in a row by 7 rows.  I was in a bit of a hurry to get daughter #2 her bag so this picture is blurry

The ties on the side help pull the bag in and give it structure.  I made these 3" wide by 18" long.

The lining and handle takes one yard of fabric,

For the inside, I use 6 squares for the pocket.  You can see it is folded in half on the second row to make the pocket.

This leaves only one block leftover from the 42 square charm pack.  I like when I  that happens!

A complete tutorial will happen sometime in October, I have another charm pack of this fabric and I have dd#4 going for a secondary math degree.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fashion Inspiration

Need some fall fashion sewing inspiration

Take this from JCrew Factory
source JCrew - see link above

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Vogue 1407 - DKNY Dress

Thanks to the BMV pattern sales, I have accumulated quite a nice stash of new patterns.

Girls in the Garden  - Vogue 1407 DKNY pattern using ponte knit

 This Sunday, Hubby and I will be flying out for a 3 day business trip and dress code  is suits for the men and dresses for the women.  I needed a new dress for the occasion and went with Vogue 1407 

I found some great ponte during a sale at Fabric Mart Fabrics.  I thought about another solid besides black but that thought was quickly pushed aside.  With online shopping it is so much easier to just get black, you know it will match the other fabric.
Girls in the Garden Vogue 1407 DKNY pattern using ponte knit

This dress is suppose to be  lined and I ordered some lining but I did not order stretch lining.  Remember I need this dress by Sunday, this Sunday the 28th, no time to order lining.  With the limited time, I just went with an unlined dress and I will wear a slip.  That works for me and works for getting this dress completed.
Girls in the Garden  - Vogue 1407 DKNY pattern using ponte knit

I usually don't muslin knit dresses and work with the fitting as I go.

Some important things and changes with this dress:

  1. I made a FBA on the dress and according to my Palmer and Pletsch book with a FBA it lowers the dart so unless you need a 1-1/2" lower dart do not move your dart.  I could of moved the dart down 1/2" but really it isn't too bad.
  2. You assemble this dress in steps, attaching the right front then the left front.  I serged the right side, then basted the side seam and the back seam. This let me try on the dress and yea - no need for a zipper.
    Girls in the Garden  - Vogue 1407 DKNY pattern using ponte knit
  3. The neck binding I made a smaller by about 2-3", this helps pull the knit to the body.  I should of made the binding wider as when you stretch the binding it thins out the width.  This made it difficult to turn and stitch it down.  I find it easier to make the binding wider, and you can trim the extra.  Always nice to have the extra, right?
  4. The pattern has great Center Front lines to match all the plaid.
  5. Also, the pattern instructions have you fold the binding then stitch in place.  I like to fold my binding over the seam allowance, which I serge.  If you want wider binding just widen you seam allowance setting on your serger.
    Girls in the Garden  - Vogue 1407 DKNY pattern using ponte knit
    A nice look with the cardigan, too
  6. I did unsew the side seams and pull the lower overlap piece in.  It just was away from the body too much  I like the fit of it much better.  

Girls in the Garden  - Vogue 1407 DKNY pattern using ponte knit
Not sure what kind of face I am trying to make here!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mood Fabric's Crepe de Chine Crossover top - McCall's 6991

Girls in the Garden - McCall's 6991 Crossover top in Mood Fabrics' Silk Crepe de Chine

 You see these everywhere, the crossover top for fall and McCall's 6991 is the perfect pattern for this type of top.  The perfect fabric needs to be a fabric that is the same on both sides, with that in mind I went with Mood Fabrics'  Red Silk Crepe de Chine which is so gorgeous in person.  This fabric has just the right drape for this top and added so much to the success for my crossover top.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Mood Sewing Network

Over at Mood Sewing Network you will find


 Red Silk Crepe de Chine

for a top I love!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Small Fry Skinny Jeans for the Little Guy

The little guy (aka grandson) has a hard time with jeans.  He is in the middle of the charts for weight and  on the lower part for height.  I tried an Ottobre pattern but it was just too big and actually short.  My Ottobre magazines are older, back from the twins younger days, think 10+ years old.  The styles were a bit different, looser and baggier.  I went on the hunt for a jean pattern and purchased
Small Fry Skinny Jeans, the description states "classic skinny fit style with enough ease for comfort"  I thought this would be perfect.

I love how these fit him and how the pockets sit low on the bum.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Vogue 1378 - Denim

Vogue 1378  is a pattern that has intrigued me

I thought I would give it a try in some Mood Fabrics' soft denim (with a bit of lycra)

While constructing these, I did not think my denim had enough stretch.  After wearing these for a bit, the fabric is just fine.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Rockstar Bag - Sew Sweetness

I have my name on Sara's pattern tester list and I responded to an email to test the Rockstar Bag and on August 12th Sara notified me I was one of the pattern testers.

I went right to work on this fabulous bag, first fabric shopping then sewing time.
Why can't all my pictures turn out this bright, clear and crisp?!?!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tula Pink - City Sampler: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks

It is finally finished!!! I started this quilt back in May 2013 and finally in September 2014 it is finished.

The book is one of Tula Pink's

I used only my scraps for these quilt blocks, following the suggested color ways so I could use the layout on the front cover.

I worked pretty hard the first couple of months and then it got pushed aside.  The beginning of summer, I really started working hard on the blocks.  May to Mid-June, I would make one block everytime I went into my sewing room.  This method put me to 60 blocks very quickly.

brightened a bit too much but you can see the block details

Mid-June was a turning point, I just had to finish this quilt, All my focus was on finishing this quilt, which I did in about 2 weeks.  I was thrilled  to post this picture on Instagram on June 28th.  The quilt is so big, Meredith had to stand on the truck bed to hold it up and off the ground.

The quilt top sat in the house waiting to go to the long arm quilter for a few weeks, just waiting my turn for the budget!   Now it is back from the long arm quilter and bound.  I love, love this quilt, the 16 months from the start was so worth it.

fabric from a bag I made, from my own pattern

One other thing I love about this quilt is the memories of the fabric, one block has the fabric from the Erin's flower girl dresses , bags I made for Paige and her sorority sisters, many bags I made for the twins through school and other quilts or projects.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Butterick 5781- Mood Fabrics' Jacquard

Mood Fabrics' stretch jacquard dress using  Butterick 5781

    You know when you just see fabric and you have to have it?  That is the case with Paradise Pink and Rosewater Geometric Cotton-Polyester Jacquard (now say that three times fast!).  This fabric just kept saying "buy me, buy me" and so I did.  Initially, I was thinking some kind of pants or shorts for me but the fabric was a bit too bright for me.  I knew this gorgeous fabric would find its way to the perfect garment.  I had purchased Butterick 5781 with Meredith (daughter #3) in mind, as I knew it  was the perfect style for her, just needed the fabric and the occasion.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Pink, Boots and Denim

What are these three things?

Head over to Mood Sewing Network to see!

Have a great day.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Butterick 5781 - For Meredith

I bought this Mood Fabrics' pink cotton-polyester jacquard 

initially thinking it would be a great bottom weight for me.  Well, it would be  a great pants/ short fabric but the print is much brighter than I thought and I didn't want to be a Nana/Mom walking around with a hot pink behind!  LOL.  

Well, in comes Butterick 5781 and Meredith's need for a dress for a cowboy wedding in October.  

This will be the cutest style with a jean jacket (if needed for the weather) and her cowboy boots.  I lengthened the bodice by 1" and the skirt length by 1-1/2".  The skirt length had to change to 1"  extra as there just wasn't that much fabric.

Can you say lucky Lori?  That is for sure with this fabric and pattern.  I had no scraps and I was able to lay all the bodice pieces out in one width of fabric.  A definite plus in print matching
Butterick 5781 with Mood Fabrics
instagram picture with funny glare.

The lining is from stash.  As you can see, the bodice is complete, ready for her to try on Saturday and I am going to make the skirt tonight.  After I check the fit of the  bodice, this will be quick to finish up.

Oh, one more thing, this pattern is A/B, C, D cup sizes!  Yea!

What are your projects?

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

New Look 6212 - Cotton Voile

It is still hot in Missouri and I just can't think about sewing for fall/winter yet.  Most of the days have been over 90 degrees with a pleasant 80 degree thrown in.

I had purchased a cotton voile from Mood Fabrics back in the spring and it was very thin.  I couldn't decide what to make with this fabric, until I purchased New Look 6212

I went with the sleeveless version and no tucks.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

McCall's 6964 - Orange Stripe - From Pinterest to my Closet

I have been on Pinterest for quite some time and continue to pin away ...... fashion, home dec, diy, patterns, paint colors, cookies, cakes, food, you get the idea.  Well, it is time to implement some of those pins.  Mainly into my closet, so her is the start of

 From Pinterest to my Closet

I started with this Pinterest image

here is the pinterest link

I looked around for a navy-white stripe knit but didn't find one I liked, so I went with this
Mood Fabric's orange and white stripe knit
and McCall's 6964
This is a Palmer and Pletsch pattern, which is such a great way to learn about adjustments.  I used the lines and their directions to do a FBA on this pattern.  It was easy to do and makes a difference in my shirt.  I do believe I made a bit too much FBA but it all works.  That is one of the great things about knits, very forgiving.

Here is my inspired Pinterest photo, which I have should of left my foot on the ground.

I had plans to make a navy blazer but this summer while in Des Moines for a work trip, I found a treasure.  At JCrew a navy wool blazer for 75% off, making it $50.  I couldn't pass this up, so no blazer to make but this lovely one to wear with many different outfits.

I tell you one thing this navy wool is hot on a 88 degree day, I couldn't take the pictures fast enough.

Here are a few shots without the blazer, a good thing on this late summer hot day

This might be my new favorite pattern for
 t-shirts.  I went with the v-neck but it isn't the best "v" but I am fine with that.  I will practice and make it better for next time.  I do believe I need to cut a smaller size through the hips next time and make the shirt about 1" shorter, it is pretty long.
See the wool blazer hanging on the pool fence?

This is the perfect fabric, it feels amazing and sews beautifully, I should go and buy every stripe in this fabric type.  I do love a good stripe!

Now here are a few poses inspired by Oona's post,  get low on the ground and shoot up, gives you more height.  At 5'8" I might not need height but I thought why not give it a shot.  I used my tripod without any legs extended and the effect is pretty good.

Here I am channeling "Oona", I think I have some work to do!