Thursday, September 04, 2014

Butterick 5781 - For Meredith

I bought this Mood Fabrics' pink cotton-polyester jacquard 

initially thinking it would be a great bottom weight for me.  Well, it would be  a great pants/ short fabric but the print is much brighter than I thought and I didn't want to be a Nana/Mom walking around with a hot pink behind!  LOL.  

Well, in comes Butterick 5781 and Meredith's need for a dress for a cowboy wedding in October.  

This will be the cutest style with a jean jacket (if needed for the weather) and her cowboy boots.  I lengthened the bodice by 1" and the skirt length by 1-1/2".  The skirt length had to change to 1"  extra as there just wasn't that much fabric.

Can you say lucky Lori?  That is for sure with this fabric and pattern.  I had no scraps and I was able to lay all the bodice pieces out in one width of fabric.  A definite plus in print matching
Butterick 5781 with Mood Fabrics
instagram picture with funny glare.

The lining is from stash.  As you can see, the bodice is complete, ready for her to try on Saturday and I am going to make the skirt tonight.  After I check the fit of the  bodice, this will be quick to finish up.

Oh, one more thing, this pattern is A/B, C, D cup sizes!  Yea!

What are your projects?


  1. and its petite too. Now if only had sleeves...
    Can't wait too see the finished dress.

  2. Very cute fabric/pattern combo. I do hope you'll post a pic with the complete outfit. It's going to be really cute all together!

  3. That will be cute!!
    I am sewing up some white and yellow striped underwear the other night but the fabric got sucked way down into the throat plate, so much so that I had to unscrew the plate to get the fabric out. Crazy!

  4. Anonymous8:07 PM

    I am looking forward to seeing the finished dress too! The colour/pattern is so pretty! And Kyle, I feel for you, I hate it when that happens! So aggravating!

  5. great fabric/pattern matching! that will be super cute!