Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Still sewing but not much time

It is that time of year, the end-of-school madness. Graduation is 19 days away, prom was last weekend and my 18 year old looked incredibly stunning. This week is 4 track meets plus all of life and work.

I am sewing just a bit. Finished a BWOF wrap top. 3/2008 #113, it is very cute. I am working on a muslin (yes a muslin, something I don't do very often) of a BWOF dress for graduation. I am just making the bodice and I need to make a few changes.

And since I feel the need to add pictures to the post, here are a few:
Prom dress:
I forgot to take a picture of the back and it is such a pretty design, so here is a crop from a group picture:

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

No sewing for me, I have been out in my flower beds. I have weeded, mulched, separated perennials and planted annuals. We have been getting plenty of rain (too much in fact) but my perennials are loving it and just growing by the minute. I have everything planted (say that every year) and now I can sit back and watch it all grow. I even have 3 weeks until Erin's high school graduation. That is good I can work on the inside of the house now!

I planted this old tool box:

Another view:

A new rosebush and a big geranium to hide the bottom or the rosebush. Every other part of a rosebush is pretty but the bottom. Crazy angle but I was just playing.

I did cut out BWOF 3/2008, #113 but probably won't get it sewn until Sunday night maybe. Prom is this weekend, college girl is coming home, too. Busy weekend but a very fun one.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Extra Fabric - Make another 4076

Simplicity 4076, that is, my favorite t-shirt pattern. I had leftover fabric from Simplictiy 3918 and decided a couple more t-shirts were needed. My wardrobe is in desperate need for summer tops, especially work type tops.

Here is the first one - I added the waistband out of necessity. I forgot the stretch runs with the stripes vertically, I cut out with the stripes horizontally (oops, big oops). I had enough to recut the top except for the front and I had to be creative. Thus, the two sections with a bias band at the waist. I like the look so all is well.

Here is a close-up of the waist.

One more from the blue (bottom band of the Simplicity 3918). I was too lazy to rethread my serger and coverstitch machine, so I used white picot elastic for the neckline and the white CS thread worked pefectly then.

Here is the picot, isnt' it interesting? I bought it in a grab bag somewhere.

Now off to a track meet in the rain, I am working the finish line. Why didn't I sew a rain jacket for this spring we are having? If I did it would have been Murphy's Law and no rain - ha ha!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ottobre Tee

I had to use the last bit of fabric from my shirt and Meredith loved the circles, so Ottobre 3/2007 #30 for her. Color is off a bit in this picture.

Back has an interesting detail.

I would lower the front and back neckline next time. I did add some shaping to the shirt for Meredith, just took it in a bit in the waist.

Spring is hear but don't tell too many people, it might runaway again! I mowed the yard yesterday and it looks so nice. I was admiring my daffodils while I was mowing and decided to cut everyone of them for a vase.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Simplicity 3918

Pattern Review

Pattern: Simplicity 3918
Description: Misses’ Knit and Woven Tops

Sizing: 6 to 22, I made a 12. I based this on the finished measurements on the pattern piece and my knit had limited stretch. I am very happy with my choice.

Instructions: This is a very, very simple top. I did look at the instructions for the bodice but after that I just sewed.

Likes/Dislikes: I like that it was just what I needed to recreate my inspiration top. This one from Anthropologie be sure to check out the back view. I thought I would have to do some redrafting or pattern combining but thanks to this Simplicity pattern, I didn’t have to. This was the first pattern I looked at in my cabinet and it was just right.

I wasn’t sure about the bodice/sleeve pattern piece. This is all one piece but it drapes beautifully and looks very nice on. This is a quick pattern but you have 6 great looks to choose from, another like. My only dislike- why didn’t I try this pattern sooner?

Cut the lower front in three sections to recreate the inspiration top’s look. Cut the lower back on the bias for the same reasoning.
If I made it again I might cut the center front on the fold but the seam sure makes the v-neck easy to turn under.

Fabric: The stripe and circle fabrics are from Needle Nook Fabric, the blue I had in my stash.

Conclusion: A fun top with a cute, summery look.

Here is my top, I had to pull the top back to have the gathers hit the dress forms' chest, I lenghtened the bodice 1" and it fits my long torso just right.

Back view:

Bodice - sleeve piece.

It Looks Much Better

I added a band of black polka dot to my t-shirt. Doesn't it look much better? I love the finished shirt. Thank you for the suggestions and the push to put the band on my shirt. It was the perfect finishing touch.

We went shopping for more quilting fabric, Meredith wanted to make a tote for her twin, Kaitlyn. Here it is:

Now on the shoulder with the pocket reversed. I like this side better, Kaitlyn prefers the plaid.

Pretty good job again. She is looking for more projects, if you have any ideas let me know. I should have her listen to my podcast on gift sewing but the girls just make fun of my voice! Mom you sound funny and then the giggles come.

Meredith loved all the comments, she was all smiles while reading them. Thank you.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Combining Two Onions......Patterns, that is.

What do you get when you combine two onions? Onion patterns , that is. Well, I think a pretty cute top!

I used the front bodice from Onion 5038 and the rest of the garment is Onion 2017. I eliminated the front pleats from the lower front and now it fits more like a t-shirt. I thought I wanted the tunic look but after trying it on, no, not a good look. The 2017, needs the waistband and tie to complete the look and define my waist. The fabric is from Needle Nook Fabric and it has been in my house a couple of days.

I tried black buttons but it had to be red, they just pop.

Now, I had quite a bit of white-black polka dot left, a small scrap of black-white polka dot and a scrap of red knit. I used Simplicity 4076 again and did some changes. I was inspired a bit by this
Anthropologie top
and I came up with this.

In retrospect, I should have cut the red shorter as in the Anthro picture but I didn't think the look would be the best on me. I do think the top needs something between the red fabric and the polka-dot fabric. I pinned a bit of the black-white polka dot- what do you think?

It was so nice to make 2 quick tops, pretty instant gratification and my closet appreciated it.

Thanks for all the comments for Meredith. She hasn't had a chance to read them yet- track practice and homework are keeping her busy but this weekend I will show her all of them. I can just see the smile on her face!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My 200th Post - Sewing is by my Daughter

I opened my blogger and I see this is my 200th post - Wow!

The sewing I am sharing today is all done by my 13 year-old daughter, Meredith, a girl who loves tote bags. She will walk into Aeropostale and want everyone of them. Well, she decided to make one. Recognize the fabric? She used the bits and pieces I had left from the diaper bag, plus some polka dots to create her bag.

Meredith picked Vogue 629 pattern, this is one that is in the displays on the pattern cabinets and doesn't have the full 4 numbers. We looked and it isn't on their website at all.

Now time for Meredith's Pattern Review:

Was this a hard tote to sew?
Not really and it went very quickly.

What did you like best about the pattern?
I like the fabric the best and the outside pocket.

Are you going to make anymore?
Yes, for my sister.

In action:

The pocket can reverse

Thanks for all the kind comments on the blog and I am happy to share this 200th post with Meredith.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Diaper Bag

A good friend asked me to make a diaper bag for a her friend. A baby girl and the new mother asked for "sassy fabric". I thought this was just the ticket.

The pattern is an older one, Butterick 4111. When I google this, I get a girls' vest pattern. This might have been one of the patterns in a display on the pattern cabinet because the number is b4111.

Next up is a purse for Erin, then back to sewing for me.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ottobre Jeans again

My third time with these jeans, I really love this pattern and the fit. Here is the
original post. The fabric is leftover from my Burda pleated skirt and I just had a few small scraps left. I couldn't have cut out another back pocket! This pair is a bit big in the waist but I am hoping after going through the laundry the waist will shrink up a bit.

Just a few mediocre pictures, I shoved the camera in Meredith's hands just before walking out the door.

I did my own design for the back pocket:

Side view
Quick front view:

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

ASG Annual Conference

Okay, anyone else planning to attend? Details are at ASG
It is in Chicago that helps me in travel plans and it is in July this year. July is much better than August and back-to-school time.

I booked my classes online tonight:
Mary Ray, Pati Palmer, Nancy Nix-Rice, Rosebud, Christine Jonson, Peggy Sagers, and Anne St. Clair will be my teachers.

Now to finish the rest of my travel plans, but booking my classes was the highest priority!