Tuesday, April 01, 2008

ASG Annual Conference

Okay, anyone else planning to attend? Details are at ASG
It is in Chicago that helps me in travel plans and it is in July this year. July is much better than August and back-to-school time.

I booked my classes online tonight:
Mary Ray, Pati Palmer, Nancy Nix-Rice, Rosebud, Christine Jonson, Peggy Sagers, and Anne St. Clair will be my teachers.

Now to finish the rest of my travel plans, but booking my classes was the highest priority!


  1. Oh MAN!!! I wish I could swing this. It's not in my budget this year plus we are on vacation that week but it would be SO FUN! Not to mention that Chicago is close enough for me to drive.

    Ugh. Maybe next year.

  2. I am seriously giving this some thought. Have you been to one of these before? This is the perfect time for me to go as DH and DD will be away on a church trip and DS will be in sleepaway camp.

  3. I've had my room reserved since last summer after leaving the Sacramento conference in a van with gals who had already made their reservations for Chicago. Have flights and now my classes and workshops are booked. It will be a great time.

  4. Oh, that looks like fun! I wish I could go, but the timing isn't great for me, even though it would be a short plane ride.