Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

No sewing for me, I have been out in my flower beds. I have weeded, mulched, separated perennials and planted annuals. We have been getting plenty of rain (too much in fact) but my perennials are loving it and just growing by the minute. I have everything planted (say that every year) and now I can sit back and watch it all grow. I even have 3 weeks until Erin's high school graduation. That is good I can work on the inside of the house now!

I planted this old tool box:

Another view:

A new rosebush and a big geranium to hide the bottom or the rosebush. Every other part of a rosebush is pretty but the bottom. Crazy angle but I was just playing.

I did cut out BWOF 3/2008, #113 but probably won't get it sewn until Sunday night maybe. Prom is this weekend, college girl is coming home, too. Busy weekend but a very fun one.


  1. Lori, I planted my small veg garden yesterday, but I still need to get some herbs and flowers in the ground. I only want to be outside right now.

  2. We planted our garden and flowers this past weekend. I still want to plant two more pepper plants, then I'm done.

  3. Since I have a black thumb, will you please come take care of my yard when you're done with yours??? ;-) Enjoy the prom and your daughter's visit home, I bet life feels like it's going by WAY too fast!

  4. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Lovely garden, Lori. I'm not a gardener by any means but have about 24 rose bushes planted in the back of the yard. They are blooming and I can smell their sweet fragrance when I step out on the back porch. I love my roses.

  5. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Lori --your garden looks beautiful! I also wanted to write and say thanks for the podcasts! I just started running again and therefore, bought an mp3 player. I downloaded your podcast with Sandra Betzina and today's run went by so quickly! I loved it!! Can't wait to download another one for Wednesday's run!! Thanks!