Monday, April 14, 2008

It Looks Much Better

I added a band of black polka dot to my t-shirt. Doesn't it look much better? I love the finished shirt. Thank you for the suggestions and the push to put the band on my shirt. It was the perfect finishing touch.

We went shopping for more quilting fabric, Meredith wanted to make a tote for her twin, Kaitlyn. Here it is:

Now on the shoulder with the pocket reversed. I like this side better, Kaitlyn prefers the plaid.

Pretty good job again. She is looking for more projects, if you have any ideas let me know. I should have her listen to my podcast on gift sewing but the girls just make fun of my voice! Mom you sound funny and then the giggles come.

Meredith loved all the comments, she was all smiles while reading them. Thank you.


  1. Another great purse by Meredith! I think plaid is really in now, so that is cute trendy idea. What a sweet girl, making one for her sister. Some more ideas for they like headbands, or belts? I see those around a lot. Doesn't one of them like to cook? How about a cute apron?

  2. How about a swimsuit cover-up or sundress? New Look has some easy patterns that are basically two seams and a drawstring neck.

  3. Anonymous10:45 PM

    Meredith really did a good job with matching the plaid. Hope Kaitlyn really enjoys her bag. Your top is so cute. I'm going to have to try out that Simplicity pattern some day.

  4. The tote looks great! What a nice gift for her sister. My dd just made one of the Lizzie McGuire skirts. It was very easy for her to make totally by herself. Reminds me I should take some pics and update my blog with my stuff and hers. She's also going to make some capri pj bottoms in FACS at school.

  5. It does look better! It's beautiful! Love the tote too!