Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ottobre Tee

I had to use the last bit of fabric from my shirt and Meredith loved the circles, so Ottobre 3/2007 #30 for her. Color is off a bit in this picture.

Back has an interesting detail.

I would lower the front and back neckline next time. I did add some shaping to the shirt for Meredith, just took it in a bit in the waist.

Spring is hear but don't tell too many people, it might runaway again! I mowed the yard yesterday and it looks so nice. I was admiring my daffodils while I was mowing and decided to cut everyone of them for a vase.


  1. What a cute pattern---I like the back details.

    Since I'm new to coverstitching, could you explain how you did your binding? Did you use your coverstitch machine or not? And if so, did you use a binder foot?


  2. Cute top and looks great on her!

    Your daffodils are so pretty, too. I'm jealous. :)

  3. It looks lovely! You are sewing like a storm!

  4. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Beautiful daffodils. Mine bloomed early in March and are gone now. My hyacinth also bloomed in March. Now my azaleas are blooming with my lillies popping up. This morning I saw a few roses blooming on my rose bushes. I wish I could get to the back of the lot to check on my rose garden but can no longer walk that far. DH said that he would check on them this weekend when he mows the lawn. Am definitely going to have to try that T-shirt pattern. I saw a T-shirt with princess lines and a wrap top but don't know the pattern #. I think it was one by Khaliah Ali for Simplicity.