Saturday, September 28, 2013

Two for One Fall Floral Knit Tops

I purchased this beautiful Mood Fabrics' floral jersey at the first of September.

 I purchased 2 yards with the intention of one knit top, well, I pulled out the Renfrew top and Jalie 2921 trying to decide which one to make. Sometimes I feel like that is the hardest decision in sewing, what pattern to use?

 I posted my dilemma on Instagram and Carolyn was the only one to voice an opinion which was the Jalie. Well, I cut out the Renfrew first but no worries, Carolyn, I had enough fabric to make the Jalie, too. My choice of the Renfrew, was one that would show off this fabric, it looks like a watercolor. I selected the fabric for the purple and plums which seemed more fall to me. Mood Fabrics' Soft floral knit jersey top Sewaholic Renfrew top

Friday, September 27, 2013

Dolman Top

Over at Mood Sewing Network today, is a couple of knit tops I made this week.  My intentions were for a jacket for these tops, too.  Time got away from me and the jacket just didn't get done.  Last night I went to start that jacket and this stripe knit from Mood Fabrics, called my name.

stripe knit

I had used this knit before only in Navy and just loved it.  I wore and wore this navy Renfrew all summer long.  I thought, the serger is all set up with white thread and a knit top is so quick, yes, a change of plans!

This time I wanted to use the red-orangey stripe knit in a dolman top and I found a free pattern Cation Designs

mood fabrics orange stripe knit dolman top

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Some PIans for Fall Sewing

Pinterest is one of my favorites spots..... I can look, plan and then look some more.  I pin things from blogs, fashion sites, retail sites, to name a few.  I still tear pages out of magazines but with Pinterest I am so organized, no more bookmarking, no more emailing myself links, no more trying to remember "where did I see that?"  I use to spend way too much time on Pinterest, just like with anything new.  Now I feel it is a good balance and I still am getting things accomplished.

I thought I would share a few things I have pinned for fall sewing ideas.

I love this blazer and have to get some fabric to make it.

Pinterest link

How about this top?  ponte here I come.
Pinterest source

A new look on the peplum, I like the pleats for a bit of a change.  The belt and the pearls are a nice touch, too
pinterest source
The leopard coat - I already have this fabric from Mood.  It is in my project queue approximately #3 on the list


A floral blouse, I have fabric for this, too.  In fact two different ones.  I think one will be a traditional blouse and the other fabric will be for a different type.

A leather trimmed top.  Have fabric coming for this.

 A luxe sweatshirt - have fabric on the way for this, too.


This fun tunic - fabric purchased a bright pink Thakoon from Mood.  A bit of bright color for fall but more for the dreary days of winter
Pinterest - Burda pattern

Some other ideas pants I love my Burda 7447 pattern and the pants I have been making from them, so plans for a few more of these.

a jacket (either Simplicity 2250  or 2446 or Hot Patterns Riveria jacket), possibly a skirt.  From this fabric.  Actually, I have enough to make a jacket and a skirt.  Any thoughts on the jacket pattern?  I am leaning toward the 2250, I like the no lapels and the rolled up sleeves.
Mood Fabrics' brocade

and I have tops made from this fabric (my Mood Sewing Network post) and I think it looks really good with the above fabric.  That is why I want to make a jacket.
Mood Fabrics
There are no dresses in my plan, I just don't wear them that often.  My job really requires jeans with occasional pants.  so I try to do tops and jackets, to dress up the jeans or pants.
My goals for fall sewing
1.  Make things I will wear often, things that will work in my everyday life.
2.  Fill up my closet, things that will go together and make it easier to get dressed each day.
3.  Try some new techniques and new fabrics, expand my horizons.

Do you Pinterest?

What about your next season sewing plans?  goals?

Suggestions or ideas for what I have posted?


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Onsie on the Little Guy

Back in July, I made this onsie and it was big until now.

Here he is in this cute little striped onsie
I love this picture, he is telling us something!

The onsie fits good, it is a 6 month size with one extra inch in the body.  His mom said don't add the inch anymore and make the bigger size, he needs it for the head.  It is a little tight putting it on.  Now I need to order more fabric for him, my selection is limited.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Simplicity 2155 - A Sew Bossy Swap

Are you thinking "Sew Bossy", what is Lori talking about now?  Well it is a swap  where one partner gets to "boss" around the other swap partner.  Here is a link for the explanation and information.  My friend Lynne and I were emailing back and forth about sewing, life, painting furniture, etc and she told me about this.  I said sounds like fun, should we do it?  Lynne said yes and off we went - Sew Bossy Swap partners.  Lynne is organizing a Sew Bossy Swap (SBS) at her blog, so if you are interested leave a comment on Boss Around post at her blog.

Now back to my SBS, it arrived in the mail with this gorgeous sketch on the outside of the box, isn't' that the best?  

Lynne's idea was based on this Cabi Vest and included in my package was everything I needed to make this vest - the pattern, plaid fabric, lining, faux leather, buttons and thread.

I went to work on

Cutting out all the pieces and I interfaced each piece with Fashion Sewing Supply's Pro-weft Light Fusible.

The pattern is for an unlined vest, I did a quick search and found Sigrid's tutorial for lining a vest.  My only change was to use the back facing piece from the fashion fabric and then adjust the back lining for the facing.

Here are some details of the vest on my dressform.

The back seam and back of vest.  I cut out my pattern pieces one layer at a time.  This helped tremendously to get the plaid all lined up.

Side bias piece, a fun look plus helps eliminate some of that plaid matching!!

Bound buttonholes.  I did several test buttonholes before I decided to use the faux leather.  I just wasn't pleased with the fashion fabric.  The plaids were all over the place, so tried a couple with bias but that still was just too busy. I am very happy with the decision of the faux leather. I used 
the ebook from Did You Make That, it is a great book and asset for the sewing room

The faux leather collar.  The pattern has you baste in some pleat lines but then I could not find where you did anything with those lines.  I just left it flat and liked this look.  I tend to speed read a pattern, so I might have missed Simplicity's instructions for these lines.  In my defense, I looked a couple of times!

I took some pictures this afternoon in my vest - denim shirt, jeans and boots.

First set is with the belt

I took these in the shade so, I did some edits to them and lightened this one so you could see the details:

 Now without the belt

I can see wearing this vest either way. It will be a well-worn and well-loved garment this winter.

Thank you, Lynne, you can be Bossy anytime!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Flashback Friday - Picture Smocking

After the twins were born, I took some smocking classes.  I made several bishop type dresses and will show those on another flashback.  Today, I am focusing on Picture Smocking, I went crazy for that and did several of these.

My go-to pattern was Lauren by B&B Blueprints

Here are some pictures of the girls in a few of the jumpers

Now some close-ups of different picture smockings.  I need to go through all my scrapbook albums and see if I have pictures of the girls in anymore.

I made this one and the witch bear and pumpkin bear reversible with a fall quilting cotton.  I was just so clever back then!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Plaid Shirt and Linen Shirt - Great additions

The calendar says fall is near but until yesterday no one told Mother Nature in mid-Missouri. I was sick of the hot temperatures and really getting very tired of wearing  summer clothes. Do you get that way too? Feel like you are wearing the same thing over and over?  I am ready for a change, ready for the next sewing adventure? New fabric weights and textures, New pattern looks? I decided to make some fall-like clothes in fabrics that would still be cool but transition to fall. mood fabric plaid voile shirt sq

 My first selection Mood Fabrics' Rasberry-Brown Plaid Cotton Voile by Marc Jacobs

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Apron for a Challenge

Kailtyn, my baker of all things sweet, loves to wear aprons.  I made this apron pattern before and she loves to wear it.

Well, my local quilt shop is having a Pantone Color of the year - Emerald Challenge.  The categories are large quilt, small quilt and other.
I decided an apron for Kaitlyn would be a perfect "other" to enter into this challenge.

Kaitlyn went to the quilt shop and picked out her fabric, some beautiful yellows and gray with an accent of emerald green.

Here is the bodice, I stretched the green bias a bit too much.

The pockets are such nice details, the pattern calls for ric-rac at the inside edges of the pocket but I omitted this area.  

Now the bottom of the apron calls for large ric-rac and I do love this detail but I did not purchase enough gray to do the skirt.  At 7 p.m. the quilt shop is not open and I wanted to complete this project, thus no large ric-rac.  I think it looks just fine.

Kaitlyn cannot use this until Mid-October.  The contest is the first week of October and all entered items are voted on my the customers.


I have finished so many projects this weekend, feeling much better about my stack in my sewing room.

This was my finished list

  • 2 blouses from Mood Fabrics - look for them on the Mood Sewing Network on Tuesday
  • quilt club does 2 Blocks each month.  I was behind 4 blocks, now I am behind only 2 blocks
  • In October I am in charge of the 2 blocks for the month.  I have one designed and stitched out. 
  • Quilt club does a service project - pillowcases, which stay local in our community.  For October, we are to bring 5 to the next meeting, then you are entered into a drawing.  I made 5 for me and 5 for Meredith (college is cutting into her sewing time)
  • started a baby quilt for a co-worker.
After reading this list, I am heavy on the quilt projects but the clothing will be started again tomorrow for me.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Archer Shirt Details- Plaid fabric

I have been working away on my two new Archer Shirts from Mood Fabrics.

All the photos are from the construction of the Mood Fabrics' cotton voile

I had every intention of using the chevron method posted in my previous post but did wonder if it would work.  Well, it did not.

See that beautiful totally un-matched plaid.  I could have tried again but didn't really want to waste any more fabric.  You see I have lots of bias to cut out and I didn't feel I could waste any more fabric.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Shirtmaking in my Sewing Room

Ever since I made my first Archer Shirt, I knew there would be more in my sewing future.

(see blog post for full details)

Monday, September 02, 2013

Fabric Help Needed

Happy Labor Day to all, hope you are enjoying the day.

I need your help finding fabric that would work for this J Crew blouse
photo from J Crew site - see link above.

I ordered some fabric from Mood but it is a thin voile and while I love the colors, I want something a bit thicker for winter.  Don't worry already have an idea for the Mood Fabric.

So if you know of some fabric that might work for this, please leave me a comment.  I have looked at Liberty of London fabric but they are just too pricey.  The JCrew shirt is $178, so sewing it would be much more affordable, I just haven't found the right fabric.

Colorways?  I am good with blues, greens or purples.

Thanks so much for the help.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Ottobre Romper - #6 from 2/2002

Ottobre 2/2002 #6 was the pattern for a new romper for the little guy.  This issue is in another language, Dutch I think?  It was pretty straight forward sewing and I dug out a Kwik Sew pattern so I could see how to handle the snap opening for the diaper.

The fabric came from The Fabric Fairy, using a gift certificate from my time on the Super Online Sewing Match.  I cannot find it on the site now, I guess it is sold out.

As you can see I really changed up the back, I used three snaps down the back.  This just helps to get the romper on.

I have made him a romper from Kwik Sew but it is so wide and oversized.  This style is a bit slimmer and it looks so much better one him.

I added 1" to the hem of this romper, oops, too much, looks like he is wearing capris.  I am going to wait until it has been washed and dried once.  Just in case it shrinks, it if doesn't I will cut off some of the length.

He is checking out the camera in this picture, such a serious look.  I had a label that says Road Patrol, thought it was appropriate for this transportation themed fabric.  I used a bit of the knit ribbing to back the label.  It sets it off from the fabric.

I just think it looks so cute on him, the fit is nice and it makes his eyes look so blue.  Here he is checking out the dog.  Little guy is just now starting to take notice of the dog.

Next up one more top for him, long sleeve for fall.  Then back to me, fall sewing here I come.