Sunday, September 15, 2013

Apron for a Challenge

Kailtyn, my baker of all things sweet, loves to wear aprons.  I made this apron pattern before and she loves to wear it.

Well, my local quilt shop is having a Pantone Color of the year - Emerald Challenge.  The categories are large quilt, small quilt and other.
I decided an apron for Kaitlyn would be a perfect "other" to enter into this challenge.

Kaitlyn went to the quilt shop and picked out her fabric, some beautiful yellows and gray with an accent of emerald green.

Here is the bodice, I stretched the green bias a bit too much.

The pockets are such nice details, the pattern calls for ric-rac at the inside edges of the pocket but I omitted this area.  

Now the bottom of the apron calls for large ric-rac and I do love this detail but I did not purchase enough gray to do the skirt.  At 7 p.m. the quilt shop is not open and I wanted to complete this project, thus no large ric-rac.  I think it looks just fine.

Kaitlyn cannot use this until Mid-October.  The contest is the first week of October and all entered items are voted on my the customers.


I have finished so many projects this weekend, feeling much better about my stack in my sewing room.

This was my finished list

  • 2 blouses from Mood Fabrics - look for them on the Mood Sewing Network on Tuesday
  • quilt club does 2 Blocks each month.  I was behind 4 blocks, now I am behind only 2 blocks
  • In October I am in charge of the 2 blocks for the month.  I have one designed and stitched out. 
  • Quilt club does a service project - pillowcases, which stay local in our community.  For October, we are to bring 5 to the next meeting, then you are entered into a drawing.  I made 5 for me and 5 for Meredith (college is cutting into her sewing time)
  • started a baby quilt for a co-worker.
After reading this list, I am heavy on the quilt projects but the clothing will be started again tomorrow for me.


  1. Beautiful apron! I love aprons and this one is a winner. Good luck!

  2. What a cute apron & an impressive list of finishes for the weekend!

  3. I like to see your quilting projects AND your garment do such a nice job with both :-)

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