Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Thakoon Scout Woven T-shirt with Khaki Burda Pants

Enter into my sewing room two fabulous Mood Fabrics' Thakoon prints.  First to arrive to was Navy Abstract Soft Cotton

My plan was a Butterick top but then I found this  Anthropologie shirt.  So forget Butterick and enter Grainline's Scout Wovern T-shirt.  I just had to go shop for another fabric at Mood to get this look.  I tell you that is a hard job (ha ha)  but I stepped right up and went to shopping.  It wasn't long and I found just what I wanted.  This Thakoon Delft Blue Floral Silk Crepe De Chine

Monday, July 29, 2013

Vogue 1247 for Meredith

Remember when I posted about cleaning my sewing room?  Meredith helped and while she straightened all my fabric, she found some fabric for garments.  Garments for her!
First up fabric leftover from my floral skirt which is from Mood Fabrics.

I used Vogue 1247
I have been wanting to make this forever and it would be perfect for Meredith.  I did had length and this one she probably likes the length better than this skirt

First the pockets, such a fun detail from this pattern.

Meredith in her new skirt

Shorter skirt, so happy I added length!

Another winner for Meredith.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Time for Round Three

I made it past round two and here are the contestants for round three.   I didn't get a comment from the judges this time but that is okay (well, kind of okay, a bit disappointed) but I am still in.

Can't wait to see what the next challenge holds, hope the email comes soon with the details!

Until then I will make a wish with Lily!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Power of RIT Dye

This project was inspired by Sheila CTK and her recent projects.  Sheila has been updating her wardrobe with RIT dye and the transformations are amazing.

Her wardrobe projects got me to thinking.  We recently purchased a new dining room table and chairs which I love so much.  The table is a painted a white but glazed and looks cream.  Just what I have been wanting and dreaming and  searching on pinterest.  The only problem was my white curtains, it was a bit flat in the room and color was needed

So I was at Hobby Lobby last week and checked out their liquid RIT Dye.  I selected a turquoise.  First thing, removed all the hems from the curtains just in case they shrunk, I didn't want any lines.  Then to the washing machine.

Just the change I wanted and the dye took perfectly.  I am very happy I took out the hem, as the curtains shrunk quite a bit. Not only were the girls thrilled with the change but my husband said it was a great change the room needed some color!  That was a good part but the best part was it cost $3.97 plus tax! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Look 6004 for Meredith

I just finished making myself a top from this Thakoon Navy cotton (it will appear on Mood Sewing Network later this month)

and I had some yardage leftover.  It has such incredible drape, I made a skirt for the girls.  Just a quick elastic waist skirt with a slight flare using New Look 6004

This was super easy to sew and Meredith went out to model it for me today.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Super Online Sewing Match: Round Two Challenge

Round Two's Challenge is the Roller Skate Dress  and Tunic from Oliver & S.  This pattern is for girls and the size range is 6 months to size 12.  Check out the post at Sew Mama Sew and get all the information about this darling dress and a discount code, too!  Let me start by saying how wonderful this pattern is.  The instructions are well-written and the hints throughout are so helpful with construction.  I enjoyed making this dress so much and I am so pleased with the results.  The fit, the look and the style all work together to give Lily one really cute dress.

When we received the information for the challenge I knew exactly who I was going to make a dress for, Lily, a good friend's daughter.  Lily is beautiful, talented, sweet and a great runner.  She loves animals, her family and athletic clothes with an occasional dress.

My inspiration was from the fabric (Camelot Cottons Hand Picked)  and Lily's personality.  I wanted a cute dress but not too girly and it needed pockets.

I used the dress version but redrafted the pattern so I could use one fabric for the bodice and another for the skirt.  Lily wanted orange in her dress and that is one of the colors in the stripes.  I used the elastic casing lines from the pattern for the division from bodice and skirt, adding 3/4" to these pattern pieces for the casing

The main challenge for this dress was matching the stripes on the side seams and the pockets.  I made sure to lay my fabric out straight for cutting  the skirt front and back, matching the notch provided on the pattern.  I also used this notch as placement for the pockets, matching those stripes also.

View of the side seam and pockets.

Kay Whitt of Sew Serendipity inspired me with her use of ruffles, pleats, bands at the hem and other embellishments.  I decided to use my ruffler for my sewing machine and pleat the green fabric for the hemline of Lily's dress.  I chose the pleats over gathering because I felt it was an older look for Lily's age.

I added length to the lining of the dress so the seam of the pleat to the dress would be covered, I used a hot pink quilting cotton for the lining.

Now to the neckline, I wanted to use the yoke which would allow me to add another fabric to the dress.  I  decided a piping would look nice on the yoke plus add some contrast between the green and yoke print. Lily picked hot pink.

Seam finishing was to press open and pink the seam.  I didn't want the serging to show through when the seam was pressed.  I did this to the lining and the outside fabric.

Now let's talk about how cute Lily looks in her dress. 

She can climb a tree

Jump for joy!

Make a wish in the wishing well.

Stand on a rock

And of course, just like the name of the dress, Lily can do some roller skating.

This is the end of the story, Lily says good-bye and is off to enjoy her new dress and her roller skates.

Note - these pictures were taken in a local garden our small town is so lucky to have.  Also, we were very lucky to get a rain in our farming community, Lily was a trooper during the photoshoot.  She carried the umbrella, stepped over puddles and later skated through them!  Thank you Lily for helping me with this challenge.


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cleaning my Sewing Room

Confession time, I have one messy room in my house and that is my sewing room.  It usually doesn't bother me but this week it has been driving me crazy!  I told myself I would finish the Round Two Oliver & S Roller Skater Dress, then I would clean up my room.

Well, I finished last night and Meredith jumped right in and helped me with the cleaning project.  We each tackled an area and in about an hour we had it much better.

Meredith folded the fabric:

I worked on my bookshelves:

And now I have some books to get offer to anyone who is interested, I just ask you pay postage:
This stack's titles
  • Easy Guido to Serging Fine Fabrics
  • Serger Secrets
  • Fast Fun and Easy Fabric Postcards
  • Fun Fast and Easy Book Cover Art
  • Sashiko Made Simple
  • Mary Engelbreit Stitched so Cute

This stack's titles

  • Fitting Solutions
  • Sew Hip
  • More Polar Fleece adventures
  • Adventures with Polar Fleece
  • Nancy Erickson's Jackets
  • Singer Decorative Machine Stitching

And this stack's titles:

  • Pajama Party
  • Sew Simple gifts and easy accessories
  • Applique the Kwik Sew Way
  • Bag Boutique (with all the patterns photocopied full size)
  • Purses Bags & Totes

It will be first to EMAIL ME  will get the book first and I will try to keep list updated the best I can.

Back to yesterday's post on my skirt and making muslins, here is a pie chart with the results of your comments - Muslin wins

Friday, July 19, 2013

A-line Skirt

Let's go back in time about 10 days, I was at Joann's getting fabric for the first Challenge (self-drafted a-line skirt) in The Super Online Sewing Match.   I was throwing bolts in the cart, looking high and low for some fabrics I liked and would work.  I found the stripe, which I knew was the "one" for the challenge .  I also bought a printed linen with blues, reds and browns.  I liked it but didn't love it.

With these neutral feelings, I made my first attempt at the skirt with the printed linen.  It is fine and I will probably wear it but I like the length of my stripe one better.

Also, it was a bit big in the waist, so I made the second one a bit smaller.

Which do you like better?  I am so happy I bought two choices and I made a first attempt before cutting into my stripe fabric.  Muslins do pay off, I just really don't like doing them.

Now a second quextion - do you always do a muslin?  Do you like doing them?  Oops that was a second and third question.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Painted Bottles - Idea via Pinterest

Sometimes you need a quick project to do, just something to brighten up the house, something to enjoy doing with family, something that turns out cute and fun.

Well, I just had the perfect DIY project in mind....

I saw this painted bottle project and immediately pinned it.  I ordered the bottles (6 in all) and picked out some paint.

Kaitlyn wanted to paint them, which worked out perfectly - I cooked dinner and she painted.   A quick and easy little project to brighten up the house

Notice I have only 5 bottles, one is on the way to a friend!

Round Two Here I Come

Yea, hurrah, cheers and shouts!!!!!!

I made it past Round One Challenge in the The Super Online Sewing Match  and I am heading into Round Two!  I am so excited.

If you missed all the wonderful entries from Round One, head over to this Sew Mama Sew Post to see all the skirts. Beautiful set of skirts, isn't it?

Here is what one of the judges said about my entry,

 "Rochelle said, “At first glance, you can really tell Lori went above and beyond with added details. You might think the piping, bow belt, belt loops, front pleat, and interesting fabric sounds too busy, but Lori used all of the right things in all of the right places to make all of those details really harmonize and compliment each other. The skirt is equally unique and well made!”

Thank you so much, Rochelle.

The eight contestants moving on are all listed on this post with other comments from the judges. 

One last picture of me, my skirt and the covered bridge.  

A few years ago, we had significant flooding.  See where the siding is gone from the bridge?  Well, some volunteers went out in very bad conditions and removed the siding so the water could flow through the bridge, thus saving it.  Hard to imagine the water was that high!  I imagine eventually the siding will be repaired.  I love history and visiting all things historical on vacations.  So I enjoy going to the covered bridge for that bit of history  the serene area and also, great picture location!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Super Online Sewing Match: Round One Challenge

It is time to post my Round One Challenge for the 

The challenge is drafting a pattern and sewing  an A-line skirt using Deborah Moebes' Craftsy Class.  Let me start by saying, Deborah is a fabulous instructor, at ease with the camera and quite humorous throughout.  Since this was my first experience with drafting, I learned so much and after viewing the class felt confident to draft my skirt. Head over to Sew Mama Sew to read more about this week's challenge and you can get a discount on this Craftsy class, too.

The first step in this challenge, was fabric.  I went to Joann's and found this lovely lightweight cotton, wide stripes of color with a cream color separating the wide sections.  I have seen stripes all around for summer and these colors just seem perfect for summer.  Since the fabric is lightweight, I knew I would need a lining for two reasons - no see-through and to help give the skirt some body.

My main challenge was finding an A-line skirt shape that would work for me.  I wanted it to be mid-knee length, full but not too full.  I added 7" to the hemline (Deborah recommends 6 to 10").  As I was sketching and thinking about my skirt, I decided a knee length skirt might need some more walking ease.  A front pleat seemed to be the answer, plus I liked the thought of some visual interest in the front. I did not add a pleat to the back of the skirt.  I am pleased how this looks, it is a nice silhouette on me and the pleat just gives the front a little extra.  

Next up in the design process was my variations.  I knew I wanted the waistband, Deborah gives you instructions on how to draft this.  Add to my waistband belt loops, two in the front, three in the back.  I purchased some cream linen for my skirt and made a fabric sash but wanted to be able to wear a belt with my skirt, too.   

Pockets for me are a necessity, where would my car keys go otherwise?  Deborah gives a lesson on all sorts of pockets, but I wanted more of a pants pocket look.  This created some more drafting, changing the front for the pocket angle, the pocket facing and the yoke piece to finish out the skirt front.  I added some piping to the seam with the same cream linen. 

An invisible zipper on the side is the closure.  I did make a test garment before sewing my final garment and my zipper ended right at the intersection of the pocket with piping to the side seam.    I shortened my zipper and had it end about an inch from this area, an improvement for sure.

I hemmed my skirt with a blind hem, serging the raw edge first.  Here you can see the inside and outside in a collage so you can see both pictures side-by-side

I stitched the seams with an 1/2" seam allowance, serging edges to finish.

Now that all the detail pictures have been presented, want to see a close-up of the front? This pictures shows the center front pleat detail nicely.

Now the back:

Now for some more pictures of me wearing my new self-drafted skirt.

Kaitlyn and I went out to a covered bridge about 15 miles from our house to take these pictures.  It is a such a pretty, serene place.  You cannot drive across the bridge anymore but there is a concrete road you can cross when the creek is low.  That is what I am on in many of these pictures.

One last picture my self-drafter pattern pieces:

Head over to Sew Mama Sew on Monday, July 15th to see all the skirts in round one.