Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Painted Bottles - Idea via Pinterest

Sometimes you need a quick project to do, just something to brighten up the house, something to enjoy doing with family, something that turns out cute and fun.

Well, I just had the perfect DIY project in mind....

I saw this painted bottle project and immediately pinned it.  I ordered the bottles (6 in all) and picked out some paint.

Kaitlyn wanted to paint them, which worked out perfectly - I cooked dinner and she painted.   A quick and easy little project to brighten up the house

Notice I have only 5 bottles, one is on the way to a friend!


  1. Thanks for the idea! I won't be painting bottles, but I can certainly line up vases with flowers. (Although, the mantel has been so easy to dust since the last round of decorating was put away to make way for something new.)

  2. Cute! I pinned some painted mason jars from Pinterest that are on my queue.

  3. Anonymous10:17 AM

    So cute! I love the colors you chose!

  4. Ooooh, these are just so cute! Have just added the paints to my amazon wish list (with a note about what I have them in mind for, unlike some things on my amazon wish list that make me scratch my head and ask myself, What will I use this for? LOL) Anyway, thanks for sharing this cute idea; looks easy to do.