Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cleaning my Sewing Room

Confession time, I have one messy room in my house and that is my sewing room.  It usually doesn't bother me but this week it has been driving me crazy!  I told myself I would finish the Round Two Oliver & S Roller Skater Dress, then I would clean up my room.

Well, I finished last night and Meredith jumped right in and helped me with the cleaning project.  We each tackled an area and in about an hour we had it much better.

Meredith folded the fabric:

I worked on my bookshelves:

And now I have some books to get offer to anyone who is interested, I just ask you pay postage:
This stack's titles
  • Easy Guido to Serging Fine Fabrics
  • Serger Secrets
  • Fast Fun and Easy Fabric Postcards
  • Fun Fast and Easy Book Cover Art
  • Sashiko Made Simple
  • Mary Engelbreit Stitched so Cute

This stack's titles

  • Fitting Solutions
  • Sew Hip
  • More Polar Fleece adventures
  • Adventures with Polar Fleece
  • Nancy Erickson's Jackets
  • Singer Decorative Machine Stitching

And this stack's titles:

  • Pajama Party
  • Sew Simple gifts and easy accessories
  • Applique the Kwik Sew Way
  • Bag Boutique (with all the patterns photocopied full size)
  • Purses Bags & Totes

It will be first to EMAIL ME  will get the book first and I will try to keep list updated the best I can.

Back to yesterday's post on my skirt and making muslins, here is a pie chart with the results of your comments - Muslin wins


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  2. I'm totally impressed by the restraint reflected in your fabric stash!!

  3. Nice clean up job. All the best for round 2.

  4. My sewing room is a never ending clean up job!

  5. A nice neat sewing room! Someday mine will look like