Thursday, February 28, 2013

The New Man in My Life

All 5 pounds of him and I am in love

There won't be much sewing the next few days, I have lots of spoiling to do!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Sewaholic Renfrew Top

This is one of Pattern Review's Best Pattern of 2012 and I can absolutely see why - it is FABULOUS!

Pattern Description:  A fitted top with sleeve and neck variations, knits only.

Sizing:  0 to 16.  I measured the flat pattern and decided to cut a between a 12 and 14.  Then take a smaller seam allowance.  I didn't pick the right size at all.  I ended up taking off the cuffs and tapering the arms a bit.  I also took off the bottom band and adjusted the side seams by at least 1/2" maybe a bit more.

Changes:  I added some length to the top.

Instructions:  Easy to follow.

Fabric:  I bought 3 yards of the  red jersey and made this top..  I loved the fabric so much, I knew it would be perfect for this pattern.

Conclusion:  I will make this many more times as it is a great pattern and great fit.

I only got one picture this morning as heading to the work and the girls heading to school.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Many Projects - One complete

Do you ever have one of those weekends, lots of time and lots of plans?  That was me this weekend and here is my results.

First, I planned on finishing this Quilt from Modern Patchwork book. I did finish all the blocks but I ran out of background fabric.  My progress

I was lucky and found one online source for my background fabric.

My next sewing project was going to be Vogue 8822
made from a gorgeous Deep Turquoise Jersey from Mood Fabrics.  Well, someone (to renamed nameless) looked at the layout sheet for the tunic instead of the dress resulting in not enough fabric.  So more ordered and on the way, along with a gorgeous eyelet for Meredith a dress.

Next up a completed project, baby items for a quilting friend's baby shower next Sunday.

Burp cloth tutorial here
Diaper pouch pattern
Baby bib tutorial

Now I have a blouse cut out and heading down to sew.

Meredith did have success today, here is a quilt she made this weekend.
This is her instagram photo.

I think there will be plenty more sewing time this week.  Another winter storm on the way - 6 to 12 inches of snow Monday night and Tuesday.  I will probably work Monday, then maybe Wednesday.  I have a package from 2 packages from Mood Fabrics coming my way, hoping one will be here tomorrow!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Oh Deer Baby Quilt

This little baby quilt is my own design, using a charm pack and some yardage.  The fabric is from the Oh Deer from Moda Fabrics and it is so bright and fun.  I had an idea for a block and used some of the charm pack.  Well, my idea did not work, so I was left with fewer squares.
Here is what I came up with
oh deer quilt2

I think it is pretty cute but will be given to a girl – too much pink for a boy.
Here is the back:

We were stuck at home yesterday with a winter storm, so I did lots of things
Made homemade rolls
Finished this diaper and wipe pouch

Picture is from phone
It is a good idea, instead of a big diaper bag, holds travel size wipes (only Huggies brand so need to get those) and a few diapers.
Now I am finishing a quilt that has been a UFO for few months. 
Gotta love a good snow day.  Now heading down to sew on that quilt.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Picture is Worth a 1000 Words

I bought this Vogue 8856 during the last pattern sale

Description: Misses' pullover top with seam detail for this view.

Sizing:  6 to 22

Instructions:  They were good, this is a a basic tshirt with some piecing (color-blocking).  The back has the inset at the bottom.

Fabric:  The leftover stripe knit from my Stripe blazer and a lighter navy ponte from Mood Fabrics, it is a shade or two lighter than my peplum top

Changes:  The pattern calls for the back inset to be the same fabric as the back, I used a stripe for this piece, the same as the front pieces,

I made the pattern a size bigger, the pattern envelope states close fitting and use moderate stretch knits. I was using ponte without much stretch and thought I would need a bit more room.
This was not a good decision, I had to take in the top quite a bit.  Both on the front piecing, side seams and center back above the inset.

Here is my Instagram picture from Saturday night after I finished my top.

Conclusion: After I finished the top and put it on my dressform, I was very indifferent to the top.  Just couldn't decide if I like it or not.

I put on my top today, wore it for errands around town and asked Meredith to take some pictures of  me.  Well, upon looking at the first pictures, I asked Meredith to take some more because it looked terrible in the pictures.  Meredith agreed, so we took 6 more pictures again they looked terrible.  Then 6  more (I don't know why 6 she just took that many each time)  and the same results - UGHHHH, do I really look like that?  Meredith told me it did not look that way in person, Erin was here for lunch and agreed it looked good on.  I appreciated their kind comments but I cannot get the photograph out of my head.  I changed tops before Erin and I went to Columbia to get a baby bed for my house.

Here is a side-by-side of my two outfits, what are your thoughts?

My thoughts?  Still UGHHHH!! I cannot believe I even posted a picture of this top on the blog. Anyone want a new top?  I don't think I even look like the same person. What the heck is it about the navy ponte top that is so dang unflattering?

So in this instance a picture is worth one word - yes, UGHHH!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Navy Stripe Blazer and Red Jersey Top

I have been looking at striped blazers for about a month now, just search "stripe knit blazer" on Pinterest and it yields many results.  From the traditional navy-white/cream to red/navy and green/navy color combination, to varying lengths to the treatment of the label/front finishes, the choices are limitless for this stylish blazer

I purchased Navy Stripes Nautical Double-faced Cotton-blend Jersey with the one thought, "I love this fabric!"  After my order came from Mood Fabrics, I noticed my navy ponte (from my first Mood Sewing Network post) matched perfectly.  That is when our minds as fashion sewers just starts planning and picturing ideas.  I looked at all the lines of the blazers from Pinterest and decided on  McCall's 6711:

Some of the changes I made was adding the piping at the princess seam, using the navy ponte to bind the front, collar and sleeves.   The fabrics worked great together and the color match was perfect.  I did not line this blazer, as I wanted to have the benefit of the double-faced fabric.  Just take a look, the rolled-up sleeves  look fantastic with the reverse showing

I did a french seam on the sleeves and that keeps the seam nice and neat.

The top is from this same McCall's pattern and used Mood's Red Solid Jersey, which sews up beautifully.  The jersey is a nice weight, with a rayon blend but no cling that you sometimes get with rayon.   The pattern runs full, so take that in mind when making this top.

For the blazer, I basted the front and the facings wrong sides together.  Then I trimmed off the 5/8" seam allowance, as I was just binding the edges.  The McCall's pattern just meets in the middle, with no allowance for buttonholes.  I added a large hook and eye with buttons on each side.

Here is a close-up of the binding:

Now the jacket:

The back of the jacket has nice long darts for waist shaping and darts and the shoulder for more shaping.

Now that the construction is complete and I couldn't be more pleased with my blazer.  My mind is racing with all the possibilities for this blazer with garments in my closet, it will be a welcome addition to my closet.  

You can check out my post and all the other posts from the Mood Sewing Network

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Diaper Bag

I finished it a few minutes ago after a 24 hour hunt for the handle, which I stitched up the very first step on Saturday.
diaper bag
Want to know where the handles were?  Well, I had put them inside the outer bag while stitching up the lining, I thought this would keep them safe. 
I have been working on this off and on since Saturday  and totally forgot I had put them there.  I inserted the lining, turned right side out and stitched the lining closed.  Time for the last step, the handles and I would be finished.  I hunted high and low (and got very grumpy while looking) Erin was here on Sunday and I showed her the handles, so I asked if she had any idea where I put them.  In a pocket she suggested, no not there.  Then today at work, I started thinking.  I think I put them inside the bag for safe keeping while I made the lining.  Started feeling around and yep, that is where they were!
So some unsewing, pull out the handle and stitch up the opening again.  I was able to finish the bag.
The pattern is from Sew4Home and it was very easy to follow.  A couple of changes, I used piping instead of binding on the front flop
Here is the back:
back of bag
I trimmed the pocket with a coordinating fabric.
The inside calls for PUL fabric, I just used a quilting cotton
key fob and pockets
Lots of pockets for all those baby things and then I used some ribbon to attach a key fob holder (upper corner).
This bag is cute, very boyish fabric, and very big, lots of storage.
Four weeks from tomorrow is the due date, that little grandson is getting close.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A little Update

Back in July 2010, I posted this bedroom update, added a bit of color to the master bedroom.  I have been wanting to add some patterned curtains, a new comforter (with a better fit) and some new wall art.

To start I ordered this fabric for the curtains
and a houndstooth for the new comforter, they are out-of-stock on the houndstooth.  The picture is from my order history, so a bit small and blurry.
A week before Christmas, I made the new curtains and put the comforter top together.  The curtains were hung and the comforter sent to the longarm quilter for some quilting.  The quilt came back at the same time I found some bright canvas art from Pier One.  I went in for another piece in their flyer and came out with 3 canvases.  I loved the bright colors of the canvas, which match several quilts I have made of late.

Here is the bedroom, which is very hard to photograph on a sunny day, this is the best picture, just one crooked sham.

another view

then the sitting area
curtain close-up

I am thrilled with the updates, changed the room quite and I didn't have to repaint!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Red Pants and Navy Ponte Top

You know when you see an outfit and think I HAVE to recreate this?  Well, that was my thought when I pinned this outfit.  After, Mood Fabrics contacted me to be part of the Mood Sewing Network, I knew this was the outfit I wanted to make for my debut outfit.

I have had red skinny jeans in my wardrobe for a year now but knew a wide leg trouser style would be a perfect addition.  I perfected the fit on Burda  7447 pants and widened the legs  from the knee down for more of a wide leg  look. This Burda pattern has all the elements of a great trouser, welt pockets, front pockets, wide waistband and belt loops, it seemed like a natural choice for my red pants.
Once you get past the welt pockets on the back of the trousers, these pants go together very quickly. I selected Lipstick Red Italian Cotton Suiting for the trousers.  This fabric is the perfect weight and drape for the pants.

 One fact that helped me with the welt pockets, was to baste the stitching lines of the welt pocket on both back pieces.  This helps to keep your stitching consistent on each back piece and your welt pockets look the same!

For the peplum top the natural choice was Vogue 8815, a very popular pattern in the blogosphere for the very trendy peplum top.  I did add 1" to the bodice of the top, it looked very short on the pattern envelope.  For the peplum top, I selected a ponte knit.  Mood had the perfect shade in the  Dark Navy Ponte to complete my inspiration picture.  I did want to add a little something extra  to the back of the peplum top and an exposed zipper seemed to be the perfect addition.

Here is a close-up of the exposed zipper

For a great video on exposed zippers check out Gertie's clip from It's Sew Easy

You know when you have on an outfit and it just makes you feel great?  Well, this outfit does that for me, in my mind I stand a little straighter, have a confidence in my stride and a smile on my face.  It is that perfect combination of the right fabric and pattern to achieve "the look".  My garments turned out just like the picture I found on the internet and the picture I had in my head, gotta love that.  These pieces look amazing together but will work independently as well.  Oh, happy days!

I think my  outfit looks great here on the farm:

and it looks really good attending a baby shower for my daughter:

Yes, I am one excited first-time "nana"!

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Monday, February 04, 2013

New Look 6871

Here is Erin (wearing New Look 6871) and her sisters.  It was a baby shower for Erin

Check out the original blog post on the top

Also, here is the cake made by Kaitlyn for the shower

Just thought I would share a picture of Erin in one of the garments, instead of all from the dressform.