Thursday, February 14, 2013

Diaper Bag

I finished it a few minutes ago after a 24 hour hunt for the handle, which I stitched up the very first step on Saturday.
diaper bag
Want to know where the handles were?  Well, I had put them inside the outer bag while stitching up the lining, I thought this would keep them safe. 
I have been working on this off and on since Saturday  and totally forgot I had put them there.  I inserted the lining, turned right side out and stitched the lining closed.  Time for the last step, the handles and I would be finished.  I hunted high and low (and got very grumpy while looking) Erin was here on Sunday and I showed her the handles, so I asked if she had any idea where I put them.  In a pocket she suggested, no not there.  Then today at work, I started thinking.  I think I put them inside the bag for safe keeping while I made the lining.  Started feeling around and yep, that is where they were!
So some unsewing, pull out the handle and stitch up the opening again.  I was able to finish the bag.
The pattern is from Sew4Home and it was very easy to follow.  A couple of changes, I used piping instead of binding on the front flop
Here is the back:
back of bag
I trimmed the pocket with a coordinating fabric.
The inside calls for PUL fabric, I just used a quilting cotton
key fob and pockets
Lots of pockets for all those baby things and then I used some ribbon to attach a key fob holder (upper corner).
This bag is cute, very boyish fabric, and very big, lots of storage.
Four weeks from tomorrow is the due date, that little grandson is getting close.


  1. That is soooo cool! I'm sure your daughter will love using it!

  2. Oh, that is so funny! I know it was frustrating for you, trying to find those handles, but still--it is funny! Bag turned out beautifully though.

  3. That turned out fabulously! I'm glad you found the handles and that they were safe. Sorry it was so frustrating. g

  4. Anonymous10:04 PM

    What a gorgeous gift! I'm glad you finally found the handles!

  5. Funny story, but aggravating for you I'm sure! I've been making bags over the last couple of weeks, too. As soon as my sis-in-law receives hers in the mail, I'll post. But I'll be glad to have these commissioned pieces finished....I need to sew some clothes :-)!

  6. Simple and well desinger diaper bags with good color combinations