Sunday, February 24, 2013

Many Projects - One complete

Do you ever have one of those weekends, lots of time and lots of plans?  That was me this weekend and here is my results.

First, I planned on finishing this Quilt from Modern Patchwork book. I did finish all the blocks but I ran out of background fabric.  My progress

I was lucky and found one online source for my background fabric.

My next sewing project was going to be Vogue 8822
made from a gorgeous Deep Turquoise Jersey from Mood Fabrics.  Well, someone (to renamed nameless) looked at the layout sheet for the tunic instead of the dress resulting in not enough fabric.  So more ordered and on the way, along with a gorgeous eyelet for Meredith a dress.

Next up a completed project, baby items for a quilting friend's baby shower next Sunday.

Burp cloth tutorial here
Diaper pouch pattern
Baby bib tutorial

Now I have a blouse cut out and heading down to sew.

Meredith did have success today, here is a quilt she made this weekend.
This is her instagram photo.

I think there will be plenty more sewing time this week.  Another winter storm on the way - 6 to 12 inches of snow Monday night and Tuesday.  I will probably work Monday, then maybe Wednesday.  I have a package from 2 packages from Mood Fabrics coming my way, hoping one will be here tomorrow!


  1. "was going to be" - I have a similar problem, but at least I can blame my DH for putting "stuff" on the cutting table, rendering the sewing space useless - until today!

    Now I wonder if I'm making any sense, but I will be posting to my blog again soon!

  2. Oh, I feel your pain! I hate having multiple starts and stops.

  3. Wow, Meredith's quilt is impressive! How talented she is!

  4. Love the colors in Meredith's quilt!

  5. I love all your projects. Your new top is great! I think I'm going to try that pattern and order some fabric for it. Your new dress will be great! I love the house quilt project. I've always loved quilt house blocks. Meredith's quilt is beautiful and the baby things are perfect. I love that you get so many things done even though you have starts and stops to deal with. I seam to start and start and rarely finish things. It drives me crazy sometimes. Oh well, I do finish things eventually. Have a good one!