Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Meredith's Project

Meredith has wanted to make this project since purchasing Pretty Little Patchwork
but I told her one project at a time.

So here is her newest creation. She snapped a quick picture before giving it to a friend. I love the swim goggles in the upper left corner.

The book is a great one, lots of cute, quick, fun projects. Great for any ages! The clock project came from Autum, a very talented lady. The book has projects from various contributors. I recognized Autum's name right away, plus I remember seeing her fabulous clock posted on her blog.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Purses and a Quilt

I have been in the purse sewing mode, first a purse for a friend. I really like the aqua-brown combination and she will, too.

Then another sample for the quilt shop. I am planning to teach a purse a month this fall. This one will be the second month of the fall class schedule. It takes a bit of time and has a bit of harder construction, so I am hoping the new sewers will take the first class and gain some experience.

The pattern is Bridget Bag and has 4 sizes available. I made the smaller tote size. I think I will make the purse size also, to show the size variations and to try some different construction techniques. I think this could be a cute diaper bag, too.

Now a proud mom moment, Meredith finished her quilt. This pattern is Candy Blossoms, a nice lap size pattern. Isn't it such a cute quilt? Meredith did an amazing job. I did the cutting and she did all the piecing and arranging of fabric, plus she picked out all the fabrics. The flowers are machine appliqued with a zig-zag stitch and she sewed yo-yo's for the fabric centers. It is on display in my friend's quilt shop right now. We will quilt it in the fall.

I have to tell you a funny story about this one. Last night we were outside swimming and hubby asked if anyone wanted to play basketball. Meredith said she could not, she had a date. Boy, did his head spin around and he exclaimed "What?!!!" She responded, "with Mom, we are finishing my quilt."

Side note:

I want to thank all of you who commented on my July 19th post, it was so nice to read those and it does so much for my spirit. I am doing better and working through a few things. It will be fine. Thank you, friends.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I am Honored and Appreciative

My friend,
Pam, nominated me for this award.

Thank you so much Pam, it means so much.

I am to nominate up to ten blogs, that makes it very difficult and I don't want to leave anyone out. I have 126 feeds on bloglines, maybe I could just nominate all of them!

Okay, here it goes.
Lindsay T's blog, Lindsay T Sews (Again), a fun fabric shop read. Lindsay gives us visual tours of the NYC fabric district. I can live vicarously through her shopping excursions. Also, her sewing is fantastic and the photos wonderful.

Beth's Blog, Rusty Bobbin, is always a wonderful new garment and she is a master of pattern software.

Bonnie's blog, Tres Bon Babble, has to be on the list. We do twin sewing so often and don't realize it until we both post on our blog. I don't know how many times, we have sewn the same pattern or the same fabric. Plus, our kids are similar in age and I can nod as I read her post. I can totally understand what she is saying. Plus, she has a great cooking blog.

Jeannine's blog, Sew Pink, has the most amazing childrens' clothing creations. Jeannine has a way with fabric and pattern combinations.

Stacy's blog, Stacy Sews, is full of great sewing and a weekly posts of sewing links. I have found many projects and great tips through these links.

Thanks, Pam for nominating me.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Popular Fabric

Debbie spoke about this fabric on her blog post today, it is a popular one. You can see creations at Cidell's blog Gigi's blog and Erica bought the fabric. Oh, one more Summerset made a top and tankini.

Well, I used Simplicity 2850 and was going to make the dress. I had it partially constructed but the black band was hitting at my thighs, not a good spot. I would walk by my dress form and contemplate my options. I really liked the rest of the fabric placement and decided a tunic would be better. I did had 1/2" to the side seams for a bit looser top. Simplicity 2850 is a close fitting top.

Here is the neckline:

Side seams are looking good.

Sleeve bands:

Front view

Back view:

I am very happy I made it this length, I will wear it more and that is the important thing. My dress code at work is jeans and cute tops.

Yesterday afternoon I made Tabitha Tote for a sample. I am planning to teach this as a class for my friend's quilt shop. I will make a few changes but it is a nice size and shape bag. I am loving the zebra quilting cotton:

Side View:

Off to do something, my heart is heavy today, need to occupy my mind.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

BWOF 6/2008 #105

Pattern Review

Burda World of Fashion 6/2008 #105

Description: Blouse with extended shoulders, gathered side seams and front yokes.

Sizing: 38 to 46, I made a 38, with a bit of revisions.

Instructions: The instructions are fabulous for BWOF, this blouse is the sewing course for the month. Two full pages of instructions and diagrams, a great way to sew a blouse, especially if it is your first one.

Likes/Dislikes: I like the gathers on the side and the yoke, the dropped shoulders (no sleeve piece), also the wrapped tie belt is a nice feature. One dislike is sewing the side seams with gathers on the front and back. It took me several tries of sewing and unsewing to get this right.

Another dislike is my sewing mistake, I added snaps and started from the top down, I didn’t line the bottom part of the snap the best. My placket that is on the bottom was ½” longer than the top placket, I did some unsewing, fixed the placket but it is still a bit long. I don’t think people will notice but I will know it is there. I like the way snaps look but this is one pitfall, unlike buttons, you can’t readjust once that snap is in.

Changes: Two changes I made was to eliminate the pleat in the sleeve, step #10 in the instructions. Initially, I did sew this but felt it restricted my movement. After, unsewing this seam, the blouse felt more comfortable, which is my top priority as the temperature rises. I also let just a bit out in the seam at my bust.

Cotton shirting from Gorgeous Fabrics. It is a bit sheer, I will have to wear a cami under the blouse.

Conclusion: Fun summer blouse with the BWOF twist for style. I will probably not make another one in this style, simply for the fact, too many patterns not enough time.

You know I have to add pictures of flowers, this is a favorite corner in my flower bed, garden phlox in white, purples and pink plus the purple coneflowers.

A shrub rose

This urn is really filling out

A vase of sunflowers in the house

I uploaded a new podcast yesterday, filled with items from my ASG Convention trip.

Monday, July 14, 2008

More ASG

Okay, Lindsay was brave and posted a picture on her blog, but why wouldn't she, isn't she beautiful and so photogenic. I on the other hand, look like a deer in headlights in this picture. I used my picture that is a bit out-of-focus from my camera, helps my frozen face. Note to self: no haircut two days before a big event and don't tell the hairstylist you don't care what she does. Looking at the picture, my hair is a bit too short, oh, well.

Back to the conference, I am still thinking of all that happened in three short days.

I was reading Lindsay's post today on interfacing and she posted Peggy Sagers stated we use too much interfacing. I think it depends on the teacher and their preferences. Rosebud's class was on shirtmaking and she uses two different interfacings on cuffs, plackets, collars and collar bands. The firm on the outside away from the body (she uses a shirt tailor interfacing) and the soft next to the body (this a whisper weft). An exception, on a women's placket, Rosebud omits the firm interfacing, we don't need firm around our curves. This makes perfect sense, the soft will follow our natural curves and the blouse will be more flattering. I find it very interesting the difference of opinion with teachers but this goes back to not following the rules. The theme of this year's ASG classes, do what you like best, do what makes you like your garment the best. It is your garment, your sewing and your decisions. That is why we sew, right?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

ASG Convention

I am home and what a wonderful time I had. My brain is spinning with all the new information it has absorbed in the last few days. Lack of sleep might play a role in the spinning also. Anne St. Clair (Needle Nook Fabric) was my roommate and we had an adjoining room with the rest of her group. Needless to say, we chatted late into the night but it was so worth it, I can catch up on my sleep this week!

Lindsay T is so correct her in post. The instructors were trying to have us rethink our sewing, what has been drilled in our heads for years. Try new techniques, work on fitting, pressing is so important. I new that part, but some of the wonderful pressing notions I didn't have. I do now.

Some of the highlights:
  • Meeting Lindsay, Robyn, Teri, Emily, Johanna, Judy, Monica, Deila, Jennifer and Grace, to name a few.
  • Taking a workshop with Mary Rayand finally mastering the Hong Kong finish. Doing a technique is always an easier way for me to learn. This was a hands-on class and I left with a bag of samples. Mary's garments are so beautiful and she has such an eye for detail.
  • A class with Patti Palmer, "20 Tips to Improve your Fashion Sewing" gave many great tips and one great one was matching stripes. Turn one seam allowance under, then use fusible tape on the non-folded side. Match the stripes, press and fuse. Then stitch the seam allowance, stripes are perfect, no shifting.
  • I heard this at Rosebud's seminar and Patti Palmer's, always press enclosed seams open first. Collars are a great example.
  • Nancy Nix-Rice spoke on wardrobing, colors and accessories. She had wonderful pictures on wardrobing and how to get the maximum impact with fewer pieces. Nancy also pointed out 12 pieces can yield you 96 outfits, you do have to have a core of solids - 2 key dark neutrals, 1 light neutral and 1 accent.
  • Rosebud's class on "Perfect Shirts" was phenomenal. I learned so much and her teaching style is relaxed with a way of providing so much information. Rosebud is part of Islander Sewing
  • One point from Rosebud's seminar, don't clip wedges in the princess seams. Especially if you are going to topstitch these seams. Your topstitching will look so much nicer if you always have the seam allowance under the presser foot while topstitching. The wedges don't allow this and your topstitching will not have even stitches. I would love to take more classes with Rosebud.
  • Christine Jonson is a delightful teacher with a wonderful sense of humor. I took two classes from her, one was "Simple Shaping" and she demonstrated fitting a muslin. The second class "Creative Habit" was full of tips to keep you sewing and inspired. Christine's patterns are wonderful and I brought home one new pattern from her booth. Here I am with Christine, thanks Lindsay for sending this picture.

  • My last class of the conference was with Peggy Sagers and it was fabulous, just as her clothing samples are fabulous. I learned so much on fitting as Peggy would bring volunteers to the front and demonstrate on their clothing how to alter with pinching out extra fabric, adding darts, subtracting length. It was such a visual seminar, I left with a much better understanding of fitting. If Peggy is ever close to me, I am heading to her seminars or workshops, they will be worth every penny.
  • I was suppose to take one more class this afternoon with my buddy, Anne St. Clair, "Changing Necklines on T-shirts". I saw the class literature and samples in the room and I know it was fabulous, Anne is such a dynamic teacher. Why didn't I take it? I was missing my family too much, so I headed to the airport, checked in stand-by for the first available flight. I made the flight and was home before my scheduled flight was to take off. A plus as I would not have been home before midnight otherwise.

I would encourage others to attend the ASG convention at least once. It is such a good experience, not only can you learn so much but you are with 900+ women who understand why you love to sew.

Next year is in Albuquerque, New Mexico, so if that is in your area, start making plans.

A parting shot, Anne's daughter, Monica, modelled a dress she made from Anne's bra pattern. It was a darling little black dress and she looked so beautiful.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Where I Have Been and Where I am Going

I haven't blogged since June 28th, so here is a very picture heavy post to document where I have been.

First, the deck furniture needed some updating, we purchased this 22 years ago and it is too good to replace. The before pictures:

Several cans of spray paint - Autumn Brown with texture.
Add some accessories and the after:

My mom found the solar lamp at Home Depot on clearance. $65 for $18, great bargain.

I thought the Autumn Brown would not be a good choice for the shelf, color too close to our house color. So red spray paint for it, matches the color in the pillow on the glider.

Next the flowers and yard have kept me very busy:

This hydrangea is huge, bigger than a dinner plate.

My sunflowers are just starting to bloom, I planted them from seed.

Finally, all my time has been here:

It was finished on July 3rd, we had a reunion on the 4th, another party on the 5th and the girls had friends over on the 6th. I get home from work at noon and we are out there until after dark every day.

Now I have to get off the computer for the second part of my title. Where I am going-- Heading to National ASG in just a few short hours. I better get to packing!

I didn't sew anything new for this but I do have several choices to take. I can't wait. Planning to meet several blog friends, Pattern Review friends and listeners to the podcast.

See ya next week.