Saturday, July 19, 2008

Popular Fabric

Debbie spoke about this fabric on her blog post today, it is a popular one. You can see creations at Cidell's blog Gigi's blog and Erica bought the fabric. Oh, one more Summerset made a top and tankini.

Well, I used Simplicity 2850 and was going to make the dress. I had it partially constructed but the black band was hitting at my thighs, not a good spot. I would walk by my dress form and contemplate my options. I really liked the rest of the fabric placement and decided a tunic would be better. I did had 1/2" to the side seams for a bit looser top. Simplicity 2850 is a close fitting top.

Here is the neckline:

Side seams are looking good.

Sleeve bands:

Front view

Back view:

I am very happy I made it this length, I will wear it more and that is the important thing. My dress code at work is jeans and cute tops.

Yesterday afternoon I made Tabitha Tote for a sample. I am planning to teach this as a class for my friend's quilt shop. I will make a few changes but it is a nice size and shape bag. I am loving the zebra quilting cotton:

Side View:

Off to do something, my heart is heavy today, need to occupy my mind.


  1. "My heart is heavy today." Lori, that doesn't sound good....

    This tunic is fabulous. No one can go wrong with this fabric, it seems.

  2. Hope things are okay for you and your family!!!

    That top is fantastic. You really can't go wrong with that fabric!

  3. Love, LOVE those sleeves. I'm really love how this print gives so many placement options.

    Hope everything is OK, or will be soon.

  4. Your new top is gorgeous! I can see why the fabric is so popular. The new bag is too cute. Hope you're doing ok.

  5. Great top, that fabric really is hot among the bloggers.

    Hope sewing made you feel better for a while and certainly hope you'll be OK very soon.

  6. The top is gorgeous! The best part about this beautiful fabric & it's multiple appearances on blogs...everyone lives far away from each other! :D

    I hope you're feeling more yourself very soon!

  7. Oh, I hope everything is ok!?

    Love your top. It is such great fabric. And the bag is too cute.

  8. Gorgeous tunic, it's fascinating seeing what everyone is doing with this fabric, every piece is unique. Cute bag too.
    Take care.

  9. the top is amazing. the design placement is perfect. love the bag too.

    hope your weekend improves. :)

  10. Anonymous7:49 AM

    There's something about black and white together that is always elegant.

  11. I love seeing the way different sewers have used the green print fabric. Everyone's creations are great!

    I hope whatever has burdened your heart goes away soon.

  12. Hi Lori...gorgeous sewing, as always.

    Psst...stop by my blog to pick up an award---> ~Off The Cuff Style~

  13. Anonymous7:57 PM

    That green fabric is a great one to inspire different wonderful looks. Your blouse is great! Love the purse too. Be well.

  14. Both the purse and the top are just divine. Definitely a good idea to make it into a tunic if that will be more wearable to you.

    Hope everything is alright.

  15. Whatever is upsetting you, I hope it goes away soon...

    The tunic looks gorgeous (very clever to change the lenght!)!

    The tote is magnificent! Well done!

  16. Love that bag. I may have to pick up that pattern. Hope things have smoothed out and lightened your heart!

  17. Great looking tunic. And that tote is oh so cute. Love it!

  18. The blouse and bag are beautiful. I'm sending good thoughts to you as well.