Wednesday, July 16, 2008

BWOF 6/2008 #105

Pattern Review

Burda World of Fashion 6/2008 #105

Description: Blouse with extended shoulders, gathered side seams and front yokes.

Sizing: 38 to 46, I made a 38, with a bit of revisions.

Instructions: The instructions are fabulous for BWOF, this blouse is the sewing course for the month. Two full pages of instructions and diagrams, a great way to sew a blouse, especially if it is your first one.

Likes/Dislikes: I like the gathers on the side and the yoke, the dropped shoulders (no sleeve piece), also the wrapped tie belt is a nice feature. One dislike is sewing the side seams with gathers on the front and back. It took me several tries of sewing and unsewing to get this right.

Another dislike is my sewing mistake, I added snaps and started from the top down, I didn’t line the bottom part of the snap the best. My placket that is on the bottom was ½” longer than the top placket, I did some unsewing, fixed the placket but it is still a bit long. I don’t think people will notice but I will know it is there. I like the way snaps look but this is one pitfall, unlike buttons, you can’t readjust once that snap is in.

Changes: Two changes I made was to eliminate the pleat in the sleeve, step #10 in the instructions. Initially, I did sew this but felt it restricted my movement. After, unsewing this seam, the blouse felt more comfortable, which is my top priority as the temperature rises. I also let just a bit out in the seam at my bust.

Cotton shirting from Gorgeous Fabrics. It is a bit sheer, I will have to wear a cami under the blouse.

Conclusion: Fun summer blouse with the BWOF twist for style. I will probably not make another one in this style, simply for the fact, too many patterns not enough time.

You know I have to add pictures of flowers, this is a favorite corner in my flower bed, garden phlox in white, purples and pink plus the purple coneflowers.

A shrub rose

This urn is really filling out

A vase of sunflowers in the house

I uploaded a new podcast yesterday, filled with items from my ASG Convention trip.


  1. Lovely blouse, Lori. This pattern was already on my summer sewing list so I'm glad to see your positive review.

  2. I thought you had pinched my blouse, it looks the same! it is a great pattern isn't it , I'm sure I will make it again.

  3. Really cute! And your flowers are so beautiful. I have no green thumb whatsoever, so I'm envious.

  4. Love it Lori!

    Can't wait for our ShirtMaking Podcast Interview next week!

    Is this the shirt that you used the Collar Turning Clamp Tool ?

  5. cute top, but, i admit, i was distracted by the flowers. beautiful. i am "gardening impaired." i kill everything and the red clay around here doesn't help matters. i cannot imagine having flowers like that in my yard.

  6. Beautiful top and lovely flowers. Your garden is just alive with color!

  7. Fabulous blouse, Lori! I really love this style with the dropped shoulders!