Monday, July 14, 2008

More ASG

Okay, Lindsay was brave and posted a picture on her blog, but why wouldn't she, isn't she beautiful and so photogenic. I on the other hand, look like a deer in headlights in this picture. I used my picture that is a bit out-of-focus from my camera, helps my frozen face. Note to self: no haircut two days before a big event and don't tell the hairstylist you don't care what she does. Looking at the picture, my hair is a bit too short, oh, well.

Back to the conference, I am still thinking of all that happened in three short days.

I was reading Lindsay's post today on interfacing and she posted Peggy Sagers stated we use too much interfacing. I think it depends on the teacher and their preferences. Rosebud's class was on shirtmaking and she uses two different interfacings on cuffs, plackets, collars and collar bands. The firm on the outside away from the body (she uses a shirt tailor interfacing) and the soft next to the body (this a whisper weft). An exception, on a women's placket, Rosebud omits the firm interfacing, we don't need firm around our curves. This makes perfect sense, the soft will follow our natural curves and the blouse will be more flattering. I find it very interesting the difference of opinion with teachers but this goes back to not following the rules. The theme of this year's ASG classes, do what you like best, do what makes you like your garment the best. It is your garment, your sewing and your decisions. That is why we sew, right?


  1. Hi Lori and thanks for the compliment! You are so right about remarks depending on the teacher. Peggy Sagers makes a lot of "softer" fashions in silks and linens, so interfacing might not be so necessary for her. But definitely you'd need it for shirts like the ones Rosebud makes. I just hate the stiff stuf so much I'd advocate no interfacing as opposed to that.

  2. P.S. I thought your hair looked great! Very stylish cut.

  3. Lori, thanks for the report on the ASG - next year in Alb? I might go (I'm in Phoenix). I still love that darling blouse with the white piping, I bet everyone loved it! Only you know what your own hair "should" look like - the rest of us love it!! PS: I'm the same with my hair, though.