Friday, June 29, 2007

100th Post and My New Purse

100 posts, who ever knew I had so much to say?!? I have something sewn to show for it, too.
A new bag and here is the story of my new bag.

There once was a mom with a cute new purse but, yes there is a but, it wasn't big enough for summer and all the summer activities we have. A mom with 4 daughters needs a bigger purse, nevermind one daughter is 20, another 17 and then twins that are 12, I still get their stuff at times. Let's see there is

  • ipods (mine and each of their Nanos)

  • Sunscreen - at least one or two

  • bottles of water or diet pepsi for me

  • cell phones

  • magazines and books

  • sunglasses

  • hats

  • then all the other purse items you have to have
Okay, you are getting the picture. I went through my pattern stash and found McCall's MP275, odd number but one of the patterns you find on the pattern cabinet. This bag had the design features I wanted, large and rectangular. It also had some cute design features - ribbon ties and the side, a ruffle at the top and a blank canvas to make it my bag.

I pulled out some cute cherry fabric with aqua background, I love this fabric and couldn't wait to use it. I proceeded to look several fabrics and settled on red and aquas. I tried some green but that wasn't working. The red of the cherries was my inspiration, so out came some red ribbon, red decorative thread and denim for the majority of the purse body. I wanted the quilting cotton to pop and be the center of attention.

Construction went a bit at a time and went pretty smoothly except for my ruffler, anyone seen the long screw that works with my ruffler? I sure can't find it, darn, so I had to baste and ruffle by hand. I started with the basic piecing and attached that to the denim for quilting. I used cotton batting for the purse but it wasn't stiff enough. On the lining, I used fusible interfacing and canvas to help stiffen the bag. This was a nice combination and resulted in a purse with structure.

My Cherry Purse will lead a busy life: work, softball tournaments, vacation to Florida, college visits with 17 year old daughter, shopping, and all sorts of summer fun.
As you can tell I like my new bag. I am entering it into this contest.

Read all about this contest and enter your own bag - the details are here

Okay, if you have stuck with me this far here is my pictures:

This is the same idea as the charm pack bag - just with different piecing
If you have been this patient and are still reading at the end of this post, you deserve a little something. Just post a comment in my blog and you will be registered for Romantic Home Sewing by Christina Strutt.

A little something for reading my blog and sticking with me for 100 posts. Thank you all for all the kind comments, I appreciate it so much. I will draw the winner on Sunday evening.

Friday, June 22, 2007

My new purse and painting

My bargain buy. These were $120 each at Hobby Lobby, I bought them for $24 each - yea! The color wasn't best for my bedroom so I painted

The after - now to get hubby to hang them.

My new purse - fabric is Freshcut by Heather Bailey, love it for summer. Pattern is from Bag Boutique Book, called Pocketbook purse. I made mine bigger, added yo-yo's and added cording the the handles. It was only a bias strip, not much stability there.



Thursday, June 21, 2007

Not what I planted

I planted several dahlia bulbs and I don't think dahlias are what I am growing!!! Anyone know the name of theis flower.
Here is a dahlia I had in mind.
Off to work on my purse.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Picture of Me - Comical

Okay, what do you get when you cross a tripod, self-timer, and a mom home-alone? Crazed woman running in and out of the heat, changing clothes and clicking pictures, that's what!! I decided to just go for it. So here you go and I can guarantee you will get tired of seeing my face. All these tops have been on my dressform and posted on my blog. Now on me.

Anthropologie inspired top:

Sew-stylish Simplicity top, funny pose, sorry. Also, the top does not pull up in the front, I think in my mad rushes I tied it funny.

My new top Simplicity 3837, rayon, polyester (I think that is the blend- deleted my paypal receipt) from Gorgeous Fabrics. View A, left off the overlay. Added lace trim and did a reverse coverstitch for all the hems. I did not have a matching brown thread and too much dark color around my face makes my undereye circles stand out. So I used a cream thread to match the lace and sewed with the wrong side up, looper on the right side for more of a decorative look. Teri warned me this pattern runs small, it does a bit, I cut one size bigger than my usual. Very happy I did this, my fabric does not have much stretch. Let the stretch be your guide.

My nice pose.

Attitude pose.

Latest top, bad posture, wasn't ready for the self-timer, too busy watching the traffic going by!! I bet they were wondering what the heck I was doing.

Did I mention it is almost 90 degrees? I did get hot, now to cool off making some pasta salad!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sewing and more sewing

Yesterday, I was able to spend most of the afternoon in my sewing room and I have two new tops to show for it.

First Simplicity 3887

After seeing it on Erica B's blog I knew I had to make myself one. She has the best taste in clothing! Here is mine, eyelet from Joann's

I love the look of the blouse. I really was going to take photos of the garments on me, well, have the girls take photos of the garments on me but puppy had a hurt leg. This meant a trip to the vet, she has a hairline fracture. No splint, she will heal on her own. Macy (puppy) is resting and acting like an old dog, my flower pots are appreciating that!

Back to sewing. Now this might be my NEW favorite t-shirt. Raglan t-shirt to be specific

Simplicity 3759

I love this shirt. My changes, added 2" to the length and that was all. I cut out my normal size and be warned there is only about 1/2" ease. So if you want more ease, choose a different size. I love the fit. Fabric is from Needle Nook, a lycra blend. I love the print.
A couple shots - full view and gathering.

I thought I would post some sewing tips. I think they are probably obvious but still I will share.

My favorite pen in use. On the raglan t-shirt after serging the sleeves, it is hard to tell front from back. The notches are gone so I write "back" on the inside of my shirt:

You don't have to worry about having the pen show back up especially when you press. The white side erases your marks - demonstration you ask?

The name of the pen is "Manvy"

Now Simplicity 3759 calls for some gathering. I like to use contrasting thread. Easier to remove it, a plus for a basement sewing room with no natural light. I am not saying my eyes are getting old, no, my bifocal contacts work just fine!

Now to keep from pulling my basting threads out, I use a fix stitch to anchor one end of the basting. My machine has this feature. You could also, take the stitch length down to zero, take a 2-4 stitches and this will anchor the basting. Then take the stitch length back to basting and sew away. It is still pretty easy to remove. I like doing this, sometimes I get carried away and pull all that basting out. Here is my fix button

Swimsuits - I finished 3 for my daughter. Here is the tankini, Simplicity 5087, out-of-print, Lizzie McGuire. I had cut it on the size 10 lines last year, this year I cut it out about 1/2" bigger at all seams. Added 3" to the top and a new bathing suit. Other changes - elastic to the front to keep it close to the body. Also, she prefers to tie the straps in a halter style. Fabric is from Hancock's

back view:

Front view.

The bottoms fit much better than the picture, she is standing quite funny. I love this fabric.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sewing on Sunday

We went from a very busy Sunday to a nice, lazy, relaxing Sunday. The twins' softball tournament was rained out, we all took naps (up at 6 a.m.), then I headed to the sewing room to finish Kwik Sew 2511 for a co-worker's new baby girl.

I made the dress, added the gingham elastic trim. Fabric and trim are from Needle Nook.

I thought it was cute and a bit different than pink. I just finished Simplicity, Lizzie McGuire tankini for dd#3 (oldest twin), she loves it but needs to try it on and check the fit.

I have a couple of tops cut out for me - yea!

We have friends coming over for a bbq- might be an indoor party but it will be fun.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

S'more S'mores!!!

Chilly night again, so we fired up the firepit. Gotta love those s'mores, I never get tired ot them.

different angle and playing with my camera settings for night. Need to use a tripod.

No sewing but I did work on the podcast most of yesterday afternoon and late evening.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Flowers in my garden

No sewing here but my flowers are looking very pretty, so I thought I would share some pictures.

Asiatic lilies



Perennial border that I am working on getting filled in. Has a few holes.

My weekend? Spent at a festival our town has, my kids rode this not me. Also, much at the weekend was spent at 3 daughters' softball tournaments. A second and a first for them and a sore bleacher bottom for me!!