Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sewing and more sewing

Yesterday, I was able to spend most of the afternoon in my sewing room and I have two new tops to show for it.

First Simplicity 3887

After seeing it on Erica B's blog I knew I had to make myself one. She has the best taste in clothing! Here is mine, eyelet from Joann's

I love the look of the blouse. I really was going to take photos of the garments on me, well, have the girls take photos of the garments on me but puppy had a hurt leg. This meant a trip to the vet, she has a hairline fracture. No splint, she will heal on her own. Macy (puppy) is resting and acting like an old dog, my flower pots are appreciating that!

Back to sewing. Now this might be my NEW favorite t-shirt. Raglan t-shirt to be specific

Simplicity 3759

I love this shirt. My changes, added 2" to the length and that was all. I cut out my normal size and be warned there is only about 1/2" ease. So if you want more ease, choose a different size. I love the fit. Fabric is from Needle Nook, a lycra blend. I love the print.
A couple shots - full view and gathering.

I thought I would post some sewing tips. I think they are probably obvious but still I will share.

My favorite pen in use. On the raglan t-shirt after serging the sleeves, it is hard to tell front from back. The notches are gone so I write "back" on the inside of my shirt:

You don't have to worry about having the pen show back up especially when you press. The white side erases your marks - demonstration you ask?

The name of the pen is "Manvy"

Now Simplicity 3759 calls for some gathering. I like to use contrasting thread. Easier to remove it, a plus for a basement sewing room with no natural light. I am not saying my eyes are getting old, no, my bifocal contacts work just fine!

Now to keep from pulling my basting threads out, I use a fix stitch to anchor one end of the basting. My machine has this feature. You could also, take the stitch length down to zero, take a 2-4 stitches and this will anchor the basting. Then take the stitch length back to basting and sew away. It is still pretty easy to remove. I like doing this, sometimes I get carried away and pull all that basting out. Here is my fix button

Swimsuits - I finished 3 for my daughter. Here is the tankini, Simplicity 5087, out-of-print, Lizzie McGuire. I had cut it on the size 10 lines last year, this year I cut it out about 1/2" bigger at all seams. Added 3" to the top and a new bathing suit. Other changes - elastic to the front to keep it close to the body. Also, she prefers to tie the straps in a halter style. Fabric is from Hancock's

back view:

Front view.

The bottoms fit much better than the picture, she is standing quite funny. I love this fabric.


  1. Everything looks great! You've been really busy!

  2. Everything looks great!!! I have those same two simplicity patterns!

  3. Pretty new tops and DS bathing suit! You sure are speedy when you get dedicated sewing time. I love that Needlenook print too.

  4. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Those tops are so pretty! I really like the green print one. You have been busy with the bathing suits. DD looks great. I always enjoy seeing your pics.
    Donna W
    Edmonton, Alberta

  5. You busy girl! Both tops look great! I love the fabrics.

  6. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Wow, you've been so busy! You're inspiring me to get on the ball and get more sewing done.

  7. Wow! So many beautiful finished projects! I'm impressed!

  8. cute swimsuit! fits so much nicer than RTW.


  9. Everything looks so gorgeous. I love your tops, they show off the patterns so beautifully. Why don't they put photos like this on the envelope? They would certainly sell more patterns.

  10. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Cute. You're motivating me to make this (I too have the pattern) The tankini is cute too, love the fabric also.
    Do they MAKE bifocal contacts? I thought Dr. told me NO.

  11. Great job on the tops and the suit. Such pretty fabrics, too. As the gathering and the fix stitch, I am bad about that. Most of the time I just leave the thread long on that side so if I get too enthusiastic I won't pull it all out. :)