Thursday, June 14, 2007

Picture of Me - Comical

Okay, what do you get when you cross a tripod, self-timer, and a mom home-alone? Crazed woman running in and out of the heat, changing clothes and clicking pictures, that's what!! I decided to just go for it. So here you go and I can guarantee you will get tired of seeing my face. All these tops have been on my dressform and posted on my blog. Now on me.

Anthropologie inspired top:

Sew-stylish Simplicity top, funny pose, sorry. Also, the top does not pull up in the front, I think in my mad rushes I tied it funny.

My new top Simplicity 3837, rayon, polyester (I think that is the blend- deleted my paypal receipt) from Gorgeous Fabrics. View A, left off the overlay. Added lace trim and did a reverse coverstitch for all the hems. I did not have a matching brown thread and too much dark color around my face makes my undereye circles stand out. So I used a cream thread to match the lace and sewed with the wrong side up, looper on the right side for more of a decorative look. Teri warned me this pattern runs small, it does a bit, I cut one size bigger than my usual. Very happy I did this, my fabric does not have much stretch. Let the stretch be your guide.

My nice pose.

Attitude pose.

Latest top, bad posture, wasn't ready for the self-timer, too busy watching the traffic going by!! I bet they were wondering what the heck I was doing.

Did I mention it is almost 90 degrees? I did get hot, now to cool off making some pasta salad!


  1. Anonymous5:07 PM

    I love them all and they look great on you. I think the Anthropologie inspired top is my favorite.

  2. if it were not for a timer and tripod, i would never post modeled photos of my garments. wish i had lovely yard to use as a background like you do.

    i agree with autum...they all look great, but the anthropolgie one is my fave.


  3. Everything looks great on you. The Anthropologie top is my favorite too!

  4. Wow Lori, you look fab! You could easily grace any fashion magazine with those photos. I wish my self timer/tripod skills were as good as yours. I also wish I had a wonderful backdrop like your garden, but that would mean actually getting outside and digging in the dirt. LOL! I love all the outfits but my favourite is the first Anthropologie top. I wish I had the height to pull off this style. A close second is your latest top Simp#3837. Thanks for getting all hot and sweaty for us, so we could see these fabulous outfits on you. I understand how long it all takes. :)

  5. You look wonderful in all of them!

  6. You are so funny! Thanks for sharing. I love to see what projects you are working on.

    I finished a sewing class tonight and made a terrible mistake: was supposed to cut a neck facing on the bias, but did not. Now must buy more fabric, cut again and try to repair on my own! I'm such a NOVICE! I'm very, very envious of your sewing skills. I want to be like you one day.

  7. Everything looks great!! Love that first top!

  8. Lori they all look fabulous and so do you! Your garden and gazebo are beautiful. Thank so much for taking the time to model all these -- they look much better on you than they do on your dress form. :-)

  9. Very nice, Lori! Love your new clothes and your yard!

  10. Anonymous9:27 AM

    You now can have a new career as a model!! Those outfits are great! Thanks so much for all the effort you did to show us. I always enjoy seeing your pics and reading your blog.
    Donna Wicks
    Edmonton, Alberta

  11. They all look great on you! Wow, you did such a great job in getting them to be the right fit for you. My favorite is the first top, too. Good job on the tripod and timer...that's one of the few ways I have any pictures of me. :)

  12. Lori,
    I don't always comment on things and feel like I should but like you I find the volume and the productivity of the sewers on these lists is just overwhelming. If we tried to comment on every one there'd be no time left to sew! ;) Anyway, what I really wanted to say is I love all of your tops. The looser fitting ones will be so cool when the heat really cranks up, and on your slender body you are among the few that can wear these without looking pregnant! The garden is also very beautiful, I hope you will take photos later in the summer when everything is at it's fullest bloom. I also wanted to ask, what the stone/concrete/pavers are on your patio? I love the look of random stone, but it's so much work to get it to fit. I watched my son-in-law do it and it took forever to put together the stones in a pleasing pattern. I love the way yours look.