Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Brunswick Pullover - Gift Sewing

Gift sewing part 3, this is for Kaitlyn, my youngest, by 4 minutes but always the youngest!

Kaitlyn loves oversized shirts, preferably sherpa or fleece.  I went with sweatshirt fleece and French terry.  The stripe is French terry, from stash purchased from Joann's a couple years ago.   The orange is a sweatshirt fleece from Style Maker Fabrics.  I intended using a bit of leftover from my Page Hoodie but a mistake on my part lead to a help me please email to Michelle.  The sweatshirt fleece was sold out but Style Makers had a remnant piece less than a yard and just what I needed to finish this project.  The project was Hey June's Brunswick Pullover.  I had the intention of View A with the side buttons (photo from Hey June site)

One problem with that the placket for this option should be made from a cotton  and I had the idea of using the sweatshirt fabric.  Oh, way to thick and just wasn't working out the best.  I went on and decided to put on the snaps, well, I put them on the back and not the front and everything was all messed up.

Next idea, color blocking and that is how Michelle saved the day.  I think it looks great and if I didn't tell you about my mistake you would have just thought I planned it this way.  The seam of the stripe and the orange is a bit wavy but I am hoping this will smooth out after a couple of washings.

I love the sleeve pocket

The split hem detail, which I added after having to color block and correct my mistake!

closer photo

The big cowl 

I did find the Brunswick to run large and will go down a size or two.  Kaitlyn is a size smaller than me, so I was judging the sizing on me.  I took in the side seams a bit to make it smaller.  She was excited with the pullover and her sisters said, yes, Kaitlyn that looks just like you.


  1. Cute top and nice save! I can see why Kaitlyn loves it :-)

  2. I'm in the middle of a Brunswick right now and I also found it runs large. According to my measurements I should have made a 12/14 but finished garment measurements led me to make an 8. It will be plenty big enough. I like your fabric combo!

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