Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Supplies for Ziggi Moto Jacket

I thought I would share some of the notion information today for my Style Arc Ziggi Jacket

If you are like me, sometimes finding the notions for a project is difficult.  Joann Stores has zippers but sometimes they don't have enough in stock.  Not to mention with the Ziggi you need four short zippers and one long separating zipper.

So first, the pattern is available on the Style Arc Site and I bought mine on Amazon but it isn't currently listed.

Let's talk zippers, which I found at Wawak.  First let's clarify, the pattern states, 6 inch zippers but inside it is marked for 5 inch. That is fine, you can adjust, plus 5 inch is small for you hand. The 6 inch zipper, is here with lots of colors. The separating zipper is here again with lots of colors.

The snaps were from Joann's and used the Dritz tool.

The faux leather is Minerva

I think that is it for the notions, I just wanted to share for the zippers.  I am so happy Wawak has a good supply and so many colors, plus their shipping is fast.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing the zipper site. I have this interesting pattern from StyleArc but haven't made it due to lack of the zippers. Hope you will review this pattern as your sneak pictures peak my interest. Karen

    1. I have to wait to say much about the pattern until it goes on Minerva site first. That is the deal with their fabric.

  2. Wawak is a great source for zippers. I've gotten several from them and they are great. Love the jacket too. The color is pretty and the detail on the sleeve looks great.

  3. I've been looking for a moto jacket pattern and keep coming back to the one from Style Arc. There doesn't seem to be that many out there. How was the pattern to sew?