Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Dress Up Clothes - March Birthday Girl

Dress up clothes are so fun to sew and I went to sewing some glitter and sparkle and shine for another granddaughter.  

If you remember back in January I made dress-up clothes for the older granddaughter, note she is 2 months older and they are both are bit two year olds.  Mid-February, I headed to Joann's with my granddaughter and her mom (my daughter) and went shopping.   While we were walking the fabric aisles and my granddaughter grabbed up this fabric and she wouldn't let it go!  So of course, Nana bought a yard, I made a cape, just cutting out the fabric in a cape shape.  I added some ribbon for the ties. 

 I had just a bit left, so I added two panels to the front of skirt, Simplicity 8627.   I changed the skirt to have an elastic waist front and back.

I used some pink fabric for the blouse, Simplicity 8729 using the dress view for a blouse.  

I did add some ribbon at the blouse neckline, the cape is heavy and the ribbon is for the cape's ties.  I thought this would secure it for her and take the weight off her neck.

Now for a winter cape and yes, the winter cape has to have some fur.  This pattern is Simplicity 8729 , this is a good pattern, a nice basic dress and several cape options.

I just put the fur at the hem and I was so happy to have it sewn on, there was fur everywhere on me and my sewing room!

For the collar, I used two layers of fusible batting, perfect for a collar to stand up and have some body.

Again Simplicity 8729, the dress, making it a bit smaller and shorter. 

I used some tulle for the apron with ribbon for the ties.  The ribbon needed something else, decorative stitches on the ribbon. 

 Also, I gathered the tulle for embellishment on the sleeves.

Keeping with the purple fabric another cape, unicorn cape to be exact.  Simplicity 8483 , view D, I used the gathered tulle on the hood.

Also, the pink for the unicorn horn and ears.

Using my favorite Simplicity 8729 again, some of the pink from the blouse to make a dress and tulle for the sleeves

And tulle for the apron.

I used a pattern which I used for her mom's Halloween costume at two.  Simplicity 8514, Snow White and Belle

I used the Belle costume with a Minnie Mouse edge.  I called this Minnie Mouse going to a ball, isn't the red polka dot Minnie perfect.  I added some black ribbon I had for detail.

A look at the front tulle sash.

Of course there has to be doll clothes for her 18" doll, which is named doll!


  1. The outfits are adorable

  2. OMG, luckiest granddaughters in the world. They are all so special but the Unicorn cape......I'm swooning!

  3. Adorable! I know you've had so much fun making these dress up outfits as I did when my daughters and granddaughter were small. Thanks for sharing and bringing back memories. Karen

  4. What wonderful dress up clothes! Your granddaughter is going to be so excited!

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