Monday, June 29, 2020

Lander Shorts

As you know, I love my Lander Pants and have several pairs.  So then why did it take me so long to make the Lander shorts?

This fabric is leftover from my first pair of Landers, which were part of Style Maker Fabrics' blog tour.

My only change was to add one inch to the length of the shorts pattern.

I used regular sewing thread and my triple stitch on my Pfaff Creative Icon.  I love using this stitch, it adds some depth and thickness to the topstitching. Plus, it is just so relaxing to watch the stitches go back and forth and seeing the result is so fun.

Does anyone else, feel like these are free garments?  The fabric was in the stash, thread in my drawer and the buttons I had a package on my counter.  So yep, free! 


  1. Great top-stitching, love the look!!

  2. Beautiful sewing and they look so great on you!

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