Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Simplicity 8949

Thank goodness for this fabric and how much I loved it.  That is the only reason I finished this top!

My fabric was purchased at Sew Expo, after seeing a top Teri made for Style Maker Fabrics' booth.  This polka dot had good colors in it and I knew it would make a nice addition to my wardrobe.  It was a rayon/poly challis and was so easy to sew.

I used Simplicity 8949 and was so excited to sew View D

I thought this view with the sleeve bands was a good look. I eliminated the bands on the front piece, I liked the not gathers for View C and D.

I need to state, I did not keep any of the pattern pieces for this Simplicity pattern only the envelope for this blog post only.  It will be going to the trash, too.  Yep, that is how much I didn't like this pattern.

First off, the sleeve band is too tight.  I slipped my on after stitching the seam, I could not get it up my arm.  Do note, I am making my normal size 12.  I tried again with a scant 1/4" seam allowance and this time it did slip up my arm.  

Time to try on my top and the band is so tight I could not move at all in this top.  I did some unsewing and removed the sleeve band.  That was better I could move and then really look at this top in the mirror.  The front looked good, the V neck is not too low, the front yoke and front look good.   Then I turned around and totally disliked the back, the back yoke and the back hit at a funny spot in your back.  This just didn't look right at all, then add the gathers in the mix and it looked terrible.  The extra fabric just added this extra fabric which looked like a big ball at  my back.  After evaluating the fit, I realized I could eliminate the back gathers and all would be good.   Pulling out my seam ripper again, I started over with that back piece and eliminated the gathers. 

With all these changes a CB seam on the fold would have been a good option.  Oh, well, it will only bother all of us who sew!  

One of my two year old granddaughters has started saying "Patience please!"  which is hilarious since a two year old has little patience.  Reflecting on this statement, it was my motto while making this Simplicity pattern.  I do have a nice blouse from a beautiful fabric from my patience.  

Let me know if you have made this pattern and did you have trouble? 


  1. It is a beautiful blouse. I'm sorry you had trouble with it.

  2. The fabric is gorgeous. Kudos to you for making it work.

  3. I love this fabric, and together with the shorts, it's such a great outfit!! I made this pattern, took a picture of the pattern sleeve, and tossed it. I made view A. Love the front view, but the whole thing was kind of fiddly to make. The back was exactly as you described, with the gathered fabric sitting at an uncomfortable spot on my back. I kept wanting to yank the top forward from the front, but of course that distorted the front. Also, I found that with the gathers, the center back hiked up, so wanted to keep yanking it down :) Get my drift??!! I didn't try to fix it - it's a great, lightweight, loose, cotton top to wear when I'm cleaning :) Have a great day, Lori, and thanks for sharing!

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  9. I am having so much trouble with this! Is the facing too long? I'm just not seeing how it fits.

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