Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Ginger Jeans with Embellished Pockets

The Ginger Jeans by Closet Case have been a frequent sewn garment since their release.  This time I wanted to do something different to the back pockets, some embellishment with my Pfaff Creative Icon

These pockets were created in Premier +2 Embroidery Ultra Software

I selected a motif 

Then it was a couple quick stitch outs and my pockets were completed.  I did stitch them out on larger pieces of fabric and did quite a bit of measuring and comparing to get the pockets cut the same.

I did change one thing on my Ginger Jeans, the leg width at the knee down.  Over the years, I had the only as skinny jeans, this time I went with the straight leg.  This is a fun change and more on trend as the jeans seem to be going in a straight leg direction.  Previous Ginger Jeans

My fabric is from Mood Fabrics and has been in my fabric closet for quite some time.  It is a Rag and Bone Stretch Denim, the color is a bit different, a brighter blue instead of the more traditional denim color. Stretch is one thing this denim does have, I do believe this is the stretchiest denim I have sewn and worn.  Mood Fabrics' Rag and Bone Denim selection - here

I did use embroidery thread for my pocket stitchout and sewing thread for the topstitching, using my triple stitch to get the pop.  

I think that is about it for the jeans.  The next time I will have to make them smaller in the waist, especially in the back, they are a bit big but nothing a belt can't help.  


  1. Both the straight and skinny leg Ginger jeans look great on you. Love the embroidery on the pockets, too. I'm looking forward to making my first jeans this summer, and hope to use some pocket designs!

  2. Which brand of jeans has this pocket design? The pocket design kind of looks like the shape of an eye, but it overlaps on either side. It's a popular brand like Hollister or American Eagle, but I can't find them! Create A Wikipedia Page