Monday, June 17, 2019

Megan Nielsen Flint Pants

Culottes, yea or nay?  I am in the yea category and it is getting a bigger YEA each time a make a new pair.  I tried a new pattern for this pair.

Megan Nielsen's Flint Pant (purchased at IndieSew) was used for this amazing Tropical Stretch Linen (from Mood but sold out).  I am so sorry it is sold out as the tropical print is so good and the fabric is divine.  I love the amount of stretch and the weight of the linen.  Also a big plus is the stretch keeps the linen from wrinkling so much.

Okay, why this pattern?  I loved the knot on the side!  Plus I was intrigued by the hidden closure, the pocket is part of the opening.

I cut a size 12 and it is a bit big in the waist, so next time I will go to a 10

I also basted on the waistband and the crotch depth was just too long.  Off came the waistband and I took off 1/2" from the top of the pants.  It is better but I will take off another 1/2" next time, which is a gorgeous green tencel from Style Maker Fabrics, just waiting to be Flints.

And yes, it has pockets!!!

Another reason I went with the Flint pattern is the free Bib Overall addition is a look I want to try.  Especially after making my linen McCall's overalls, I am into the overalls!

I am just a bit over 5'8" and these pants are a perfect length for me.

The back is fits nicely, too.

My top is Simplicity 2892, made in 2008, it still looks nice and really is only worn for nice occasions.  No chance of me getting it too dirty or stained.

Here is the hem, nice and deep and I just machine stitched it into place

Now for the side and close side view

Here is the tuck in the front

I am so pleased with this pattern, it is a winner and the tropical fabric really makes them even better!


  1. really cute and summery. I think Megan Nielsen patterns are so good.

  2. These are gorgeous Lori! I'm in love with culottes too :)

  3. I love your fabric and the pants look great on your figure! But, and it's a big but, if you have short legs like me then culottes are a definite NO.

  4. These look like vacation everyday! Beautiful Flints!

  5. These are so cute, Lori - -Must have a pair!!