Thursday, June 20, 2019

Flashback Sewing Challenge

Well, back to the 1970's for this Flashback Sewing Challenge, complete with the 1976 Ford Elite!

When Michele and Faith announced their contest, Flashback Sewing Challenge, I knew it was something I wanted to do.  I was in high school for part of the 70's and part of the 80's and the trends now have the 1970's influence, so I was all in for the 70's

You will pick a time period you are inspired by. Start doing some research of the fashion trends during that time. See if you can find a pattern/s to help you achieve that look. It can be a vintage pattern, a current pattern, or you can even make your pattern. As long as you have made a whole look inspired by that time in history.

The rules of the contest

  1. All entries are due by June 24th, 2019
  2. One final complete look per person. (One entry per person)
  3. Take a picture of you in the outfit and post them on your Instagram Feed. (Must have a public account so we can share)
  4. Make sure you tag both Faith (@faithstjules) and I (@winmichele) , along with  the hashtag #flashbacksewingchallenge so we can see.
  5. (Optional) tell us what fabric, patterns, etc you used to create your look. I’m sure companies would be delighted to hear you used their stuff!
  6. Anyone from any country is allowed to participate. Just keep in mind that if you win the Grand Prize, make sure it can be shipped to your country.

Let's talk about how I created this, but first a bit about the car, which is my cousn's.  This isn't his actual first car but he owned a 1976 Ford Elite and he tracked down one so he could have it restored.  When I picked the 70's, I knew I needed to use the car for my photos.  He was so nice to pull it out and let me use it. 

The jeans are Birkin Flares, made from stretch denim, both from Indiesew.  I wanted to do a fun treatment for the front, below the knee.  This isn't what I had in mind but this is what it became. 

Now in the  late 1970's designer jeans were becoming a thing, and important to every teenager.  Calvin Klein jeans were my first pair of designer jeans and I was so excited!  In honor of those Calvin Klein's I used the pocket design for my pocket design.  Here is the side by side of my pocket and the original

I made a pattern with tracing paper and cut out the design for tracing.  I traced only half for the upper half with chalke

Folded it in half,  rubbed hard on the wrong side, transferring the chalk marks over

tidy up the lines and ta-da matching sides

Now the finished Birkin Flare back pockets

I used the triple stitch on my Pfaff Creative Icon for all the topstitching.  For the curve on my pocket, I went super slow and made sure I didn't turn at all until the triple stitch was completed, then a slight turn to keep the curve going.

Now to the top, would you believe it is True Bias Roscoe Blouse?  I used Pinterest for some ideas, here is a good one

What I did....
eliminated the front opening

added an elastic peasant type elastic neck
shorten the sleeves and added a small band

lengthened by about 3 inches so I could add 4 rows of elastic (used 3/8 inch elastic)

The fabric came from LAFinch, a Robert Kaufman London Calling Retro Floral Lawn, this colorway is gone but there are others.  I felt this colorway was so perfect for a 70;s vibe.  The trim is from 

Earrings and sunglasses are from Target.

Thank you Michele and Faith for this Flashback Sewing Challenge, it was so fun thinking about the 70's, my memories and the fashion.

What era would you pick?


  1. So cute and fun! You nailed the entire look, including the photo shoot!

  2. Love your interpretation of the 70s. You thought of every detail!

  3. Love this outfit Lori! You nailed the 70's look and those jeans are particularly awesome.
    I loved this challenge too and joined in with a 60's look :)

  4. Awesome Lori! I actually have my original Calvins. Yes, really. (1980?) They still fit, so I had to keep them. Ha ha!

  5. OMG. You absolutely nailed this challenge. I especially love those jeans, and when I read that you made them, my jaw dropped. I wasn't familiar with that jeans pattern, but I definitely saved it as one I am interested in. The whole outfit looks great. Wow. Thank you for the inspiration to sew those jeans.

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