Saturday, June 28, 2008

New Pictures

Okay, I took better pictures today. I was too lazy (and sick) to edit the original post, new pictures in a new post.

Bodice close-up

I made Simplicity 2892 View B earlier and after seeing Toy's version. I hade to make my very own white tunic. I so like this one.

Here are the pictures:

Neck edge

Back view:

Thanks, Toy for the inspiration, I hope you don't mind we have matching tops!


  1. Anonymous9:17 AM

    well well well
    now that is a stunning top right there, I do feel a pang of deju vu!
    I am so happy you decide to make it and you love it, because it proves that was telling the truth, its absolutely fabulous and a must have!

  2. This is the kewlest top...glad to see another version of it!

  3. Great top, and also a beautiful dress. The piping adds so much, and the construction looks flawless.

  4. I like the dress for your daughter and I love the white tunic. I liked Toy's when I read her blog last night. What is the fabric you used for your white top?

  5. Great stuff here, Lori. The white top looks especially RTW.

  6. That must be one of the cutest tops ever! I loved Toya's version and I love yours!