Monday, January 12, 2015

Tablet Case

Do you all have patterns and supplies for a project AND these items have been sitting around forever just waiting for you to get to them?  I sure do and one of those projects is a table case for Meredith.  I think the fabric and pattern has been in my sewing room since early summer.

The pattern was iCases from Pattern by Annie

This pattern is not difficult to make and goes together very nicely.  Also, I found it quick to make.  Meredith chose the fabric and I love how they go together.  Meredith is not known for her decisiveness and I do believe the fabric was changed several times!

The one issue I had with this pattern, is selecting the size.  The pattern comes in a small and large case.  I measured Meredith's Samsung tablet and went with the small case (6-1/4" H by 9-3/4" W), which was very close to the tablet.  Once I had the case to a certain point, I tested out the size.  Way too small and I was very disappointed, as you see it was just sewing up beautifully.

My solution?

Add some fabric to the sides and top and bottom.  If you look at the pattern picture, you see a solid fabric case, except for the piece on the flap.

You layer the lining, Soft and Stable and outside fabric for this case.  I did the same thing with the extra strips, using a zig-zag to attach the strips to the main body of the case.  This led to stitching a coordinating strip of fabric to cover the zig zag.  I stitched this fabric RST, just on the inside of the zig zag.  Turned and pressed.  I did this for the inside, too since you see the lining when the case is open.

I am so pleased with the changes I had to make for the case to fit the tablet and the case is gorgeous (if I do say so myself)

The Soft and Stable really is the perfect stabilizer for bags and cases.  It not only holds the shape of a bag but gives protection for your tablets.

I have been thinking of a solution for selecting the correct size for you tablet without using fabric for a "test-run".  Then it came to me....  Use paper - cut out all the pattern pieces in paper, then tape the sides together.  See if the table slides in and go from there.

Meredith headed back to college last night, the tablet and case in tow.  She is thrilled, as am I - two reasons:
1.  She is happy so that makes me happy
2.  I have a project off my table 

I should have gone with the larger size, which corresponds to an Ipad size, I think the smaller size is for an Ipad mini.


  1. Ingenious save. It looks like it was designed that way.

    1. Thanks, I was so happy I could save this case. It was going together so nicely and I didn't want to start over.

  2. Anonymous10:01 AM

    This looks perfect! I never would've guessed that it was a quick save! I'm embarrassed to admit that you've reminded me that I cut out a little bag with a bunch of leftover scraps and it's been sitting in a ziploc bag for about a year, oops!

    1. Thanks, I was really working hard to make it work. Good luck on your bag.

  3. Way to think outside the box Lori!

  4. Beautifully done! I love tiny projects to do for the kids for just the reason you say--making them happy is great to be able to do while still doing something that you enjoy too.

    1. It is fun to make them happy, feel special and loved. Thanks so much.